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  • Market Line Computers Online Equipment Rental Software

    Trendy online equipment rental software to start an equipment rental business instantly

  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  •  INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Backend: PHP

    Frontend: Bootstrap

    Database: MySQL



  • Description

    The company was founded in 1986 in the United States. Market Line Computers Online Equipment Rental Software is a complete suite of rental management software that can be used for any industry.

    Some of the features of Rental Management Software:

    – Rental and retail Sale options
    – Inventory and Parts Maintenance
    – Full Front Counter Operation
    – Equipment Maintenance
    – Reservations Management and Adjustments
    – Rental Products usage analysis
    – Return on Investment(ROI) on rental items
    – Tracking missed rental items
    – Complete Accounting functionalities
    – Contract Management
    – Multi-Location
    – Rate Management
    – Scheduling
    – Short / Long Term Rental capabilities.
    – Delivery/Pickup Reports
    – Complete Item information
    – Display similar Items and variants
    – Missed Rental Tracking
    – Rates Maintenance
    – Reporting on the basis of daily and end of the day
    – Generate Ledger reports
    – Authorize or disapprove Renters
    – Coupons and promo codes
    – Fast and easy creation of reservations, contracts and quotes
    – Data entry in any sequence.
    – Tabs for easy navigation between sections.
    – Real-Time contract totals.
    – Accept payments using multiple modes like credit card, paypal, wallet etc.,
    – Commission calculation and payment history.
    – Optional credit card processing feature.
    – Advanced search functionalities.
    – Show product availabilty, price and location.
    – View and save Similar items, recommended items, other items from the seller, Accessories, specifications.
    – Upload images to determine the condition of the item.
    – The start time and end times for each product can be defined by the user.
    – Print function to print item user manuals and hazard warnings.
    – Hour meter, mileage and decreasing meters can be added for time-sensitive rentals.
    – City, State and area code information are automatically populated by just filling in the Postal Code.
    – An optional Driving License scanner scans and stores user details including the image in the Driver’s License.
    – Ability to scan standard or custom Bar Codes.
    – Optional Purchase option for rental products.
    – Simple Calendar to check availability of an item in a rental period.
    – Conflicts can be easily identified by the use of colour bars.
    – Features like Multi-vendor, multi-store, E-mail templates etc., make the Total Rental software a complete rental solution.

  • User Reviews

  • FAQ

    How can I make money using the equipment rental software?

    The equipment rental software allows you to run the business instantly. The script has monetization channels built into it. 

    Commission: Make a commission on every rental transaction done on the platform.

    Ads: Display sponsored advertisements from advertisers around the world. 

    Sponsored Listing Fee: Charge a sponsored fee for listing equipment on the platform 

    Who is the equipment rental software for?

    The software is for any organization who wants to run equipment rental businesses without the hassle of mismanaging. Well designed & efficient equipment rental software can help you rake in more revenue.

    Do you offer customization for the product?

    Yes, if you’d like to add more features to the script, we could customize the script for you.