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  • SushiSwap Clone Script

    Readymade SushiSwap clone script to start a Decentralized exchange ( DEX ) with AMM, Liquidity Pool and Yield Farm.

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    What do you get?

    This SushiSwap clone script has a lightweight web front end with the following modules:

    Exchange Swap ( For users to directly Swap tokens from the balance in their wallets )

    Automatic Market Maker ( Keeps the liquidity in check on the exchange )

    Yield Farms ( To stake the Liquidity tokens and receive custom exchange tokens that can further be compounded )

    Customized Smart contracts ( to adjust APR & Multiplier factor )

    + Detailed Step-by-Step installation Documentation.

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    – Paid Installation Service Available ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )


    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 24 hours

      SAVES YOU: 840 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Front end: Angular JS/ React /CSS/Ajax

    Exchange Type: Decentralized exchange DEX

    Supported Cryptocurrencies: All Major Crypto and Token on Ethereum ERC20 protocol.

    Blockchain: Ethereum ( Can be customized to include Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) etc. )

    Smart Contracts: Solidity, Parity Substrate

    Scripting language backend: NodeJS , Web3.js

    Environment & Tools: Truffle, Ganache

  • Description

    SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows anyone to trade ERC-20 based cryptocurrencies on compatible blockchains protocols like Yearn Finance, Cream, AAVE, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot etc.

    The advantage of using SushiSwap Clone script is that it is built by Blockchain developers who have worked on 100+ unique projects in the Fintech, NFT and supply chain management systems.

    SushiSwap Clone Script brings the best of all the DeFi products such as DeFi lending, yield farming, etc. Across various ERC-20 blockchain protocols. Using this Sushiswap clone script, you can start a full blown SushiSwap platform within 24 hours. 

    Most of the functionalities have been thoughtfully designed to make it easier for both first timers and pro traders to buy / sell cryptocurrencies.

    What makes the SushiSwap Clone Script unique?

    The Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software is built with the option of running on any protocol once customized. The popular protocols that the decentralized exchange integrates with can be extended to build other DeFi apps on top of it. Essentially opening up the ecosystem. This clone script harnesses the blockchain’s powerful capabilities to scale. 

    UniSwap Clone Script

    How do you make money with SushiSwap Clone Script?

    As an administrator, it is easy to make money on autopilot as the platform charges transaction fee, market maker fee etc.

    Market Maker Fee: For every trade done on the platform, a market marker fee is charged and added to the administrator’s wallet.

    Transaction Fee: Every DeFi transaction or withdrawal would attract a transaction fee. 

    Staking Rewards: The platform also receives a certain portion of staking rewards that is sent to the user and these staking token can also be listed on the exchange.

    How does the SushiSwap Clone Script work?

    Since the buying flow of cryptocurrencies are familiar on the platform, we will explain How to stake a cryptocurrency on the SushiSwap Clone Script

    Step 1: The user should already hold a Metamask Crypto Wallet, they would then connect the wallet to the platform. 

    Step 2: Once the wallet is connected, the supported cryptocurrencies that can be staked are shown on the page. 

    Step 3: They will choose the appropriate crypto for staking and enter the quantity / duration that they’d like to stake.

    Step 4: The platform will show the APR and other information on how much they will earn, the frequency of earning and the total return.

    Step 5: After the user agrees to the term and clicks “Stake Now”. The tokens are transferred from the protocol and locked into the network. 

    What are the features of the SushiSwap Clone Script?

    Some of the features of SushiSwap Clone Script are:

    Decentralized Exchange

    The exchange is completely decentralized where the price of the cryptocurrencies sold aren’t controlled by a single central authority or the platform owner. All the prices are automatically decided based on the demand & trades being done on the platform. Everything is handled by smart contracts that work behind the scenes without human intervention.

    Suite of DeFi Services

    DeFi services like Lending & borrowing, Instant Cross-border money lending, Staking, Yield Farming dApp Capability etc. 

    Automated Market Making

    Automated Market Making is the capability of the DEX exchanges that pool liquidity from users and automatically price the cryptocurrency assets within the liquidity pool using algorithms.

    Cross-Chain Compatible (Optional customization)

    Certain blockchains like Binance, Smart Chain and Polkadot offer Cross chain Compatibility where in the native cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens created on special protocols like ERC-20, BEP-20, TRX-20 etc can be traded on the exchange.

    Issues Liquidity Token

    Every time liquidity is added the liquidity provider is rewarded with a reward token. 


    The Clone script taps into the blockchain’s smart contract backed lending functionality to offer DeFi lending.

    Multi-tiered Staking

    The script can be configured to offer tiered staking for investors based on the quantity of tokens they would like to stake. Their reward percentage would be based on the tiers.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    * What is the difference between a DEX exchange like EtherDelta and SushiSwap like DEX?

    Exchanges like EtherDelta are running on an outdated model that relies on traditional orderbook model that has it’s limitations. 

    SushiSwap on the other hand incentives liquidity providers for locking in liquidity within the network so trades can happen swiftly. It doesn’t rely on sellers and orderbook but rather use the funds already locked into the protocol to fulfil the orders.

    This concept is called Automatic Market Making. People who supplied liquidity would earn reward tokens that itself was tradable within the exchange. This has been a run away success model for exchanges like SushiSwap, UniSwap and others.

    For customers trading, their orders get fulfilled instantly instead of waiting, hence they would return back to trade on the platform. 

     * Can the owner of this SushiSwap clone earn a part of the Gas fee paid?

    Every time a transaction goes through the owner get a portion of the transaction fee. The smart contract automatically takes care of the functionality. 

     * On what basis are Liquidity Pool ( LP ) tokens given for each crypto pair?

    This is decided based on the conditions and allocation units written in the smart contract. This SushiSwap clone will have a default value set. You can choose to change it.

     * How are Liquidity Tokens created? Who creates them on what basis?

    Liquidity Tokens are created when the user locks in the funds within the liquidity pool of the cryptocurrency pair. After the tenure has ended, the Liquidity Tokens are released into the user’s wallet.

     * Can this SushiSwap clone script be used for cross chain swapping between two different blockchains?

    Right now this Sushiswap clone is made for on-chain swaps. But with customization and integration with blockchain protocols like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) you can run cross chain swaps.

    * What is Transaction deadline?

    Based on the value set by the user, if a particular transaction does not happen within the time frame, it will revert.

     * What is APR in this SushiSwap clone script?

    APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the amount of interest you will be owed for the Liquidity tokens you stake. APY or the Annual Percentage Yield is the amount of interest your investment can earn in a year ( the Liquidity tokens staked ).

     * Can token owners submit to create a pool for their token in my SushiSwap clone?

    Yes, in this Sushiswap clone you can accept applications from token owners to create a pool for their token. After validation you can create a pool for their tokens, so your users can stake the tokens and earn/compound the yield.