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  • OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company Review

    Our in-depth review of the services offered by OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company.

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  • Services Offered

    Smart Contract Audit

    Crypto Exchange Development


    Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Private Blockchain

  • Description

    Blockchain technology is transforming business processes across a wide range of industries. The rise in the demand for this technology is because, it offers simplified business processes with complete transparency, security, and immutability.

    With this, there is a boost in blockchain development companies worldwide. And every business owner is seeking the help of a development company.

    In today’s review guide, we bring yet another blockchain development company called OpenXcell, where we will be reviewing some of the services offered by the company.

    OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company

    OpenXcell was established in 2008 as a CMMI Level 3 software development company. The company offers blockchain consulting, delivers proof of concept and accumulates clarity and understanding of the blockchain technology.

    OpenXcell has over 300 experts in the technical field, having delivered 1000+ software projects to clients. The development company has also catered to more than 800 clients across the globe.

    OpenXcell is one of the leading Blockchain development companies in India and the USA, as it is comprised of a team with skilled engineers, tech-geeks, and creative designers.

    Here we will be listing OpenXcell’s prime services offered as a blockchain development company.

    Services Offered by OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company

    Services Offered by OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company

    1.Private Blockchain: The blockchain technology is reshaping both currency and commerce. These private blockchains are created for organizations and are to be operated by the organizations only. The experts at OpenXcell assist in building and connecting to a private blockchain; creating multiple fundamental values, and establish identity databases on Blocks. The company also promises to take full authority of every facet of the business.

    As of now, there are a wealth of private blockchain use cases, and to name a few: The Hyperledger project, RE3CV Corda and the Gem Health network.

    2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: The only way trading of cryptocurrency is possible, is via a cryptocurrency exchange. With a reliable exchange, one can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies safely.

    OpenXcell provides its expertise in the development of a custom crypto exchange service solution. Company’s experts create a safe, conducive and user-friendly exchange solution for seamless trading. The exchange service offered by OpenXcell includes features like a Two-way authentication, reports and charts presenting analytical fluctuations, access to advanced trading facilities, etc.

    3.Smart Contracts: These are virtual contracts that are encoded in Blockchain. These contracts automatically keep track of the terms of the agreement, until its fulfillment. Smart contracts are more commonly used in industries like Real Estate and Transport Logistics.

    With the guidance of OpenXcell, business entities can implement any idea without manipulation, and without the interventions of intermediaries.

    4.Smart Contracts Audit: There is a need to ensure the security of smart contracts, and for that to happen, thorough auditing of smart contracts is required.

    To check on errors before executing smart contracts, a user must appoint an expert. The experienced team at OpenXcell helps in the validation of smart contracts.

    5.Hyperledger: Hyperledger was built by the Linux Foundation in 2015, with support from industry giants like IBM, Intel, and SAP. OpenXcell’s experts assist in setting up an enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment via Hyperledger platform and development tools.

    The seasoned developers also help in creating a business network that involves all rules, logic, and functions of a business model.

    6.Solidity: Solidity is a language that is written for smart contracts and ethereum based applications. The language allows developers to build custom applications and smart contracts that benefit enterprise sectors.

    OpenXcell’s Solidity and dApp programmers are fused with quality coding abilities, adhering to strict compliance standard sets in developing and creating solutions.

    7.Wallet: Cryptocurrency wallets store digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. These crypto wallets are specifically designed for the management of digital assets.

    As OpenXcell is considered as one of the leading blockchain development companies, it adheres to all of the security standards in creating secure cryptocurrency wallets.

    The development company’s wallet packs a few basic features like wallet address generation, facility to create addresses to receive/transfer cryptocurrencies, also an added facility to check balance and transaction histories.

    Why should you go for OpenXcell Blockchain Development Company?

    OpenXcell assists right from building the code to managing of the roadmap. The blockchain development company offers support in transforming business transactions in a more global way.

    OpenXcell stands out from its competitors in delivering a better experience to customers, thereby adding value to the project. Also, the team is highly experienced in developing and designing services for a client; ranging from basic to advanced Blockchain architecture. The USP of the company lies when auditing of smart contracts, as it validates susceptibilities, smooth access, authentication and much more.  

    OpenXcell has earned appreciations from numerous customers, the company has also won the “Best Software Development Firm” award from GESIA in 2014 and 2015.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I communicate and monitor the project when working with OpenXcell?

    OpenXcell has its own project management system where you will be allowed to track daily progress. You will be provided with a seperate login ID to use the company’s PMS. This service will enable you to create a task, and assign work. OpenXcell’s team of developers will be available on multiple instant messaging services to have interactions about the ongoing project.

    What are the rates for smaller projects at OpenXcell?

    OpenXcell picks projects for a minimum of one month. For an assignment that is small in size, you can hire a dedicated developer for a minimum period of 15 days. The price is said to be reasonably higher for a small-time project. i.e., $15 per hour for 15 days.