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  • Rent Control Online Equipment Rental Software

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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  • Technical Specifications

    Microsoft Technologies [citation required]

  • Description

    Why use RentControl – rental software?

    RentControl is a Windows based rental management software that can handle all aspects of a rental ecosystem from inventory, reservations, scheduling to payment processing and customer accounts. Rent control has all the features you would expect from a rental software at an affordable price. RentControl has separate software packages for 20 different rental businesses that is scalable to any size of the industry.


    RentControl Features Checklist:

    Contract Management

    Inspection Management

    Inventory Management

    Late Fee Calculation

    Maintenance Management


    Online Booking

    Rate Management

    Recurring Rentals

    Reservations Management


    Short / Long Term Rental


    Full-featured Rental Software to Make Your Life Easier

    The features in the RentControl software will be able to handle all your specific business needs and will help you to get new as well as returning customers. The software will assist you in generating quotes, make reservations, make rentals and keep track of inventory and clients.

    Special Facilities in 20 Different Areas

    RentControl has more powerful features to accommodate different requirements from various industries. Some rental products after return from the customer, needs to be prepared for the next order such as clothing that needs laundering. In such cases, the system should account for that preparation time to be added to the rental period. RentControl also accounts for other accessories and stuff that comes along with the rental item.

    RentControl offers rental-specific features for the following areas:

    Audio,video, lighting

    Event props

    Garments and costumes

    Spare parts for vehicles

    ATV, boats and other recreations

    Medical equipment

    Computers and consumables

    Party accessories

    Tents and trekking accessories

    Powerools and hardware

    Phones and communication devices

    Storage devices

    Air conditioners and heating equipment

    General rental

    Heavy equipment

    Construction and earth moving equipments

    Construction frameworks and Scaffolds

    Garbage management devices.

    Increase Business by Putting Your Inventory on the Web

    RentControl has a neat feature that allows to export inventory and prices to the website by a single click. This also makes the looks attractive, easy to view and order online. And the inventory list can be updated with the latest products, their prices quickly and easily.

    Your RentControl Inventory on Your Website—Automatically

    The quick and easy inventory update through to your website will make it easier for customers who research and compare products based on the day to day trends. As most of the business will be dependent on the Company’s website, it becomes all the more important to have your website updated with the latest trends on a day to day basis.  

    Maintain Your Website Yourself

    The RentControl software’s ability to add and update content like images, prices and stock availability, automatically to your website’s Content Management System helps maintain your website with ease and makes it up to date. This is made possible by the inventory upload facility that makes the price and stock changes simply by reuploading them.

    Full AR Processing with a QuickBooks Export

    Both fixed-ended and open-ended rental transactions can be done using RentControl. The RentControl Plus package that is priced at $1395 for single user and $2495 for multi user  licences has add-ons like  full Accounts Receivable(AR) processing, that produces invoices for short-term rentals as well as long term rentals. RentControl enables all kinds of Reports and statements generation, accounts chart maintenance, maintaining payment history, credits and debits data and exporting them to QuickBooks using the standard version of RentControl. RentControl Plus allows you to export all the data to QuickBooks along with the customer information which saves time by avoiding mistakes while entering payments and customer data twice.

    The RentControl Plus Interface to QuickBooks®

    RentControl Plus enables invoices to be viewed in QuickBooks containing a one line detail of all rental and sale items, insurance, handling charges, taxes etc., The taxes are pre-computed by RentControl to reflect correctly in QuickBooks. The RentControl and Quickbooks will have the same invoice numbers to access products and rental periods.

    You have the option to display cash, cheque and card payments in QuickBooks in the Plus version.The software looks for newer customers referencing the QuickBooks entry everytime.  User’s confidential data like Social Security Number and credit card number are not required to use with RentControl Plus. RentControl can be used in two modes, either with Quickbooks open which is called the interactive mode or Quickbooks closed known as the unattended mode.

    The Interface of RentControl is very flexible and gives full control to when and which activity(like specific payments, specific invoices, payments without invoices, invoices without payments etc.,) is getting reflected.

    The Professional, Premiere and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks for Desktops,2007 or later have support for the Plus-to-Quickbooks interface, though there is no support for the Canadian or SimpleStart editions.

    RentControl – Buy, Rent, Repair, Maintain

    RentControl, in addition to all the rental functions also includes a full Purchase Order module for rental items to be purchased, tracked and delivered.

    Purchase Order Facility

    The Purchase order facility is given as an option in RentControl which can store all the details of a purchase order like terms and conditions for payment and shipping, shipping methods etc., Cancellations of purchase orders and backorders processing can be done using the RentControl Software. Reports of purchased orders that are previously closed, expected items, seller performance, year on year revenue comparisons and balance sheets can be generated and printed at your convenience. There is also a repair tracking function for tracking work orders and charging them.  

    Tracking and Billing for Outside Repairs

    Outside repairs of products by creating quotes, tracking and charging can be handled using RentControl. The repair clients can be new users or currently registered users to whom Technicians to do the job can be tied up from a list. Both quotes and report tickets and the taxes can be generated in RentControl. Outside rental jobs can include the number of hours spent on assigned jobs and parts and accessories from your own inventory. RentControl can help you track all repair works, repair periods and generate invoice for the job. The inbuilt maintenance management has scheduled maintenance feature that reminds you when periodic maintenance is due for assets of the rental shops.  

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  • FAQ

    How the equipment rental software does is going to benefit me?

    The equipment rental software can be a comprehensive package or a module based software to help the small and big businesses run smoothly. They will help to streamline most of the activities allowing the managers and executives to focus on other core tasks. The businesses can have a random check on the inventory, the departments will stay updated about the sales related information, will help you to control costs and the organizations can further enhance customer relationships by improving upon their products and services.

    Who Uses This Software?

    Special facilities in over 20 different rental areas, including party and tent, construction equipment, general tools, scaffolding, costumes, etc.