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  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Build a BOT in nodejs

    This eBook teaches you two things, patience & how to build a bot, while the former is a prerequisite.

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  • Learn how to build a bot


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    Format: PDF

    Bot Source Code Details

    Server-side : Nodejs

    Front-end   : Messenger Platform


  • What's in it for me?

    Five second takeaway: This book can help you build something futuristic and lets you earn revenue on autopilot without sweating too much. Read more below.

    Space Shuttle. While you can’t build that one by yourself, what you can build within the next few weeks is a BOT.

    I know you’ve searched far and wide on the internet for a place that tells you that “How to build a bot?”

    Imagine, If you could build a transactional Bot that does things for you.

    Great, right? What we have here is an interesting eBook that just tells you how to build one.

    Building bots is easy, according to the Authors of the eBook. Bring Your Own Bot is the guide to building your own transactional bot, a bot which can have a basic conversation with you, Book you a Cab, search for hotels for you, recharge your mobile phone or for others and much more.

    It can be wonderful experience. Infact, Mark Zuckerberg got to it little over a year and he’s sitting at his home trying to get his own personal Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (JARVIS) up and running. For many of us, it can be a liberating experience, bringing to life a small functional being. As you slowly build one, you realise the power of creation. The ebook will show you how you can create a basic bot that can do transactions for you.

    It’s going to be a friendly neighborhood bot which can be used by your family, friends and rest of the public to make their lives a bit easier.

    You’ll need some intermediate level coding skill to get started. Or, If you have the interest and persistence it takes to reach there from no coding skill at all, you can still do it. 🙂

    Where’s my DEMO?

    You check the Bot in action on the messenger platform. Be nice to it, okay?

    Learn how to build a bot

    Why Should you buy this?

    Beyond the fact that you’re learning how to build a bot, there is a little known secret about how to make money with it on auto-pilot. Yes, you can. In this, ebook they teach you how it’s done. Early on, this was never discussed because people who found it didn’t want to discuss about it, so this would lead to a crowded space. The authors believe that there’s ample amount of businesses that can thrive on this.

    What the eBook offers you?

    It teaches you right from the basic setup of Messenger to the breakdown of code snippets explaining what each does. This gives you a clarity on how things are built.

    The authors believe in a hands on approach to things and they’ve included the source code for this bot, where you can see and understand how each function works, line by line, snippet by snippet.

    If you’re an advanced developer or intermediate to be frank, you can extend ecommerce business into it through various APIs available. For example, like this eCommerce platform built using API architecture. Check here

    Once you learn, you can even add more fun skills to it. It’s all about using your imagination and APIs.

    So, What will you build next?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I learn to build a bot?

    Good question. Why should you learn to build a bot ? Lets start from the basics, when we talk about Messenger bots, they (Bots) are increasingly becoming the next generation platform to serve your customers. 


    Build a what? I have an app, why should they use the bot?

    I’m pretty sure, a lot of people would have had the same question when Apps came into the picture around the early 2000s. The concept of using a mobile to download a software and then book a ticket when you can just do it on the website. That seemed far-fetched and ridiculous right? 🙂 A lot of people were in the same position as you are now, back then. Skeptical and unwilling to change. The first to cash in on this tornado of a trend became pioneers and the rest followed suit. But the time has come, to change. Again. Will you follow or will you lead? 

    Why should my customer reach out to me on messenger than on email? 

    Sales gurus reveal that the avg. customer spends more time on the social networking platforms and it’s wise to reach out to them there. With social networks becoming an integral part of your identity and your customers, knowing their preferences can also help you market new products that are best suited for your target demographics. Also, when we’re talking number, with the email in perspective, you’re talking about getting a 25% opening rate as the industry standard and I’m talking about 98% opening rates on messenger. What’s more effective 🙂  

    I’m super kicked about this bot thing, I want it for my business, but don’t know how to install. Help.

    Great! The package that is displayed on the buy now option includes only the files, you’ll have to do the installation. But a lot of customers have asked for an installation service. So we have a installation service that covers installation as well. Buy this pack which includes source code and the installation service: Here