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  • Remitano Clone Script Review

    Start a Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency trading platform like Remitano using this Remitano Clone Script. Get started easily.

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  • What do you get?

    – Android app ( Trade on the platform with the Android 5.0+ devices )

    – iOS (Trade on the platform with iOS devices )

    – Web front end (Trade on the platform through the platform)

    – Master Admin Panel ( Manage the platform through the robust admin panel)

    – 100% Source code

    – Free updates

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  •               Start a Local Peer to Peer Bitcoin Marketplace like


  • Total Developer Hours you will save by purchasing this product

    960 Hours

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  • Technical Specifications

                 This Remitano Clone Script is based on these modern software technology stacks



  • Description

                   A Powerful Cryptocurrency Business that Makes Money While You Sleep.

    You can start a local Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange like Remitano with this Remitano Clone script.

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    Remitano offers users the option to purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on their local peer to peer bitcoin trading platform. Using this Remitano Clone Script, anyone can start a cryptocurrency trading platform just like Remitano.

    The cryptocurrency trading market is seeing steady growth in recent years, there’s still space for newer trading platforms that offer security, trust, and ease for customers who are transacting on the platform.

    How do you make money with the Remitano Clone Script?

    The platform owner has various opportunities to make money through the platform. 

    Posting fee: Users who are looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies would have to post requests for the same. The administrator can charge for each of these requests posted on the platform. This eliminates bogus requests and promotes legitimacy on the platform.

    Transaction fee: A successful transaction attracts a success fee. For every trade done on the platform, a standard transaction fee/commission is deducted. This can be set from the administrator panel.

    Banner Advertisements:

    More traffic, More revenue. Banner ads have always been a great source of income to sites that have a niche audience. Tying up with a cryptocurrency advertisement network can ensure that your platform makes money even while you sleep or even without the trades happening. 

    Other monetization channels are added regularly. 

    How do you trade on the Remitano Clone Script?

    Step 1: The user gets onboard the platform. Submits the Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation and only then he can trade on the platform. When a user signs up, a cryptocurrency wallet address is created under his account.

    Step 2: Once the KYC is verified and approved by the administrator, they can start posting buy or sell requests. Should they choose to buy, they can see the suitable sell requests posted on the platform and go ahead with it. A seller may have some criteria like completed profile, feedback score above a certain level etc. and may choose to go ahead with it.

    Step 3: If a user wishes to sell their cryptocurrency, before posting a sell request, they are required to deposit the quantity of cryptocurrency and the transaction fee required (in crypto) under the escrow wallet in their account. 

    Step 4: While the transaction is in progress, the cryptocurrency is held under the escrow wallet. After the buyer completes the payment, the seller can mark the payment as confirmed on the platform, either through the mobile app or the web and the Cryptocurrency is released to the buyer’s wallet from the escrow. 

    Remitano Clone Script makes it easy to trade and has safety measures for buyers and sellers.

    What makes this Remitano Clone script different? 

    Trading as you know is a serious business and the entire user’s trading experience is at the heart of the simplistic design. The business-ready Remitano Clone Script has all the necessary features essential that are key to running the platform successfully.  

    The platform has a powerful dispute management system that allows the administrator to intervene, moderate and resolve disputes between the parties involved in a smooth manner. 

    The Clone Script makes easier for anyone to trade whenever and wherever as it is available on the Web, apps for android and iOS devices. 

    What are the features of the Remitano clone script?
    The cryptocurrency trading platform script is feature packed and can be used by anyone looking to start their own cryptocurrency business right away!

    Some of the features of the Remitano Clone script are: 

    Escrow Wallet
    The escrow wallet holds the cryptocurrencies while the trade is in progress, the user looking to buy / sell can use the platform confidently without thinking twice. Under the escrow wallet system, while a transaction is in progress, the user cannot move the funds to another wallet on the platform or out of the platform. 

    KYC Verification
    The cryptocurrency trading platform script’s KYC accepts user’s documents required to verify their identity as required by the law of any land. The documents are available under the user’s profile and can be viewed anytime.

    Proximity Match

    Buy and Sell trade requests are matched within the user’s proximity or based on the parameters the users have selected. The users can choose and trade with anyone they wish to go ahead with. 

    GDPR Compliant
    As mandated by the EU, you can now display a GDPR text on the website and apps. 

    Dispute Management
    A comprehensive Dispute management system makes sure that the platform is safe for everyone to use. The administrator can effectively resolve disputes swiftly. 

    Feedback and review Mechanism
    Trust score and Feedback mechanism is calculated based on the user’s experience after the trade has completed. Additionally, the trust score is calculated by other parameters such as profile completeness etc. 

    Slick UI
    For the web: Pages load faster as we have optimized the CSS and minified the HTML. 

    For Mobile: Apps are bloat free and perform faster as we have used the best coding standards.

    Private messaging
    The users can message each other before trading with each other and they can be sure of who they are transacting with.

    The administrator dashboard has crucial statistics on how well the businesses is progressing and what are the pain points that need to be addressed along with the total Overall percentage of negative feedback given for trades done on the platform.

    Native Apps
    The Android and iOS allow your users to trade offline as well and then mark the trade as complete if they choose to pay for the cryptocurrency in person.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should you buy this product?

    The product is business ready, which means that with minimal setup, you can begin the business as soon as you can with the base software. However, if you are building newer features over it you can do so too. 

    By buying this product, you save several hours of development time, had you developed it from scratch. Instead, you can work on building newer features or can ask your developers to build it for you.

    What are the minimum requirements for this product?

    The minimum requirements for this product are 2GB RAM, 60 GB SSD/ HDD, 2CPU, Ubuntu version 16.04, Mysql 5.5, Android 5.0 and up, iOS 9 and up.

    I need assistance to install/I need someone to install the product for me, can you help?

    The product comes with an installation document. Incase, you’d like to get the product installed, please get in touch with to get the product installed.

    How do I ensure the safety of my users on the platform? 

    Running a business such as this requires you to take privacy and safety concerns seriously. Be stringent while verifying all the documents your users submit as part of KYC documentation, take feedback seriously and then keep weeding out the bad actors regularly. This will increase safety and minimize risk. Also, have a legal team to ensure that you are compliant with all the requirements by law in the countries you are carrying out the business in.