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  • NFT based OnlyFans Clone Script. Start a premium content subscription service online

    Readymade NFT based OnlyFans Clone with Mobile apps and web script. Start a TipSnaps like online premium content subscription service instantly.
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    What do you get?

    This OnlyFans Clone Script has the source code and settings file:

    Source Code (Source code of the OnlyFans Clone Script )

    Activation Key (Software activation key )

    Documentation ( Documentation on how to use and setup the game on construct )

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIMELess than 24 hours

      SAVES YOU: 650 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Platform Reactjs, Nodejs

    Technology Wowza streaming

    App platforms: Web, Android & iOS

    Compatibility: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave




  • Description

    Content consumption during COVID has increased multi-fold as users need some form of entertainment to spend their time. This gave rise to the platform called OnlyFans or Tipsnap Clone script.

    OnlyFans is a celebrity content subscription platform where celebrities would create and post exclusive content for their users. After a user pays and subscribes will they be able view the content and have access to some social tools that help in interacting with the celebrity. 

    OnlyFans Clone script allows anyone to start a premium content  subscription platform that operates on a subscription model. For the celebrity/influencer this is a great opportunity to earn revenue during these uncertain times. The Tipsnap Clone Script also has support for cryptocurrencies and custom tokens. 

    Why it’s the right time to start your own NFT based OnlyFans mobile app clone?

    Tapping into the power of Instagram, OnlyFans grew significantly in just one year and has the potential to grow even further. But the current policies of OnlyFans restrict a wide variety of content and this gives the opportunity for you to start a platform that accommodates content creators of all niches.

    How does the NFT based OnlyFans Mobile app Clone make money?

    NFT based OnlyFans clone script has multiple revenue channels that brings in consistent revenue to the platform.

    Platform owner

    Subscription Fee – Subscription fee would be charged from the user for accessing the premium section of the content creators on the platform 

    Transaction Fee – Transaction fee would be charged by the platform from the content creators. 

    Sponsored Listing Fee – Content creators can pay the platform to promote their channel on the site. 

    Ad Banners – The NFT based OnlyFans Mobile app clone can promote products and other channels on prominent spots on the platform.

    Content Creators

    Premium subscription – Premium subscription that a user pays on the platform.

    Merchandise section – Content creators can promote their own merchandise for fans to purchase

    How does the OnlyFans Clone Script work?

    Step 1: A user signs up for an account on the OnlyFans Clone Script. 

    Step 2: He/she looks at the recommendations or searches for the celebrity to follow

    Step 3: On the celebrity’s page of the Tipsnap Clone, they will have a “free” and “Premium” sections. If the user wants to sign up for the premium section, they can pay for it using the available payment methods such as cryptocurrency, Paypal, card etc.

    Step 4: Once they have signed up for this, they can easily get onboarded onto the premium section.

    Step 5: The payments are collected by the platform owner and then paid to the celebrities later on through paypal, crypto or banking

    Features of NFT based OnlyFans Clone Script

    – Content Discovery Engine

    Makes it easy for viewers to find other creators and video vloggers on the platform without a short span of time

    Content Creators profile

    Every content creator has a dedicated profile that displays all their content previously streamed and upcoming stream information.

    – Cryptocurrency Payments

    Accept cryptocurrency payments from subscribers right on the platform.

    Live Streaming

    – Recurring Subscription

    – Social Networking capabilities

    – Privacy Mode

    – Bulk Media Upload (Creator)

    – On-Demand Content

    – Fan merchandise section

    – Creator dashboard

    – Newsletter

    – Social Push

    – Inbuilt Community

    – Optimized for Web and Mobile App

    – Admin Panel

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the server requirements for this OnlyFans Clone Script?
    We recommend a 2vCPU, 6GB Ram and above, 50 GB Diskspace to run Ubuntu 18.04 and then install the necessary dependencies. In addition to this, you may get a load balancer too that allows handles the requests to the server. Here’s a discounted VPS link that works great with the product

    What are the software requirements for this OnlyFans Clone?
    The software requirements for the OnlyFans Clone are Reactjs, Nodejs, MongoDB for the backend. Android SDK and iOS SDK for the respective apps. If you’d like to add more features, do reach out to us at [email protected].

    Do you offer customization on the product?

    Yes we do. Please get in touch with the team to discuss about your idea before we start customizing the product for you.

    Can you help install the script?
    Sure, we can help you with the installation of the script. Please write to us at [email protected]. Someone from our team will get in touch with you