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  • Merkeleon cryptocurrency exchange script review

    Perfect bitcoin exchange scripts with complete website

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    What do you get?

    This fantastic Ready-made bitcoin exchange script comes with:

     – Website 

     – Master Admin Panel ( for controlling the entire platform end-to-end )

     – 100% Source code

     –  Free installation on your server with complete support


    Questions?  shoot a mail to: [email protected]

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  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Technologies Used:

    No technology is specified in the website. They can develop it based on client’s business requirement.

  • Description

    In recent days cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon. We can define cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. This is created and stored electronically in the block chain. Encryption techniques are used to verify fund transactions happening within the system. You can find lots of Cryptocurrency exchange scripts in the market and they mainly focus on developing a platform where users can buy/sell cryptocurrencies in a secured way.

    Merkeleon offers an unique cryptocurrency exchange software to build a safe platform where user can create orders to buy or sell currencies. Their team will help you out to upgrade the system even after delivery and all their customers will be provided with advanced upgrades for free. They have all the mandatory modules included within the system. Let’s have a look on their features list .

    Secured and reliable

    In this market of trading its very much important to handle user data with complete security. Merkeleon’s system is designed and implemented in an organised way to process all the transaction securely. Their security measure includes:  SSL Security, automatic limits for funds withdrawal, intellectual anti-fraud system, Two-factor authentication system etc.,

    Simple and affordable

    The system architecture is simple and affordable with an user friendly interface. People can register/login themselves by filling in the details and they start trading. Users can act either as a buyer/seller. Buyers and sellers gets matched based on the perfect matching algorithm implemented inside the system. Payment for sellers are handled within the script and bitcoin is stored automatically in user’s wallet. User has a wallet view where they can see all the received currencies.

    Order summary

    User places order and order is processed within the system. User can view all the order status like completed,on process or pending. Complete order history is saved inside the application. Past,present and future orders can be tracked effectively.


    Merkeleon’s system is capable of multilingual option. People from different parts of the globe will be using the application and this module helps attracting customers globally.This can also help users to select the language of their preference.This makes customers more comfortable in using the application.

    Financial module

    This cryptocurrency exchange software allows you to integrate all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Dash, Litecoin, Degecoin, PPcoin and others. User can directly make payment using their bank account for trading. Complete transaction histories can also be viewed and this helps in avoiding future confusions.

    Easily customisable

    Obviously customers aim for future enhancements. Keeping that in mind Merkeleon developed a script that is very much feasible for future modifications. You will be provided with complete source code access without any restriction.


    Their team is capable of customizing the base application according to customer’s business needs.

    This script is integrated with all the mandatory modules and the system gives a comfort feeling even for new users.

    Complete support will be provided even after delivery and their support team is available 24/7 to resolve all their existing customer issues.


    Though the system is completely feasible their price seems to be a bit high when compared to all other vendors.

    Though they have all the default modules integrated, the designs are not very much appealing. The team can work on the design part to gain better customer satisfaction.


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  • FAQ

    Are they providing only cryptocurrency exchange scripts?

    No,they do provide various other scripts for online trading. They are also taking up other software development projects .

    Can I get the scripts modified according to my needs?

    Yes absolutely . They have a team who will analyse your requirement and they will suggest you the perfect fit solution for your needs. They do customisation too and it will be charged extra .