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  • Telegram Accounts Warmer – Telegram Marketing Tool Review

    A Telegram marketing tool to Warm up your Telegram account. Avoid getting banned on Telegram for sending Bulk Messages using Premium Telegram Marketing software.

  • Telegram Marketing Software

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    What do you get?

    This easy to setup Telegram Accounts Warmer Software has a lightweight codebase and you get the following in the installation package

    – Base product Source Code ( 100% unencrypted source code )

    Well-documented code base

    + Detailed Step-by-Step installation Documentation.

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    Paid Installation Setup service

    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  • Technical Specification

    Supported Platforms: Windows 10 & above

    APIs: Telegram

  • Description

    Telegram Marketing Software Review

    Pros: Easy to setup and configure, Easy to use, Built-in functions to warm your account.

    Cons: User interface needs refining, a bit sluggish. 

    Telegram is a great platform for marketing for a variety of reasons. But mainly, it supports a larger number of users in a group, privacy and trust that some of the rival platforms like Whatsapp and Wechat don’t offer. Whether you’re running a community around your business or NFTs or any use case for that matter, telegram is quite flexible and offers tools to build a community through it.

    Marketing on Telegram however has it’s challenges that the marketer has to overcome. The most common challenge is that while Telegram supports legitimate community building, they don’t take lightly to spam and any content that may violate their policies. 

    Their automated system regardless of whether your intentions are genuine may flag / ban your account, if the algorithm detects that you send bulk messages continuously or if you’ve been inactive for a while and suddenly start sending messages. Telegram accounts warming software helps overcome the challenges.

    Telegram Marketing Software for Warming up Telegram Accounts

    Warming up an account is the process of showing Telegram that your account is genuine and doesn’t spam users unnecessarily. Even if it takes time, having a warmed up account automatically enjoys trust and lessens the chance of a ban.

    Telegram accounts warmer is a pre-programmed software that employs certain steps & strategies to warm up your Telegram account. 

    How does the Telegram Accounts Warmer Tool Work?
    As part of the initial setup, you will be required to Add the API details and configure other settings for the script to work.
    Once setup, the Telegram Marketing Software then triggers each steps that warm up the account on a regular intervals. These steps have been proven to work and reduce the chances of banning your account.

    * You can keep track of all the activities done for all the telegram accounts you own. 
    * Overtime measure the engagement within the group and tweak your campaigns.
    * The success and effectiveness of the Telegram marketing tool can be measured by checking if the accounts under it still exists once the activities have started running. 
    * The script also tries to boost the engagement by adding / following the different accounts you hold and operate.

    Features of the Telegram Accounts Warmer Tool

    The unique Telegram Accounts warmer tool has effectively protects your accounts from getting locked / banned by Telegram’s bots & team.

    * Warming Up Accounts through multiple strategies to reduce the chance of getting banned BAN rate while sending out Campaigns and adding Bulk members to your Group(s).

    ✅ One Click Session Saver

    Add unlimited telegram Accounts to software, and no need to verify code each time you run software.

    2FA Support: No need to remove 2FA from Accounts before logging in like, our software helps you while adding the account first time.

    ✅ Cloud Password Support

    ✅ Bulk enable Show Number Option

    – Discover accounts by phone number using this option.

    – Automatically search accounts by mobile number, you won’t have to manually search for them.

    ✅ Add Each other to Contacts

    – Advanced option to bulk Add your Accounts in Contacts list for Each others, So they looks for telegram API as a friends. ( increase Anti-Banning ).

    – No need to save one by one anymore, it is Automated.

    One shot Profile Picture change:

    – Change the profile Picture for All your Telegram Accounts in one shot

    – Select a folder that has multiple photos of users and the telegram marketing software will randomly change all Accounts profile pictures.


    – Get to know if your account has been banned with this feature that checks all the accounts periodically through the APIs provided.

    – It checks all the accounts to know their status automatically.

    – Telegram accounts warming software will identify the banned account, message the official telegram bot to get the account restored.

    ✅ Join Groups and Channels from multiple accounts at once

    – Bulk join Groups and Channels to increase Ban Defense chances, and increase the amount of incoming messages.

    – All Groups and Channels are active and have bulk messages every minute.

    ✅ One Shot CHAT AND WARMER:

    – All your Telegram Accounts will auto talk to each other with pre-saved content retrieved from your Gdrive.

    – Build authenticity for the Telegram API to recognize the accounts that you’ve added as friends.

    – Rotates Random messaging content periodically.

    ✅ Bulk Two Factor Authenticator 2FA Enabling

    – Bulk create a 2 Factor Authentication Password for All Accounts

    – Protect it from being stolen specially ( if you purchased accounts )

    ✅ Bulk 2FA Disabling

    – Don’t want to write 2 factor authentication password each time

    – Simple bulk remove it in a click away.


    – Bulk Add or Change First and Last Name: Using this feature you will randomly create a first and Last name to all your Accounts to look like a natural human name.

    – The names are completely randomized and added to the account.


    – Friendly and Easy User Interface

    – Multi Tasks in One Menu Option

    – Portable and no installation required

    – Telegram Accounts Monitoring system with Details in Footer

    – Instant Reports for each action done

    – Interactive Progress bar to show the Progress.

    ✅ SETTING:

    – Auto Delay time between each Action

    – Auto sleep time between each bulk of sent messages

    – Support Buttons 

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