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                                                      What do you get?

    The Products developed by the Casino Game development company offers these as a standard feature:

    – Web Front end ( A user facing website that anyone can access and play games on. )

    – IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

     Admin Panel for controlling the entire platform completly )

    – Game Manager Account (Game managers can moderate and control the game rooms.)

    – 100% Source code (Unencrypted source code)

                                                          Addon Services

    Extended Product Support (Extended Product support for the product)

    – Paid installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Products & Services Offered

                                                 Technologies used for Casino Game Development 

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    Casino Package

    A good number of readily deployable casino that are featured in major casinos.

    HTML5 and Flash

    HTML5 and Flash games can also be built and integrated into your business for an extra hand of revenue.


    Customizable casino games where cryptocurrencies are also accepted as playing currencies.

    Sports Betting

    Start your sports betting site with our turnkey sports betting software and generate revenue with every bet.

  • Description

    About the company

    Skill Mine gaming is one of the names that comes up often when talking about online casino gaming development. The company has an impressive number of alluring games under its portfolio. Emphasizing the quality, skill mine architects scalable hi-tech online casino platform to empower its clients on their way to lucrative benefits.

    State of the Art

    Skill Mine Games are on top of their game when it comes to keeping their applications upgraded to the latest technology. They stress the importance of keeping up with the change, for change is inevitable especially in technology. Upgrades in programming languages have become daily events, not to mention that new technologies are surfacing every day.
    Sticking to technologies which once dominated the industry will place limitations on the functionalities you can summate to your applications.

    Boosted Security

    Skill Mine Games have incorporated superior cryptography and security algorithms to protect the users’ information and their hard-won cash.
    Top class security is most sought after in the gaming industry. In online casinos, millions transact every second and so, it ought to attract anomalies. Skill Mine Gaming’s expert protection can relieve the users of their stress for they are protected from hackers and other anomalies.

    Interesting Story Lines

    The online games are made more interesting with compelling storylines, for a game without a storyline is a game without a soul. Skill Mine’s games are fun-filled with interesting storylines that engage the users more effectively.
    The dedicated team of the company never fails to come up with stories with unexpected twists to hook the user.

    24X7 Support

    Skill Mine Gaming has a dedicated team 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to answer all the questions that arise about the company and their games. The support team provides every minuscule of information with utmost precision to solve the doubts of their clients and leads.
    The company understands the value they bring in just by being there for their customers whenever they need. You can ring them up anytime you want; you are assured of an answer from the responsible person.


    The performance here is described by the flexibility, security, and right price-quality ratio. If that’s the game, Skill Mine manages to come out on top of it every single time.
    Their games are on par with the industry’s best knowns and are without clutters and lag. The games flow seamlessly and offer almost immersive experiences.

    3D Image Quality

    A game with stunning storylines and the awe-inspiring interface is all great in theory, but in practice, it is for nought without sufficient graphics. A simple game can be upgraded to be enticing with decent graphics.
    Tons of interesting games with never-told stories have failed miserably because they cannot get the one thing right: Graphics. Imagine, you are playing a game. Would you be interested to play the game if the graphics weren’t rendered right? Even if you play it for all, you will gradually lose interest if the flow of the game is affected.

    Android & iOS

    You don’t want to cater to a specific group of customers. If possible, you should address and entice the world’s population with a single product. But unfortunately, everyone has their own tastes which led to the diversification of markets. In the case of mobile phones, Android and iOS takes the majority of the market’s share.
    The company’s games can be played in both Android and iOS devices to serve the majority of the population.

    Easy Management

    The games can be easily managed with the authorised access, admin. After all, a game where even the owner of the casino does not have access wouldn’t suit, would it? Skill mine casino gaming company has incorporated tested management level interface and features to manage the games in the right way.

    Installation Service

    The company also takes care of the installation and ensures the right gaming experience for their clients. From the development to the delivery and installation of games, every step is taken care of the company.

    Transparency and Jackpot

    The games are built with high bonus systems and progressive jackpots to inspire the players and to keep them around for a long time. The transparency of the payment system also summates the trust of the casino and the players.

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