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  • [Critic] Sales EQ Book Review

    A critic review about the Sales book Sales EQ.

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  • Jeb Blount

    With almost 25 years of experience and being amongst the top 50 most influential Sales and marketing leaders, Jeb has some amazing recognitions to his name. He is the best-selling author of 8 books and known as the most respected author for his great views on sales and marketing. Recognitions you may ask:

    one of the Top 30 social selling influencer by Forbes.

    one of the Top 10 Sales expert to follow on twitter by Evan Carmichael

    one of the Top 100 most innovative sales blogger by iSEEit 

    one of the Top 20 must read authors by Huffington Post.

    Jeb is one of the most demanded motivational speakers and that involves him traveling 260 days out of 365 days in a year traveling to different areas around the globe to give speeches to sales leaders. His books include Sales EQ, People love you, People follow you, People buy you, Sales guy’s 7 rules for outselling the recession, Business expert guide to small business success and power principles.

    In this book, he has beautifully related all the scenarios and presented us with the real secret to improving sales productivity and gaining profits. As everyone knows Sales is no cakewalk and the same Jeb has conveyed us with some high power perspectives and gains.

  • Available as: Hard Cover, Audio Book

    No. of pages: 320 pages

    Language: English

    Published Date: March 20th, 2017

    ISBN: 978-1119312574

  • Table Of Content



    The Mysterious Brown Bag


    A Perfect Sales Storm


    The Irrational Buyer


    Pattern Painting, Cognitive Biases and Heuristics


    The Four Levels Of Sales Intelligence


    Shaping Win Probability


    Dual process




    Self Awareness

    CHAPTER 10

    Sales Drive

    CHAPTER 11


    CHAPTER 12

    Shaping Win Probability Begins With Qualification

    CHAPTER 13

    Engagement With Micro-Commitments

    CHAPTER 14

    Stalled Deals and Next Steps

    CHAPTER 15

    Sales Process

    CHAPTER 16

    Buying Process

    CHAPTER 17

    The Five Stakeholders You Meet in a Deal

    CHAPTER 18

    Decision Process

    CHAPTER 19

    Do I Like You ?

    CHAPTER 20

    Flexing To Complement The Four Primary Stakeholder Persona

    CHAPTER 21

    Sales Call Agenda Framework

    CHAPTER 22

    Do You Listen To Me?

    CHAPTER 23

    Discovery: Sales Is a Language of Questions

    CHAPTER 24

    Do You Make Me Feel Important?

    CHAPTER 25

    Do You Get Me and My Problems?

    CHAPTER 26

    Asking: The Most Important Sales Discipline

    CHAPTER 27

    Turning Around Objections

    CHAPTER 28

    Do I Trust and Believe You?

    CHAPTER 29



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    All other books deal with how Sales market grow in revenues and how to apply those methods. The old methods implies talking about the product, its features, cost and solution to the problems. But isn’t that what the customers have been listening for so long from every other Salesperson? 

    That is why we need a different approach to tackle the old, monotonous strategies. This book takes us with the different aspect of playing with customer’s mindset that involves psychological methods to deal with them. The methods involve the interpersonal skills you need to possess, frameworks you need to follow and relationships you need to build. 
    Sales is a lot about building up trust relationships and that is what we are here to talk about in this book!

    So grab the book and let yourself immerse into a different world of Sales. 

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    What does the book deal with?

    The book is all about connecting with the buyers on an emotional level. We have all Sales books that tells us inside out about the Sales processes and values to follow but how to connect with them emotionally is what exactly we need to know. Sometimes, according to Jeb, no education, industry or experience can give us the right will which we can get through emotional connect. If,  you feel the same, go on with the book to get perspectives on the same.