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  • Paxful Clone Script review

    Start a Peer to Peer bitcoin marketplace like Paxful using this Paxful Clone Script. Easy to Install and Setup.

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  • What do you get?

    – Android app ( Trade on the platform with the Android 5.0+ devices )

    – iOS (Trade on the platform with iOS devices )

    – Web front end (Trade on the platform through the platform)

    – Master Admin Panel ( Manage the platform through the robust admin panel)

    – 100% Source code

    – Free updates

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  •                                         Start a Local Peer to Peer Bitcoin Marketplace like



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    960 Hours

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  • Technical Specifications

                 This Paxful Clone Script is based on these modern software technology stacks


    – MySQL

    – Firebase


  • Description

                   A Powerful Cryptocurrency Business that Makes Money While You Sleep.

    You can start a local Peer to Peer Bitcoin Marketplace like Paxful with this  Paxful Clone script.

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    Paxful is a local peer to peer bitcoin marketplace that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins on the platform. The unique selling point of Paxful is that it offers multiple payment options to trade with anyone. The platform has gained a lot of traction in recent times as it makes it easier for anyone to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

    How do you trade on the Paxful Clone Script?

    Step 1: A user registers on the platform and submits their Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation (whether it is mandatory or not, it can be set on the admin panel). 

    Step 2: Once their account is approved, they are allowed to trade. They can either Buy or Sell cryptocurrencies. If they choose to buy at a certain price, they would have to look for suitable sell requests that are being put out in your city. If you feel that no requests meet your criteria, you can post a Buy request. (Buy requests and Sell requests are chargeable)

    Step 3: If a user wishes to sell their cryptocurrency, they can post a sell request, but to post it, they would need to deposit the cryptocurrency + transaction fee in crypto under the escrow wallet in their account. 

    Step 4: This escrow would hold the cryptocurrency while a transaction is in progress. Once the payment is successfully completed by the buyer, the seller can mark the payment as confirmed on the mobile app or on the web and the Cryptocurrency from the seller’s wallet is transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

    Paxful Clone Script is user-friendly and can be customized to your liking. 

    How do you make money with the Paxful Clone Script?

    The platform owner has various opportunities to make money through the platform. 

    Posting fee: The site administrator receives a commission (which can be set through the admin panel) for every request posted on the platform. It could be a buy or a sell request, the user who is posting the requirement needs to pay a percentage of the fee.

    Transaction fee: Whenever there’s a successful transaction, a fee for the transaction is charged. Also when withdrawing the cryptocurrency from the site’s wallet to another wallet outside of the platform. 

    Banner Advertisements:

    High paying cryptocurrency ad networks often look out for platforms that cater to a niche Cryptocurrency audience. Each Page on the Paxful Clone Script has the potential to help make money as the traffic grows.

    Other monetization channels are added regularly. 

    What makes this Paxful Clone script different? 

    Since local Peer to Peer bitcoin lending business involves dealing with people directly; if not handled properly can put the user’s privacy and safety at risk. The business-ready Paxful Clone Script was created to accommodate crucial features that are required to make the trading experience seamless and safe on the platform. 

    The Paxful Clone Script is available on the Web, android and iOS devices to make it convenient for users to trade. It is also built with a comprehensive dispute management system that ensures everything is in order and puts the administrator fully in charge.

    What are the features of the Paxful clone script?
    Paxful clone script is feature packed for starting your cryptocurrency business right away!

    Some of the features of the Paxful Clone script are: 

    Escrow Wallet
    The platform creates a cryptocurrency wallet for the user when they sign up for an account. This cryptocurrency wallet doubles up as an escrow wallet to lock in the cryptocurrency right before the transaction begins.

    Once a transaction is in progress, the user cannot move the funds to another wallet on the platform or out of the platform.

    KYC Verification
    The Paxful clone script has a streamlined KYC verification system the users has to upload their documents for verification before the transaction. 

    Proximity Match

    The platform depends on connecting buyers and sellers who are located nearby, based on proximity. The proximity Match algorithm ensures that the location-based parameters such as distance and priority are taken into account before displaying relevant accounts. 

    GDPR Compliant
    You can now display a mandated GDPR message to the user on the site.

    Dispute Management
    A comprehensive Dispute management system makes sure that the platform is safe for everyone to use. The administrator can effectively resolve disputes swiftly. 

    Feedback and review Mechanism
    Users can provide feedback once a transaction is completed and an overall score is calculated based on a few other parameters like a response rate, feedback post the transaction, profile completeness. Transparency is key to winning the trust of the users and it makes the platform safe to use.

    Slick UI
    For the web: Pages load faster as we have optimized the CSS and minified the HTML. 

    For Mobile: Apps are bloat free and perform faster as we have used the best coding standards.

    Private messaging
    Before placing a buy/sell request, your users can message each other. This allows them to be sure if they want to go ahead or not.

    The administrator dashboard has crucial statistics on how well the businesses is progressing and what are the pain points that need to be addressed along with the total Overall percentage of negative feedback given for trades done on the platform.

    Native Apps
    The Android and iOS allow your users to trade offline as well and then mark the trade as complete if they choose to pay for the cryptocurrency in person.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the minimum server requirements to run this local Peer to Peer Paxful Clone Script?

    The minimum requirement is a 2GB RAM, 60 GB SSD, and 2 vCPU. It needs to have root access. So a shared hosting may not be feasible. 

    Are cryptocurrency powered businesses legitimate? 

    Cryptocurrency is just a technological enabler to allow you to trade globally without much hassle. Ultimately, the legitimacy of any businesses (powered by Cryptocurrency payments or not) rests with the team behind it. Their ideology matters.

    How do I ensure the safety of my users on the platform? 

    Running a business such as this requires you to take privacy and safety concerns seriously. Be stringent while verifying all the documents your users submit as part of KYC documentation, take feedback seriously and then keep weeding out the bad actors regularly. This will increase safety and minimize risk. Also, have a legal team to ensure that you are compliant with all the requirements by law in the countries you are carrying out the business in.