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  • Dating script

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  • Technical Specifications

    Front end  : PHP 

    Database   : MySQL


  • Description

    Starting an online dating service can be one of the most fun, profitable businesses when done using the right tools. It is estimated that every year dating sites earn about 2 billion dollars in revenue. And the success of Tinder, Badoo mobile apps emphasizes the need for mobile dating platforms as well. Modern day dating sites work based on location variables from Google Maps. This has enabled daters to connect with members who are nearby or in a specific city or area of their choice. Dating sites are becoming more and more indulging and additive with striking new ideas that make even passive daters and those who are not into dating habits, to visit the site often.

    DatingScript is a feature-rich and robust online dating script provider that is highly customizable according to your taste using plugins and template. The script is priced competitively and is available in 3 packages, Starter, Professional and Business priced at $149.95, $199.95 and $249.95 respectively.The Business version has all the important monetizing features like the credit system and paid subscription plans.

    Datingscript has given an online demo on their website to try the features of the script and their Admin Panel. Let’s see what are all the features the Datingscript has to offer.

    – Datingscript is a 100% open source script that has no encrypted code for complete customization and rebranding of your website. You can inject any affiliate or other plugins easily to extend the usability of the platform.

    – The solution is feature packed with loads of add-ons to choose from.

    – Has inbuilt security & spam protection for dealing with user abuse and script injections.

    – The script is highly optimized for search engines to ensure that you get more organic traffic to your site.

    – Multi-lingual capabilities.

    – User groups feature for allowing users to be segregated into different groups. You can create as many groups as you like and entice users to opt for paid subscriptions to access videos, photos etc., of specific groups.

    – The design is 100% responsive to be opened from any mobile phone or tablet.

    – Content privacy is a feature that allows users to show or hide information in their profile for public views.

    – The Datingscript is Google Adsense compatible for displaying google advertisements.

    – The profile questions can be framed to your liking with drop down selection for options.

    – Email verification for new users. You can also choose to approve or disapprove users from the Admin Panel.

    – Powerful and advanced user search based on various criteria like age, location etc.,

    – Datingscript has the option to signup using social media like facebook, google and other networks.

    – Captcha integration to prevent automated signups by spambots.

    – The site can be configured not to allow foul languages knowingly or unknowingly used by users, which will be deleted automatically

    – Users can report inappropriate content or material that abusive in nature, which will be moderated by the admin.

    – Setup separate moderator accounts to moderate data uploaded by users.

    – Users can block other users from accessing their profile if they want for any reason.

    – IP address blocking can be done by the admin to prevent access from a specific IP address.

    – New users can be offered free trials to premium features and encourage them to pay to continue services

    – Credit system is a proven system to generate revenue. Sell credits to users to perform certain activities like sending gifts, creating events etc.,

    – You can force users to pay even before using the site for the first time.

    – Multiple currencies support.

    – Accept payments through payment gateways like Paypal, stripe, CCBill or

    – Blogs and Classifieds that can be moderated by admin or by separate moderator accounts.

    – Users can send virtual gifts that can be organized into different categories.

    – Matchmaker that can be configured with customizable questions. Once a match is made, an email is sent to the matched profiles to get visitors again and again.

    – Users can upload pictures, videos and create photo albums which can be moderated.

    – Datingscript Automatically generates a sitemap of all the pages of the site for better search engine optimization to ensure any content of the site is listed in search engines.

    – Ability to create any number of custom pages on the site.

    – A separate plugins manager to install and update plugins.

    – A file manager to choose where content uploaded by users to be stored.

    – Custom email templates to configure emails to be sent to the members of the site.

    – Admin can set default time zones and time formatting for the website, which the users can change according to their location.

    – The Admin panel displays a statistical data of the performance of various entities of the site like billing, affiliates, gifts, classifieds etc.,

    – Private messaging between users.

    – Instant messaging using integrated  ArrowChat and CometChat.

    – New messages, gifts etc., are promptly notification through and also displayed on the user page.

    – Social features like friends and favorites.

    – Users can see who visited their profile.

    – Commenting can be done by users across the site.

    – Any number of advertisements can be created and placed anywhere on the site.

    – Display ads optimized for mobile devices.

    – Ad performance monitoring helps to find most clicked ads for better placement of ads.

    – Allow single signup or separate affiliate signup to promote your website through marketing and manage commissions to be paid to them.


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