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  • Multi-Chain NFT Landing page Template for easy pre-sales.

    Pulls data directly from your smart contract and displays. Supports multiple Blockchains. Users can mint your tokens.

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  • Dynamic NFT Website Template

    for your NFT collections on any blockchain. Decentralized minting included.

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    What do you get in this NFT Landing page script?

    – Dynamic Landing page Template:
    A professional looking landing page theme that can be customized to your concept. All content on the page can be easily configured from a configuration file
    – Enabled to mint tokens:
    Your users will be able to claim your Non-fungible tokens by minting right on the page ( by connecting to their wallet and paying the gas fee ). Also the template can be configured for 100% post minted tokens.
    – Multi-chain ready:
    You can choose to have your NFTs on multiple chains and showcase them all from this single landing page. Comes with built in support for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano based Non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ). Ay new chain can be added easily.
    – All details pulled from Blockchain in real-time:
    The script is sophisticated enough to pull all the NFT details from your Smart contract address ( Wallet address, image, transaction history etc. ). And displays in the beautiful professional design.
    – Light weight JSON/ XML based Database
    The project aims to keep things simple and powerful. You get a lightweight DB to update the blockchain contract details, Tokens details, information, social media links etc.


    100% Source code

    Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    – Expert Installation Service Available ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )


    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 5 hours

      SAVES YOU: 257 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Front end: Angular JS/ React /CSS/Ajax

    Blockchain: Available for Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance Smart Chain ( Can be customized to use Polkadot, Cardano, ICP, Flare, FLow, Tron etc. )

    Smart Contracts: Solidity, Parity Substrate, SPL

    Scripting language backend: NodeJS , Web3.js, XML, JSON

    Environment & Tools: Truffle, Ganache

    Algorithm NFT mint script

  • Description

    One of the most important things in holding numerous NFTs is having all the loose ends in your control. From creating a hype about your NFT launch to attracting users to mint your tokens, you need a proper solid Landing page for your NFT collection. The landing page should be able to handle all the traffic surge. Load quickly. Be completely secure. And easy for your investors to connect > mint and get their tokens. Some of the salient features in this NFT landing page template script are:

    – Reads and displays directly form the Blockchain

    Apart form your NFT collection listed on various marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible etc. you definitely want to have your collection show up on your very own website ( like how major collections like Cryptopunks, BAYC etc. do it ). By just keying in your NFT collection smart contract address, this landing page script instantly pulls all the details and displays on your web page in a spectacular manner. And each NFT will also be showing a detailed view upon selection ( Name, Traits, Properties, Transaction details etc. )

    – Connects seamlessly to web3

    This powerful NFT Launch template connects seamlessly with blockchains via. web3 connect. Incorporated inside are some of the major official Blockchain nodes that facilitate this connection seamlessly, so you can just concentrate on selling.

    – Connects to wallets

    Using this NFT Launch script, you can also run your Pre-sales. If this is enabled, your users will be able to come to your website > connect to their wallet > pay the gas fee and mint their tokens and claim them. This PreSales NFT template supports nearly all the major wallets across blockchains.

    – Light weight and secure

    Not one bit of extra code is done, nor any un-wanted software, DB packages are used. The entire script is made to be light weight. It is built to attract any amount of traffic surges and parallel connections. Its kept minimal for high performance and has all the essential security built in.

    – Ready for simultaneous multi-chain displays

    We understand that you may have plans to launch on many chains ( Ex: Solana, Polygon, ICP etc. ). So we have enabled this NFT template to support multiple contract addresses from different chains. Your users will be able to choose the chain they desire and view all the NFTs in that chain and mint/ claim them.

    – Secure Admin section

    The secure Admin section allows you to change any text, image, logo, description on the template. Also you can key in the contract addresses and add/ edit / delete them at will.

    – Professionally designed theme

    The theme of this NFT website template is designed to attract everyone. Its clean – neat and user friendly giving your NFT collection a rich and confident look.

    – Mobile ready

    The entire NFT website template script is made to be responsive. Opens seamlessly on all Mobile phones, Browsers and operating systems.

    Being the owner of a collection of NFTs is a cool thing. A long term investment. More your NFTs age, more the valuable it becomes. All the best 🙂

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be able to progressively launch my NFT collections? ie. in batches

    Yes. You can configure this template to limit the amount of NFT tokens that can be maximum minted in one batch. Using this NFT Pre-sales minting script, you will be able to launch your tokens in batches as your art work gets ready ex: 1000 NFT tokens each month.

    Can I restrict only 1 NFT token per wallet address?

    Yes. You can set the configuration to allow one wallet to mint only 1 token. This powerful NFT script will use the BalanceOf() function to check if the connected wallet ( ex: Metamask, Solflare, Phantom, Trust, Rainbow etc. ) has the set amount of token balance and display a notification about the restriction. Also it uses arrays to run through and check.

    What all Blockchains that can be integrated?

    This NFT script readily supports many of the layer 1 and Layer 2 chains. Some of them are Ethereum, OX, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ), TRON, Solana, Cardano, hedera hashgraph, Ripple XRP etc. It can also be configered to suport Internet Computer Protocol ( ICP ), Algorand, Avalanche, Terra Luna, Hyperledger, Quorum, Stellar Lumens XLM, Tezos, Neo, IOTA, Dragon Chain, EOS, Corda, Openshain, Fantom etc.