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  • Seed phrase Protection Board to keep your Crypto safe

    The strongest Seed phrase Protection Board to keep your Cryptocurrency safe. Tested for protection against fire, acid and anything rough.

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  • Extremely Handy Seed Phrase Protector


    What do you get?

    This Product has 

    – Seed Phrase case

    – Alphabets list card

    – User Manual 

    – Cover

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  • Technical Specifications

  • Description

    Seed Phrase Protection Board to keep your Crypto safe

    Protecting your wisely invested cryptocurrencies from fraudsters is a priority. But what if you lose access to it because you can’t remember the Seed Phrase (14 word pass phrase that lets you access the wallet)? 

    Like this San Francisco man, who can’t remember the password to his $255 Million worth Bitcoin wallet. 

    SafePal is a Seed phrase protection board that lets you save the Cryptocurrency wallet’s seed phrase in protected manner. 

    What can this Seed Phrase Protection board do for you? 

    Seed Phrase protection can easily protect your seed phrase stored in a hard to destruct casing that house it. Using this product, you won’t have to remember your seed phrase again and can be sure of retrieving it when you need it. It’s easy to carry or can be safely stored away in a locker for safe keeping. 

    Some of the cool things about the Seed Phrase Protection board 

    Corrosion Resistant – It’s made of corrosion resistant 304 grade stainless steel that is fully resistant to water, scaling and acid. 

    Fireproof – SafePal Cypher has a melting point of 1398 Degree Celsius whereas, the temperature of an average house fire is 815 Degree Celsius. The product was tested under fire. 

    Compatibility – The Seed Phrase protector is compatible with any BIP39 software and hardware wallet. Compatibility ensures that seed phrases of up to 24 words can be accommodated.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Seed Phrase?

    Seed Phrase is a set of random words that is generated to uniquely identify and access a Cryptocurrency wallet. The seed phrase is just like a password and required to import / access a cryptocurrency wallet.  

    Which payment methods does SafePal support?

    SafePal currently supports both fiat payment and crypto payment. For fiat currency payment, you can choose either to pay via PayPal, which supports credit card, MasterCard, VISA, and debit card, or pay via direct credit card or debit card payment. For crypto payment, we now accept Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and BNB Coin(Mainnet).

    Which tokens does SafePal S1 support?

    For now, SafePal S1 supports 19 blockchains and more than 10,000 tokens.

    The 19 blockchains and their native coins are:

    – Bitcoin(BTC)

    – Ethereum(ETH)

    – Ripple(XRP)

    – Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

    – Litecoin(LTC)

    – EOS

    – Binance Coin(BNB)

    – Stellar Lumens(XLM)

    – TRON(TRX)

    – Neo(NEO)

    – Dash(Dash)

    –  Ethereum Classic(ETC)

    – Dogecoin(DOGE)

    – Harmony(ONE)

    – Zcash(ZEC)

    – DigiByte(DGB)

    – Polkadot [IOU](DOT(Mainnet is yet launched)) 

    – Kusama(KSM) 

    – Qtum(QTUM)

    – and the Tokens below

    Apart from the 19 coins mentioned above, all tokens issued on the Ethereum, Binance Chain, Tron, NEO, EOS, and Stellar have also been supported by SafePal S1

    How do I upgrade my SafePal?

    SafePal S1 supports firmware upgrade to enable SafePal users to regularly on-board the latest features and currencies. You can upgrade the S1 device by downloading the SafePal firmware version from here.

    What if the wallet is missing or damaged?

    So long as your mnemonic phrase is kept safe, no one can take control of your assets even if the thief gets your wallet. In the case of a wallet lost, stolen, or damaged, you can recover your wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase on a new SafePal device. 

    View our tutorial of wallet recovery from here.