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  • Octal Bitcoin App Development Company Review

    Octal Info Solutions offers high-quality bitcoin app development services for businesses across the globe.

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    Bitcoin ATM Software

    Bitcoin Exchange Platform

    Bitcoin Core Wallet

    Bitcoin Javascript

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    Locations: USA, Singapore, India, UK

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency development services are now considered as one of the necessities for businesses across the globe. Blockchain technology and applications are fused with capabilities that enable in decentralizing power from existing authorities via smart contracts, asset ownership, and cryptocurrency.

    Now, the most tedious task comes into place as businesses will look to choose the best blockchain company.

    In this article, we are reviewing a Bitcoin Development Company, called ‘Octal,’ a development company that works according to customers’ requirements.

    Octal Bitcoin Development Company

    Octal was established in 2004; as a web and mobile app development company. The company is now regarded as one of the leading development companies in India, UK, USA, and Singapore.

    With over 1500 applications delivered, the company has provided solutions in more than nine industries. Octal has continually prescribed quality as its virtue.

    The company has over 11 years of experience as a dynamic IT and service-oriented firm, needless to say, the company has also excelled in Bitcoin Custom solutions with their highly-skilled Bitcoin app developers.

    Here in this article, we review some of the bitcoin solutions offered by Octal, along with it a few reasons on why you should choose this company.

    Solutions offered by Octal Bitcoin Development Company

    Solutions Offered By Octal

    Octal Info Solution remarkably utilizes the bitcoin technology in creating feature-filled Bitcoin mobile applications that solve a range of problems.

    As a bitcoin app development company, their team is capable of assisting clients with Bitcoin API integration for accepting and sending payments.

    Here is a list of services Octal has to offer in implementing the blockchain technology:

    1.Bitcoin Core Wallet for Bitcoin Storage: Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, is in progress of working as a replacement to the hard and traditional cash for buying and selling goods online. It is essential to have a wallet file, which assists in storing bitcoins and wallet applications.

    Octal packs high proficiency in offering Bitcoin core wallet solution, which enables storage and managing of bitcoins through authenticated transaction keys.

    2.Bitcoin ATM Software Development: Bitcoin ATMs are internet connected kiosks, which enable customers to purchase bitcoins with deposited cash. There has been a surge in the number of ATMs, and now there are thousands of kiosks placed around the world.

    Octal brings together years of experience in JavaScript app development, with their expertise in creating “high-octane” software systems for Bitcoin ATMs, enabling these systems to operate smoothly without any glitches.

    In addition, Octal provides an inbuilt ATM within the phone for instantly exchanging bitcoins.

    3.Bitcoin Exchange Platform: Bitcoin exchange is a marketplace where traders buy and sell bitcoins using different fiat currencies (USD, EURO, etc) or altcoins.

    Octal offers bitcoin management in a much simpler and more straightforward manner, allowing users to store, buy and sell bitcoins too. The development company executes payment structure mechanisms by incorporating high-quality standards that initiate a bitcoin exchange.

    Octal also promises quality transfers for business with its advanced end-to-end bitcoin mobile applications.

    4.Private Blockchain Development: Octal delivers quality decentralized applications or dApps that meet clients’ needs. Their team of seasoned blockchain specialists assist in improving functionality and securing applications. The private blockchain development helps in storing of bitcoins on a personalized bitcoin account.

    5.Bitcoin Javascript Development: Octal utilizes JavaScript in building a more refined bitcoin mobile application. This bitcoin development company is comprised of both knowledge and experience in developing JavaScript applications that perform with almost zero errors.

    Octal complies with techniques in maintaining transparency within the network, thus delivering a reliable security system.

    Why should you choose Octal?

    Octal Info Solution accounts for more than 150 experts in building sophisticated mobile applications, a process that is more dynamic and secure. Octal has years of experience, that has allowed them the understanding of business needs and market trends. This has also enabled them to give 24/7 assistance on any technical issue from a team of expert developers.

    Another fascinating thing about the company is that it has a repeat customer rate of more than 70%, that only goes to show they form an abiding relationship with their customers.

    The company has also served for numerous blue-chip companies like Microsoft, Vodafone, Skype, AVIVA, Fiat, etc. Octal has also offered services to startups like Wolero, a taxi booking mobile application; a crowdsourced social weather application called Stormpins; Oricom, an online shopping store for communication.

    Octal Info Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and adheres to international standards, making it acceptable in the global market with increased credibility. The company has over 1400 satisfied clients in India, US, UK, and Singapore, and also in other parts of the world.

    All said and done; Octal has earned several accolades such as the Good Firms “Top Mobile App Developers”; Reliable Company Award by Extract, Certified Mobile App Developer by AppFutura and many more. Octal is also one of the members with Drupal Association, Microsoft, D&B, UKWDA, and Intertek.

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    When does one qualify for Refunds while working with Octal?

    Once you file a complaint with Octal Info Solutions, they first try in implementing an ideal solution to the issue. The technical team will first handle the case and then will be reported to the experts’ panel. To read the entire refund policy, click here.

    Note: Refund can only be done when issues cannot be solved.

    Is there a possibility of connecting with the head at Octal Info Solutions?

    In some extreme cases, one can interact with the head of Octal. However, you can connect with Octal’s Singapore office by calling on +65 84204780, or skype: octal.head. Also, you can write to them on [email protected]