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  • Masvet Casino Game Development Company Review

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                                                      What do you get?

    The Products developed by the Casino Game development company offers these as a standard feature:

    – Web Front end ( A user facing website that anyone can access and play games on. )

    – IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

     Admin Panel for controlling the entire platform completly )

    – Game Manager Account (Game managers can moderate and control the game rooms.)

    – 100% Source code (Unencrypted source code)

                                                          Addon Services

    Extended Product Support (Extended Product support for the product)

    – Paid installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

             Questions?  shoot a mail to: [email protected]

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  • Products & Services Offered

                                                 Technologies used for Casino Game Development 

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    Casino Package

    A good number of readily deployable casino that are featured in major casinos.

    HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash games can also be built and integrated into your business for an extra hand of revenue.


    Customizable casino games where cryptocurrencies are also accepted as playing currencies.

    Sports Betting

    Start your sports betting site with our turnkey sports betting software and generate revenue with every bet.

  • Description

    Masvet is an online game development company specialising in architecting and building lucrative online casinos. The company is highly selective of their developers for they constitute a productive workforce which paves the way for the development of superior games. They have also opened their arms to the blockchain, so they develop a cryptocurrency lottery and other crypto-related games.

    The Company’s Specialities

    A Huge Number of Games

    Masvet has a huge repository of games under their sleeve. All their games are tested for quality before they are deployed. The 244 games are ensured top quality, code structure and standard before they are provided to the clients.

    Additional Games

    The company has the technical skills necessary to build new games based on their client’s requirements. The complexity of the game may require extra time to craft, but the company will do the meticulous work.

    Create Tournaments

    Masvet’s online casino games are created with features that increase user engagement and user retention. One such feature is the game tournaments. Tournaments help to attract a lot of players as it is more fun with exciting prizes.


    Masvet understands that not everyone is financially hefty and can afford to buy the entire package. The company has come up with casino game rentals where those who are hosting the games can buy and host for a certain period. The revenue the game generates during the tenure completely belongs to the host of the game.

    Unique Designs

    The games are built with high-quality designs to be pleasing to the eyes. A game with appalling design – irrespective of its story, build, and intriguing features – fails to captivate the users like the games with beautiful designs do.  
    Masvet online casino gaming has gone through multiple phases of designing for every game they developed to keep the user engaged.

    Ready Site

    Ready sites are websites that are already hosted, ranked and equipped with games. The business personnel can get in touch with the company to buy the sites and embark on their business journey immediately.

    Turnkey Business

    All of their games can be readily integrated into your business. It requires little to zero effort before they are ready to be used. You can have the business ready the very next day of the intimation and can start your business as soon as possible.

    Bitcoin Gaming

    The company can build games where cryptocurrencies can be set to bet in the games along with other denominations. You can also ask for a game that allows only specific coins for betting.
    With the advent of blockchain applications, a future without cryptocurrencies is almost impossible. So the best course of action would embrace the technology and strategize accordingly to secure the revenue.

    Development and Optimization

    The complex games are heavily analysed and their statistics and data are recorded to build and provide experience as same as the real-time games. There is almost nothing left to random numbers generated on the screen. Every aspect of real-time casino games is mimicked in the online casino application.

    Easy Registration

    The registration doesn’t require long scrolls where the user has to enter every detail of their life. The user enters his profile details and password, and then with the registration of the payment system, they are all set to gamble.

    Technical Support

    The company has a dedicated support team to advise and assist their clients. The team can be reached without any hassles through call and the company ensures to solve all the queries of the caller.

    Low Price

    The price varies according to the games and they are highly competitive to the industrial standards. Customizations ought to cost the user a little extra, but the already-built games cost low and ideal for the business venture.

    Bonuses and Jackpots

    The games are built with a number of features to keep the user engaged for a long time. Bonuses and jackpots ensure the user retention and increase the frequency the games are played during the seasons. Initial cash backs and discounts also welcome the users into the application.


    Security is most demanded in online platforms, especially in online casinos where millions transact every minute. The team has ensured the highest security to users’ details and money.

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