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  • Readymade Mobile wallet app template on Flutter

    Readymade Mobile wallet app template to start a FinTech app. This Flutter script comes with all features required to start instantly.
  • Flutter Mobile Wallet App Template Review

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    What do you get?

    This Flutter Mobile Wallet app template has all the essential template sections with the following modules:

    Flutter Template File (Script that converts website into an Android + iOS app)

    Darth Source Code ( Full Dart source code for both iOS and Android )

    Documentation ( Documentation on how to use and setup the template )

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIMELess than 6 hours

      SAVES YOU: 460 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    SDK Platform: Flutter

    App Platforms: iOS, Android

  • Description

    Mobile Wallet App Template

    Creating a mobile wallet app for your Fintech app or a cryptocurrency app has never been this easy. This Mobile E Wallet App template has a complete package of template files and UI elements to get you started on your Fintech business. 

    It is full application UI KIT was developed on Flutter. The Wallet App template can accelerate your development process and reduce the time as it can allow developers to leverage Flutter’s revolutionary SDK that helps developers to create apps in Android and iOS with just a single code base.

    It contains 30+ awesome screens with various kind of UI. It’s made a lot easier for all developers. The project files and the in-depth documentation allow developers whether novice to professionals to easily incorporate the designs of the app. Anyone can run apps by following the project instructions. This Flutter app template is the most advanced app UI KIT.

    What makes this an Ideal Mobile Wallet App Template ?

    The Mobile Wallet app template follows various best practice right from clean code to documentation. Also the support team is responsive and has been helpful when asked specific questions 

    Mobile Wallet or Cryptocurrency mobile wallet app is a booming business. More users are signing up on cross-border fintech platforms that offer less transaction fee.

    You can either start a standalone Mobile Wallet app or offer an app as part of an existing fintech ecosystem and the design of the Mobile Wallet App template can be easily customized to include data from any of these use cases.

    Mobile Wallet App template Features

    Splash Screen – Display a customized App intro screen / splash screen that is professional and boosts your brand image

    Awesome Onboarding Screen – Detail rich explanation of all the app screens/features to your user through events and triggers built into the template. 

    Sign In Screen – A simplified Login screen that works
    Sign Up Screen – Sign up screen that is quick with only the essential fields

    OTP code verified – If your app requires SMS verification, the template has a screen for that too

    Awesome Dashboard with Service Category – An informative dashboard with service categories listed categorically.

    Send Money – An intuitive send money screen makes it easier for anyone for sending money to the intended recipient correctly. 

    Make Payment – The Flutter app template has a swift bill payments screen for accessing the services easily. A series of screens for every step of the payment flow are also included.

    Exchange Currency – The Wallet app template has currency exchange flow as well. The user can view the exchange rates set by the admin and then swap the currency easily.
    Request Money – The Request money user flow on the wallet app template is built to provide as many key information as possible to let the user know details like transaction id, time stamp, sender, phone number etc.

    Voucher and Redeem – The developer of the fintech app can incorporate Voucher and Reedeem coupons feature on the app quickly. The voucher redemption page can display relevant active coupon/voucher codes that a user can avail. 

    Transaction History – Transaction history of the app needs to be detailed as it’s important for fintech apps to display them. 

    Deposit Money – The Deposit Money screen of the Mobile wallet app template displays all the payment methods that are available on the platform. 

    Withdraw Money – The Withdrawing money section of the mobile wallet app template includes information on how to withdraw the funds, links to depositing it and other options. 

    Add and Save Card – Adding and Saving Cards are a part of the eCommerce experience. It is carefully designed in a way that it exudes trust. 

    User Profile – User Profile is available for individual users who would like to start using on the platform.

    Messaging with Support Center – The messaging with support center screen of the Wallet app template allows the platform to host a support center that caters to it’s user queries.

    Get Notification – Notification corner is a must for most apps. This Flutter app template has includes that as well with complete action controls/hooks that can be tied into the app.

    Forgot and Change Password – Forgot and change password that is designed with a clean interface to help your users retrieve their account quickly.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How easy is it to update the app once deployed?

    Since the source code developed on flutter, whatever changes you make to the app you don’t have to do it twice for android and iOS separately. 

    Besides this, if you want to change the color scheme, title of the app etc., all of it can be done through the admin panel without touching the app. It’s seamless.

    Is this like any other hybrid app?

    No, hybrid apps were hard to manage and seemed redundant when it came to developing new features. They SDKs often hindered newer development. Flutter is totally different, though you write code in flutter’s darth file. The SDK generates native android and iOS apps that are intuitive. 

    What is Google Flutter?

    Google’s Flutter is a Standard Development Kit (SDK) that generates android and iOS apps with a single codebase. This means that your developer doesn’t have to code two separate apps and maintain separate codebases for both these apps. They can make changes to flutter code and the SDK will generate both the native apps seamlessly.

    What are the software requirements to run a Mobile Wallet using this Mobile Wallet app template?
    It completely depends on the product design and the specifications of the app. But generally for the backend of any Wallet app, we recommend a minimum of  2 vCPU, 2GB Ram and above, 120 GB Diskspace to install the necessary dependencies. Here’s a discounted VPS link that works great with the product

    What are the software requirements for the Flutter app template load the Source Code?
    The software requirements for loading the wallet app template is Flutter SDK.

    Do you offer customization on the product?

    Yes we do. Please get in touch with the team to discuss about your idea before we start customizing the product for you.

    Can you develop a Mobile Wallet for us while incorporating this template?
    Sure, we can help you with the installation of the script. Please write to us at [email protected]. Someone from our team will get in touch with you.