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  • Ramco dealer management software review

    A perfect Dealer management software with Mobile apps and web dashboard .

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    What do you get?

    This fantastic Ready-made Equipment rental software suite comes with:

    – Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    – Dealer Dashboard ( for your dealers to keep track of entire records) 

    – Life time Free upgrades / Support

    – Free Expert installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

    Questions?  shoot a mail to: [email protected] 

  •  INTEGRATION TIME  : 7 days 

    Saves 6 months of development 

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : MySQL

    Front end  : Java

    Windows  : VC++

  • Description

    Dealer ecosystem is a complex one as it deals directly with the customers. Today is the world of mobility. Any dealer management software should operate on Tablet/IPads for the convenience of dealers.The main objective for any DMS system is to improve the overall performance of operations and to enhance the profit level. Ramco’s dealer management software proves to be one of the best in the market. This R-DMS helps dealers in improving their sales forecasting based on the given sales inputs. Dealers can have better decision making with effective monitoring of their business.R-DMS is very much suitable for Multi-Franchisee Dealership Outlets. Users can easily access the ERP screens on their mobiles. This includes all the mandatory modules like sales management,service management,spares management etc.,

    Let me list down few of the highlighted modules integrated with Ramco’s dealer management software .

    Sales management

    Every dealership has to maintain a minimum range of sales every month. This will obviously results in more pressure on the sales team. R-DMS plays a vital role in sales management. End to end sales activities are included within the system. In sales management we can find lots of leads/inquiries in various stages and they are to be tracked with different strategies. Starting from sales inquiry, quotation, follow up, call center inquiry and reports are all handled effectively within this module. Sales module looks complete and its very much effective in handling both new and existing leads.

    Spares management

    It’s important for dealers to maintain all necessary spare parts for their work shop operations. All these stock inventories are to be maintained within the system. Any good DMS should include inventory management which allows the user to keep track record of suppliers, spare parts, stock details, stock transfer etc.,Inquiries related to order status are all listed here .Each order is planned accordingly and is allocated to respective team. Customers are notified with best suggestions at appropriate time based on their vehicle condition.

    Service management

    Service management includes the complete administration of all service related task. The system can guide users with the best service for their vehicle at the right time. This helps in attaining better customer satisfaction. Dealers can view complete appointment log and allocate technicians based on their availability. Complete user records are saved and you can have easy retrieval by applying simple filters. Technician schedules are handled with extra care and this helps in achieving better performance.


    For any DMS system ,customer relationship management is the most important and highlighted module. This mainly focus on improving customer retention rates. End to end sales and customer relationships are maintained within the system. This helps in increasing repurchases and reduce marketing expenses. This DMS system helps in improving overall service and vehicle sales can be improved. Employees can have fast access to customer data and this automatically gives a very personal and professional customer experience. Follow up is mandatory to bring in good sales month on month. Here, follow ups are automated through schedules attached to deals and customers. This helps in easy and effective communication with individual customers.

    Finance and Accounting

    Any dealer management software should have a very strong account and financial capabilities. This should ensure accuracy at each point of entry. Complete expenses for the month is calculated and the invoices are processed automatically. This includes all the payable details like marketing expenses, salary for all employees, organisation expenses etc., Expenses for any particular module can be viewed by applying various filters available within the system. This helps in hassle free extraction of information.

    Supported platforms

    This is Cloud-hosted solution with various modules like Sales, Service, Parts and CRM Integrated. R-DMS follows the best approach resulting in high Productivity & Efficiency across Dealer Network.

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  • FAQ

    Is the software available online?

    Yes, the software is available. Its a Ready-made software & you can get it  here.

    Will the team help us in installation and upgrades?

    Yes,the team will help you out in installation and set up. In addition to that you will be provided with free upgrades for life.