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  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless VR Gaming Controller Review

    Buy SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller for a complete immersive gaming experience in Virtual Reality. Easy to configure with your existing VR headset (only the compatible ones)

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  • Technical Specification

    Compatible Controllers: Steel Series Stratus Duo is designed for

    Oculus quest 2 , Oculus Quest 1, Oculus Rift S,


    HP Reverb G2 

    Pico Neo3 (or other compatible VR controllers with open adapters that allow accessories)

    Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless, Bluetooth, and Wired USB.

    Battery backup: 20 hours

    Warranty: 1 year

  • Description

    SteelSeries Stratus Wireless VR Gaming Controller 

    SteelSeries Stratus is a versatile gaming controller that is compatible with most VR consoles and mobile devices. Whether you’re playing a game or engaging in an immersive VR experience, the controller can handle both. 

    Special Focus on ergonomics and durability

    The VR gaming controller is designed considering Pro gamers as their target audience. The product developer has ensured that the Stratus wireless VR gaming controller is comfortable to hold and allows long hour gameplay without tiring out the user.  

    Quality of materials used on the Stratus VR gaming controller is remarkable and is built to last a lifetime. 

    Look and Feel of the SteelSeries Stratus VR Gaming Controller

    VR Gaming controller comes in black color and looks quite classy. Even the functionality and handling of the gaming controller is smooth.

    The full size ergonomic design and clickable analog joysticks give you precision and performance, whether you’re carefully aiming or button mashing.

    The controller’s trigger uses what’s known as Magnetic Hall effect tech that retains the snappy feeling of the triggers for years to come. 


    The Wireless Dual band controller offers a seamless Bluetooth and 2.4 GHZ Wireless connectivity to mobile devices and VR base stations. The signal strength is pretty strong up to 12 Meters. For charging the device, the controller supports Micro-USB. 

    Battery Life

    Out of the box, the battery on the controller offers an outstanding 20+ hours of gameplay. Powered by an Li-ion battery pack, you can continue playing on the controller even while charging. 

    Plug & Play Compatibility

    Stratus Steel is compatible with both Mobile gaming & can connect with room-scale VR headsets and consoles. The wireless controller lets you move around without being tethered to the console. It has a few sensors & engines like accelerometer, gyro meter and haptic feedback engine. 

    Once you’ve connected the product, you can download STEAMVR or Windows Mixed Reality on your computer to configure the headset. You’ll be asked to calibrate the headset & controller through a range of motions, all of which will be guided on the system.

    Platform & Game Availability

    The controller is a standalone product and to experience the gameplay you’d need a Bluetooth & WiFi compatible VR gaming console or a computer that supports STEAMVR and Windows Mixed Reality portal. 

    STEAMVR has over 1000+ Games and VR experiences that you can use the controller to play with. STEAM is already a gaming platform that has titles which has VR and Non-VR games. Using the controller and a compatible headset, you can play both type of games.

    As part of testing the speed, utility and swift response of the controller, we tried out these two games.

    VR game

    Half Life: ALYX is a game that has stunning visuals and amazing Virtual Reality experience that can truly put the headset and controller to test. The controller performed quite well, where there is no delay. The triggers on the controllers were quite snappy as claimed by the company. 

    Mobile Gaming

    To test out the gaming capability of the controller over Bluetooth, we played Fortnite Mobile on Android by connecting the controller over Bluetooth mode. There wasn’t any visible lag in the response of the controller and we were able to move around swiftly and since it’s a first person shooter, the controller was easily able to handle the continuous click and the button mashing that was thrown at it over a couple of hours. 

    Final Verdict: A sturdy multipurpose VR controller that doesn’t just confine itself to VR games. 

    – Build Quality is great

    – Has a good haptic feedback engine

    – Easy Tap to Pair functionality

    – 20 Hour battery life is great

    – Supports Bluetooth and Wireless modes for connecting.

    – Supports gameplay on Android, STEAMVR & Windows Mixed Reality.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a spot in the controller to put the dongle when not in use?

    Yes it Clips to the bottom of your controller and can stay there when you take your phone away. 

    What does the 3 buttons do in the middle do?

    The two buttons on the sides correspond to the Start and Back buttons on an Xbox 360 controller, or Menu and View on an Xbox One controller. The button in the middle is essentially a Home button.

    Does this work with Zooba and BattleLand?
    Yes, it should work since it is compatible with the device.
    Does this work with Ark mobile on android?
    Yes, the Stratus controller works with android devices over both Bluetooth and Wireless. It also easily pairs with Oculus Go, Gear VR, and other devices.