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  • Pimax Artisan VR Controller Review

    Pimax Artisan VR Controller a perfect entry level headset for Beginners.

  • Technical Specification

    Field of View: 170º FOV

    Panel: Dual CLPL RGB Pixel Matrix Panels

    Refresh Rates: 72/90/120Hz Refresh Rates

    Tracking Support: 6 Degrees of Freedom 6DOF STEAMVR, Lighthouse 1.0 & 2.0, Built-in 3DOF tracking.

    Graphics Card: GTX 1050Ti

    Resolution: 1070 x 1440px resolution per eye



  • Description

    Pimax Artisan VR Controller Review

    Pimax Artisan VR is a company that until recently, focused primarily on building premium VR headsets and most of their VR Headsets were aimed at capturing the serious VR enthusiasts and for enterprise users. The Pimax Artisan VR headset now has an entry level model which is kind of affordable than it’s other models.

    Pimax has in VR device manufacturing business since 2015, and their headsets have evolved from being tacky to being ergonomic.  

    Pimax has an entire ecosystem of gadgets that you can use as an add-on to the Artisan console. Add-on gadgets like the PIMAX Sword, Hand tracking tool, Eye tracking tool and other audio products to create a complete immersive experience.  

    Look & Feel of Pimax Artisan VR Headset

    Pimax’s controller focuses on the ergonomics of the product. Build quality is on par with Gear VR and the plastic used doesn’t feel cheap. The headset is designed keeping in mind that the users have to wear it for a longer period of time. The weight of the controller isn’t heavy as it’s made of lighter materials.

    Unlike our review of HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset , this one is lighter and weighs under 1 LBs and is pretty comfortable to wear. The overall cushioning around the eye and nose bridge is well supported. You can even wear glasses up to 14 cm in width under the VR headset and still experience Virtual Reality. 

    Experience of setting the entire VR Setup 

    Pimax requires you to have a Windows 10 (and upwards) based system that supports Windows Mixed Reality and STEAMVR. The Pimax Artisan VR controller is built for room-scale VR. If you’d like to however move around the room, you’d need to purchase extended controller cable that’s longer than the standard one that is shipped with the product. The headset has a boundary sensing sensor and camera that determines the space and surroundings. It also comes with USB 3.0 connection for the latest systems.

    Once you have set up the hardware based on the instructions mentioned, STEAMVR and Windows Mixed Reality both have a streamlined setting up process that the user can follow to get the console up and running in no time. 

    Also, you will have to calibrate the headset & controller by rotating them as shown on the screen.

    Platform & Game Availability

    Pimax so to speak doesn’t have it’s own Metaverse and it strictly focuses only on building the hardware experience. We’d call it a play of strength since the component manufacturer is focuses on what it knows. It relies on STEAMVR that has 2000+ gaming titles and VR experiences. 

    As it has 170° FOV, and a higher resolution that most headsets in the range, Pimax VR has wider viewing angle and it makes the gameplay much more enjoyable. It uses a GTX 1050Ti on-board chipset for powering the graphics. 

    Half Life: Alyx is a game that has stunning visuals and amazing Virtual Reality experience that can truly put the headset to test. The Headset’s 120 Hz refresh rate makes animation go buttery smooth without lagging.  

    Camera & Sensors

    Equipped with 4 cameras on the VR headset, all of them work diligently to watch the boundary, monitor the space around the player and detect any object that may obstruct the player. Sensors onboard are accelerometer to detect the speed & movement, gyroscope to check the orientation of the headset. Apart from these, there are no external base stations attached to the headset. We hope to see that product evolves even more as the VR industry (Complete with software & hardware experiences) becomes mainstream.

    Sound Quality of PIMAX ARTISAN VR Headset

    The Head Mounted Display offers outputs Hi-Fi audio support. The hardware is also modular, this gives the opportunity for you to swap the default headphones with any supported audio accessories. Pimax in it’s accessory section has a range of Audio Headstraps, Earphones, Headphones etc that you can plug and play within seconds.  

    PIMAX Accessories Availability

    As mentioned above, PIMAX has made it easy for anyone to upgrade their headset with premium accessories like the Sword Kit, Spatial Audio headset etc. They have a trade-in program if you want to change your entry level Artisan VR headset and upgrade to the 12K Resolution that is going to be launched soon. 

    Final Verdict: A High end hardware product to amp up your VR experience. 

    – Great Display quality

    – Comfortable to wear

    – Easy to Setup

    – Built tough

    – Support for STEAMVR & Windows Mixed Reality

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