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  • Signity Blockchain Development Company Review

    Signity is a well-known and reputable blockchain development company with solutions in a range of industries.

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  • Services Offered

    Cryptocurrency  Wallet Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Ethereum Platform Development

  • Description

    Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies might have run into trouble in a number of countries. But, the blockchain technology behind it has gained a significant presence.

    For some time now, blockchain has been assisting industries in saving billions of dollars. However, there is one major problem with blockchain that emerging business are facing, lack of quality blockchain developers.

    Here in this article, we will be reviewing Signity Blockchain Development Company, a company that is well known for its services offered in the blockchain.

    Signity Blockchain Development Company

    Signity was founded in 2009 and has since then created hundreds of websites and applications for businesses from various parts of the world.

    Signity’s blockchain development services are aimed at enabling distributed ledger technology’s innovation and adoption in real business. Signity designs and develops some of the most engaging solutions across categories ranging from E-commerce and education to Games and entertainment.

    In this review article, we have accumulated services and the industries where Signity blockchain development company has its presence in.

    Services Offered by Signity Blockchain Development Company

    1.Blockchain Development: The blockchain technology facilitates two parties to exchange data without the involvement of intermediaries. Signity offers numerous blockchain industrial applications around the data storage in a safe and reliable environment.

    The blockchain experts at the company have the most extensive knowledge of blockchain structure, having completed both from small to major blockchain and cryptocurrency projects across the globe.

    Signity offers advanced features for blockchain development such as Proof of Concept Development, Innovation Lab and Blockchain Solutions.

    Proof of Concept assists in demonstrating the idea to the potential users of the application.

    Innovation Lab offers a range of application ideas that construct blockchain networks in a partner ecosystem. And with Blockchain Solutions, the company provides a wide range of disruptive solutions that can be customized as per client requirement in delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions on distributed ledger network.

    2.Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: As the rise in cryptocurrency usage is proliferating, it is essential to safeguard and track crypto exchange and wallet.

    Signity sports an inbuilt feature which auto rejects duplicate payments, by eliminating charge-backs. With the assistance of a team of experts that adhere to the industry regulations on consumer protection standards and AML.

    3.Smart Contracts Development: Smart Contracts are also known as Crypto contracts, these are the programs that control the transfer of digital assets between two parties under certain conditions. Signity Solutions has a considerable amount of experience in blockchain contracts and other platforms like R3 Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

    Signity builds Automated structure for payments into standardized contracts to trade with low transaction costs. Also, their flexible structure of contracts is 100% updatable that allow clients to include the latest features.

    Signity promises the removal of complexity arising in creating, managing and executing smart contracts on a compatible blockchain, thereby developing a coherent and enforceable digital agreement for each transaction.

    Industries that Signity provides solutions to

    Signity in Industries

    Blockchain use cases go well beyond cryptocurrencies, as the technology is now being widely accepted and tested across different businesses. We will look at some of the services provided by the blockchain development company for industries.

    Signity Blockchain Development Company in Industries:

    1.Real Estate: The core reasons for lack of transparency in the real estate sector are bureaucracy and fraud. Utilizing blockchain technology can insulate real estate businesses from downward shifts in the market. The technology helps in the process of tracking, verifying ownership and much more. The experienced developers at Signity assist in improving the real estate business with blockchain development.

    2.Finance: Blockchain is driving tremendous change across the financial industry, and is all set to transform the industry as we know it. Signity’s experts in their development team guide in all aspects of financial sector services.

    3.Retail: Shoppers at stores or online market trust the retail systems, the assistance of blockchain helps in eliminating the middleman. Although, there may be a significant surge in prices when buyers and sellers come together directly. With the help of smart contracts, the process can be enhanced and also the increase in its security.

    Signity’s blockchain developers guide in integrating systems that offer required transparency.

    4.Music and Entertainment: Individual artists in the entertainment industry are now using blockchain technology for transparent content sharing. All this with the help of smart contract development services.

    The blockchain development company has a team with high-quality skills and the right experience to assist a business or an artist with their content.

    Why should you choose Signity Blockchain Development Company?

    The blockchain development company has received several accolades for not only providing blockchain services but also as web and mobile application developer. In 2015, Signity received awards at the Best Design Awards for “The Cash Back App.”

    The development company gives three reasons why one needs to choose them over other development companies: Strategic Consultation, Technological Partnership, and Innovative Solutions.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I reach out with the Sales team at Signity?

    Signity Development Company is located in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the US, and is headquartered at India. You can reach to them on the following numbers:

    AU: +61-390880326

    UK: +44-203129542

    US: +1-619-309-4653

    Also, they can be reached at 

    Apart from blockchain development, what are the expertise of Signity?

    Signity holds its expertise in the development of Mobile App, Custom Web; Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development and more. The company provides outsourcing of developers as well.