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  • ESC-Rental Online Equipment Rental Software

    Trendy online equipment rental software.

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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  •  INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : Microsoft.NET



  • Description

    ESC Rental is an equipment rental software solution for small and medium sized companies.

    The salient features of the software :

    Contracts Management
    Inspection Management
    Inventory Management
    Late Fee Calculator
    Maintenance Management
    Multi-Location capabilities
    Rate Management
    Bookings Management
    Scheduled rentals
    Short / Long Term Rentals

    All in one – The Rental Software,Hire Software, Inventory Software

    ESC – Rental Software is the latest Windows based Rental Software that is scalable from small scale to medium Businesses  alike. This Software is an All-in-one solution that comprises Rental and Point-of-Sale Software, Hire Software and Inventory Software making it a complete package. 
    ESC – Rental Software, inventory software enables processing Reservations, Scheduling and Invoicing equipment rentals in a single package allowing for a comprehensive control of your Rental Business.  

    Why Use ESC – Rental Software suite?

    ESC – Rental Software makes it easy managing all rental operations like Product Management, User Management, Transactions and Point-of-Sale (POS) and Rental periods as hourly & daily. ESC – Rental is user-friendly , reliable, and uses proven industry standard. The solution incorporates a clean design, added features like Barcoding of items using standard or custom codes, Normal and 80mm receipt printing, Post-delivery support and paid support for services.  User definable Templates for rental contracts, International Address Formats including USA and UK formats. Daily & linear type pricing are available for your convenience. Non-profit rental services can also be offered without any cost or tax. 

    ESC Rental Software for rental shops
    Rental, Buy/Sell and inventory features built in makes it ideal for rental shops.

    This platform can be used for a plethora of  equipment rental services like property, CD/DVDs, machines, yachts, ATVs, sports accessories, dresses, inflatable jumpers, clothing and costumes, musical instruments, event accessories, furniture, power tools etc.,

    The interface is so simple allowing even users with little or no Technological expertise to understand and work on rental functions easily in quick time. The system’s multi-input devices capability accepts inputs from all kinds of standard input tools like touchscreen, stylus pen, keyboard and mouse.

    The solution was upgraded from a previous DOS-based version to a Windows version which can be deployed on any number of workstations.

    Supported OS versions:
    Windows2000, NT, ME, XP
    The company claims that the software works with today’s standards and can be adjusted to work with future software. Its network capabilities allows it to be accessed by multiple workstations.

    Supported Network OS:

    -All Microsoft Networks (NT, 2000,2003. Small Business, etc.)
    -Novell Netware 3.12 –> 6.
    -All Linux distributions

    The company provides documentation for installing and operating the software. So less or no technical knowledge is needed to operate the software.


    ESC – Rental – How it works?

    In ESC-Rental software solution all the data are stored in a central database allowing to be updated in real time, accessed  directly from it. This can be done from all networked branches also without the need for complex data alterations.

    The software can handle rental transactions based on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rental periods.

    All the related information of a particular product like variants, size, brand, rental and buy price, condition etc., can be fed to the database.

    Based on these information it is possible to:

    – fetch data fast

    – Display or print lists.

    – quick data amendments

    – Images and Documents upload for views, data sheets, damages etc.,

    – rental history

    – Booking calendar

    The customer rental card that contains the data of each customer, their buying and rental transactions is given to all the customers. This enables quick processing of orders and based on the information, promotional offers can be given for returning customers.


    Quick and easy reservations can be made for one or more items by using the rental card or by barcodes etc.,

    If a user wants to buy a rental product, the software automatically calculates a selling price based on the item’s usage details. The Admin can define how this calculation is handled. Once the rental product is bought out, the listing is automatically removed to avoid confusions.

    All important statistical data like revenues, number of items in the inventory, number of customers, highest yielding products, booking, rental statistics can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or other windows software for easy editing.

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  • FAQ

    How the Equipment rental software  is going to benefit me?

    The equipment rental software can be a comprehensive package or a module based software to help the small and big businesses run smoothly. They will help to streamline most of the activities allowing the managers and executives to focus on other core tasks. The businesses can have a random check on the inventory, the departments will stay updated about the sales related information, will help you to control costs and the organizations can further enhance customer relationships by improving upon their products and services.

    Who Uses ESC – Rental Software, Hire Software?

    Sport tools, machines, working tools, ships, yachts, delta, dresses, inflatable jumpers, bounce houses, planning,
    moonwalk-clothing, costumes, instruments, theater/event accessories, furniture . . .