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  • Prismetric Blockchain Development Company Review

    Prismetric is a leading Blockchain Development Company offering a host of services in businesses worldwide.

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  • Services Offered

    Private Blockchain Development

    Wallets Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Proof of Concept Development

    HyperLedger and Multichain Development

  • Description

    The development companies are now providing exceptional blockchain services in creating more and more secure applications for businesses across numerous industries.

    A business that is seeking to develop secure financial applications has to first get started by hiring blockchain development experts. However, choosing one development company that satisfies all blockchain needs can be hard to find.

    Since it can be an arduous task, we summarize Prismetric Blockchain Development Company that assists in experiencing the best of blockchain technology.

    Prismetric Blockchain Development Company

    Prismetric Company has been offering IT-based solutions to clients for more than nine years and is now regarded as a leading provider of full-range technical solutions. Since the company’s establishment, it has earned a client base in US, UK, Australia, UAE and South Africa.

    Their high-quality skills help clients with services in web and mobile app development, blockchain development, gaming, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. Prismetric’s blockchain solutions help businesses across multiple domains with services that match to the top blockchain development companies present across the world.

    We discuss the company’s blockchain development services and some of the other exciting services offered by Prismetric Blockchain Development Company.

    Services Offered by Prismetric Blockchain Development Company

    Services Offered by Prismetric

    The reason for opting Prismetric is that they assist with reliable blockchain solutions that will lead business network flawlessly.

    Here is a list of their blockchain development services offered by Prismetric:

    1.Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: To store, earn and transfer cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency wallet is required. These wallets are the software functionality allowing crypto users to monitor their virtual currencies.

    Prismetric’s crypto-wallet developers create a safe and secure wallet for storing and transferring all of the popular cryptocurrencies.

    2. Proof of Concept Development: Proof of Concept or PoC demonstrate the practical potential of a blockchain project in domains like Energy, Insurance and Healthcare.

    With the assistance of Prismetric, businesses can leverage the ideas of PoC that showcase the concept of blockchain applications at the minimum cost and time.

    3. Initial Coin Offerings: or ICOs are transforming the upcoming economic model. These are the fundraising mechanisms for startups and to other crypto project developers.  

    Prismetric offers full-stack services on top of the Ethereum platform including the token creation, ICO Crowdsale management, ICO Marketing and Pricing Strategy.

    4. Smart Contract Development: Smart Contracts or crypto contracts are the self-executing contracts that are vital in automating a process, agreements, and transactions.

    Prismetric’s team of blockchain developers ensure automation, decentralization, and transparency in transactions by writing secure smart contract codes in solidity.

    5. Hyperledger and Multichain Development: Hyperledger is a framework based on Blockchain Technology that utilizes smart contract on enterprises and ventures.

    With Hyperledger and Multichain, Prismetric assists in the development and disbursement of enterprise-grade private blockchain. Also, to go with the execution of the current business transaction and data.

    6. Private Blockchain Development: Private blockchain enhances efficiency as it allows the participants of the network to share data within the organization securely. The private blockchain is considerably more secure than the public blockchain as the participant cannot tamper with the data.

    Prismetric creates and executes the private blockchain in a client’s organization that is controlled and managed by the organization itself, in order to keep the transactions confidential.  

    Other Noteworthy Services Offered by Prismetric

    Besides Blockchain development services, Prismetric is excelled in offering a plethora of development services; ranging from web and mobile applications to mobile game development.

    We have accumulated a few of its noteworthy services, here is the list:

    1.Mobile Application: Prismetric is among the leading mobile app development companies in India, and this is what they are known for. The company provides services in all development stages of a mobile app; Mobile App Strategy, App Design, App Development,  maintenance and support, are some of their mobile app services.

    2. Wearable Application: Prismetric provides customer-centric wearable solutions that enhance user engagement to enterprise-grade applications. Prismetric’s wearable app development service range from inventing smart and intuitive applications for wearable devices.

    The company is qualified in developing wearable applications for Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

    3. Mobile Game: The mobile game developers at Prismetric, understand the know-how of UI/UX designing and deliver a quality mobile game. Their core competencies in the game development are Designing, 3D and 2D Games, Game maintenance and Testing and Custom Game Development.

    4. Web and E-commerce: Prismetric creates web or an e-commerce platform in the best way possible. The team of Prismetric holds expertise in customized web applications and E-commerce solution.

    Prismetric provides end to end E-Commerce services that help out client’s customers and also establish them as a dominant company in that particular niche.

    The services it offers as a web and E-commerce development company include Designing, Consulting, Development and Maintenance and Support.

    Why Should you choose Prismetric?

    Prismetric assists businesses in proliferating with blockchain technology. The development company has worked with numerous global organizations.

    With its technical advisory, a business can optimize the potentiality of blockchain applications that solve rising business challenges.

    Prismetric’s consulting service provides in-depth validation of the business process; their team of experts recommends the best solutions in order to meet business goals. Also, the professionals take care of the front-end development, UI designs, and third-party integrations by having hands-on experience in building blockchain applications.

    Prismetric is also listed under the Top Mobile App Development by GoodFirms and the Top App Development Company by Appfutura.

    Prismetric Development Company is led by Ashish Parmar, CEO and Ketan Chavda as the company’s Managing Director.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the pricing strategy at Prismetric work?

    Prismetric Company works on three models of Pricing Strategies; Fixed Price, Monthly Pricing and Resource Pricing. Initially, the company starts the project with four to five developers and then expands as per the client’s requirement.

    What is Prismetric’s methodology in the development process of a project?

    Prismetric’s Development process utilizes five methodologies maintaining on cultivating and adopting the best practice. The development company’s methods are Agile, Scrum Development, Test-Driven Development, Waterfall Methodology, and Spiral Methodology.