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  • Turn-key Social Ionic Template

    The best Turn-key Social Ionic Template, to start a Mobile Social network instantly.


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  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 369 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Software Framework     : Ionic

    iOS versions                    : 6, 7, 8, 9

    Android versions            : 4, 5, 6

    Style                                  : SASS

    Script platform               : Cordova


  • Description

    Social network script Ionic template

    Social Ionic Templates

    Social Ionic Templates

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  • FAQ

    * Why is this social Ionic Template so famous?

    There are 2 reasons for this:

    1)  This is an amazing Social network script like Facebook with all the features working in a stunning manner.

    2)  This Ionic template is done on the famous Ionic technology ie. You get the IOS & Android app.

    * What are the features present in this Facebook like Social network script?

    – Solid Login / Registration: This Ionic template Comes with all the essential social logins like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Has the most wanted Forget password. Every field is secure with required validations.

    – Robust Profile: The Ionic template has a super sleek profile page like in Facebook. Comes with the followers functionality and the ability to follow other to receive their updates. Has extensive profile picture management & commenting system. 

    Social network script Ionic template  Social network script Ionic template

    – Facebook like wall feeds: This Social network mobile app script comes with a spectacular wall feed feature. Has lazy scrolling, ability to post comments on individual feeds, provision to easily share on other networks, sleek commenting options, other users can instantly like a post, separate categories etc,. Also has the most wanted pull to refresh on mobile feature. Also has powerful recommendation algorithms built inside for suggesting people you may know, like minded profiles etc. 

    Social network script Ionic template  Social network script Ionic template

    – Extended settings: This social Ionic template comes with a detailed set of settings for the user to configure effortlessly. Also present is the feature for your user to rate your app easily on the Play and Apple app store. One can easily manage the T&C, App settings from here.

    Social network script Ionic template

    – Easy post options: This Social network mobile app script has rpovisions for your users to quickly update a post on their page to be viewed by other users in their network. Other can comment on it and also share it on their wall. Also has provision for users to seamlessly surf through the app via. categories and the recent trends that is happening.

    Social network script Ionic template     Social network script Ionic template

    * How is the documentation for this social Ionic Template so famous?

    You get detailed up-to-date documentation with this fantastic Social Ionic template. It explains the entire making of this Facebook cone script app.

    * Wait. Is this Social Ionic template a Facebook clone script?

    Yes ofcource. You can start a spectacular Facebook like mobile app ( both on IOS and Android ) using this facebook clone script app.

    * Do I get 100% Source code?

    Yes, you get 100% source code & its fuly customizable ( It is a nulled script ). You also get free upgrades for this Social Ionic template.

    * Do you provide customization services on top of this Social Ionic theme?

    Yes, we provide. Please shoot a mail to: [email protected] and we will help you out.