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  • Mindinventory Blockchain Development Company Review

    Mindinventory is a reliable blockchain development company with a host of services.

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  • Services Offered

    Hyperledger Blockchain Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Ethereum App Development

    BigchainDB Development

  • Description

    Blockchain Technology will undeniably play an essential role in the future, as it certainly has the potential in transforming the way interactions are held online. The key aspect of the technology is that it is not managed by a single point of authority/control and is decentralized.

    To build on this scalable decentralized architecture, you would need a blockchain development company. One of the most promising blockchain development companies for enterprises to work with is ‘Mindinventory.’

    We’ll talk more about the company in this review guide.

    Mindinventory Blockchain development Company

    Mindinventory is an Indian Blockchain development company, headquartered in Ahmedabad. The company was established in 2011; were providing web and mobile solutions to small and medium enterprise customers.

    Mindinventory is comprised of seasoned blockchain developers who have immense knowledge and grasp on blockchain technology. Their team of expert developers creates custom smart contracts, private blockchain, Ethereum, hyper ledger, and crypto wallet development.

    The company amounts together an experience of 8 years, having delivered 700+ projects and satisfying over 500 clients. The development company is also said to have produced several award-winning projects for numerous industry verticals.

    Mindinventory works on three kinds of engagement models: fixed price model, hiring model, and dedicated team; ensuring maximum extraction from their talent, culture, and knowledge.

    Services Offered by Mindinventory blockchain development company

    Mindinventory Services

    Mindinventory has an extensive list of services, allowing customers to initiate the development of their blockchain project from scratch. Here is a list of services offered by the company:

    1.Multichain Development: Multichain is a technology that helps users create private blockchains which can be used by organizations for financial transactions. This service offered by Mindinventory fastens the distribution of private Blockchains for financial transactions. Mindinventory’s team assists clients in understanding how multichain can improve business processes. 

    2.Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: Crypto exchanges are platforms where users are allowed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Mindinventory facilitates enterprises and startups in creating a cryptocurrency exchange. Mindinventory promises a high-quality crypto-exchange development service and delivers to it. In this service of theirs, they also provide with a mobile application, allowing users to trade on-the-go.

    3.BigchainDB: It is a scalable blockchain database, and is designed to merge two worlds: the traditional distributed database and traditional blockchain world.

    Mindinventory employs over 90 pioneers from blockchain and big data applications, offering expertise in providing “world-class support” to new users. This service has successfully catered over to 500 clients, who appreciate the company’s skills in handling the project.

    4.Smart Contracts Development: Smart contract is an excellent alternative to traditional contracts; assisting in saving both money and time of business. Mindinventory provides the right kind of smart contract development service that ensures safety of the transactions as well as manage workflow efficiently. Mindinventory has served hundreds of clients across the globe in multiple domains.

    5.Hyperledger Development: Hyperledger technology transforms the business into more of a transparent and trustworthy process that features complete accountability. Mindinventory is comprised of experienced players in blockchain technology, helping in the development of a successful hyper ledger application.

    6. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Wallet development services offer clients in creating their own crypto wallet. Mindinventory’s team of seasoned blockchain developers helps in creating a highly secure wallet, allowing them a more seamless process of sending, storing and receiving cryptocurrencies.

    Industries that MindInventory offers solutions to:

    The implementation of blockchain has increased its usefulness in several industries, ranging from Banking and Finance to Government and Healthcare. Some of the industries that Mindinventory provides support to are listed below:

    1.Banking & Finance: Fintech has proven to be an innovative technology that has equipped the financial industry with a plethora of security features. Mindinventory offers its expertise in digital first banking and financial solution with affordable prices.

    For FinTech customers, Mindinventory provides solutions such as Mobile Banking Application, Mobile Finance app, Wallet App, and a Payment Gateway

    2.Healthcare: The healthcare industry has perhaps been one of the finest beneficiaries of the digital revolution. Mindinventory holds the right amount of experience in creating UI/UX design and developing the entire back-end system for a perfect healthcare mobility solution.

    3.Real Estate: Mindinventory helps in growing real estate business by offering the Real Estate Mobile App Development Solution. The application provides innovative solutions to accommodate all the needs of a real estate business.

    4.E-commerce solutions: Mindinventory creates comprehensive e-commerce solutions with hands-on experience and expertise from digital IT consultants. Mindinventory’s e-commerce mobile application deploys an online marketplace that garners the interest of vendors to sell their different product brands.

    Why should you choose MindInventory?

    Mindinventory utilizes the latest tools and frameworks in creating applications for Android and iOS platforms. The company is fused with resources, offers flexible and customized applications; thereby delivering solutions on-time. Mindinventory explicitly shares its vision on the website as, “Paint the bright future for the businesses working on digital landscapes.”

    The company has also received positive reviews for their responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication towards the success of a client’s project.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get in touch with the Sales team at Mindinventory?

    You can connect with the sales team at You can also connect with them on the following phone numbers: India: +91-951-229-3490; USA: +1-234-222-0166.

    How does Mindinventory facilitate in tracking the progress of a project?

    Mindinventory provides access to project management tool, along with email and skype communication to track the progress.