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  • [Critic] Sales Development Playbook Book Review

    A critic review about the Sales book Sales Development Playbook.

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  • Trish Bertuzzi

    Novelist Jonathan Franzen said, “One-half of a passion is obsession, the other half is love.” With that in mind, ask anyone who’s met Trish and they’ll tell you – she is passionate about inside sales.

    Trish is President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, Inc., an inside sales consulting and implementation firm. For more than two decades, she has promoted sales development and inside sales as a community, professional, and engine for revenue growth.

    She resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Available as: Hard Cover, Audio Book

    No. of pages: 262 pages

    Language: English

    Published Date: January 15th, 2016

    ISBN: 978-0692622032

  • Table Of Content


    Part 1: Strategy


    Selling in The 21st Century


    Consider The Five Why’s


    Let Requirements Guide Your Model


    Build A Solid Foundation

    Part 2: Specialization


    Go Allbound For Pipeline


    Sell To Everyone: Close To No one


    Specialize To Accelerate 


    Consider The Research Role


    Follow The Early Adopters

    Part 3: Recruiters

    CHAPTER 10

    Hire With Urgency

    CHAPTER 11

    Spot Qualities of A Qualified Candidate

    CHAPTER 12

    Write Job Descriptions, Not Sleep Prescriptions

    CHAPTER 13

    Compensate at Market Rate

    CHAPTER 14

    Build Attractive Compensation Plans

    CHAPTER 15

    Source Candidates Effectively

    CHAPTER 16

    Glassdoor Like A Pro

    CHAPTER 17

    Treat Hiring Like a Sales Process

    Part 4: Retention

    CHAPTER 18

    Lead Your People

    CHAPTER 19

    Prioritize Coaching

    CHAPTER 20

    Coach To Improve

    CHAPTER 21

    Develop To Grow

    CHAPTER 22

    Build Career Paths

    Part 5: Execution

    CHAPTER 23

    Master Blocking and Tackling

    CHAPTER 24

    Onboard By a Process, Not an Event

    CHAPTER 25

    Create Compelling Conversations

    CHAPTER 26

    Architect Your Outreach

    CHAPTER 27

    Formalize Your Cadence

    CHAPTER 28

    Instill a Love of Voicemail

    CHAPTER 29

    Engage With Mail

    Part 6: Leadership

    CHAPTER 30

    Choose The Right Captain

    CHAPTER 31

    Equip The Team

    CHAPTER 32

    Set Appropriate Quotas

    CHAPTER 33

    Build Your Process

    CHAPTER 34

    Perfect The Handoff

    CHAPTER 35

    Measure What Matters

    CHAPTER 36

    Manage With Meaningful Metrics

    CHAPTER 37

    Enable With Technologies



  • More Info

    Growing market with customer satisfaction is one thing, the other is developing in Sales. The book talks about high growth that can be not measured, this high. 

    Book deals with 6 policies:

    • Strategy that helps to make plans and connects the sellers to buyers
    • Specialization, that will tell us about new prospects that we can acquire
    • Recruiting, this aspect helps us with the intake of people in our company with urgency basis 
    • Retention that make us go deep and gets us people who are more enthusiastic and engaging
    • Execution to deliver the best with respect to customer requirements
    • Leadership, this part of the book gives a realistic view on how to lead in Sales Development today

    If these points are met, we are sure to make a difference in the Sales market and revenue.


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    What is special about the book?

    The book explains the strategies very simply and act as a guide to all the business people. If you want to increase your man power but effectively then get your copy for the book and know all the ways you should keep in mind.