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Social Media Canva Template Bundle

Power up your business’s social media game with these easy to edit pre-made re-usable Canva Templates.

Single Page Application ( SPA ) ecommerce Template with IPFS HNS hosting

Readymade Single Page Application ( SPA ) ecommerce Template . Hosted on IPFS with HNS ENS hosting. Fully decentralized on the Blockchain.

Online Pharmacy Medical Store Template

Turn-key Online Pharmacy Medical Store and Delivery Template. Readymade script and theme to start an online Drugstore instantly.

Readymade React JS Social Network App Template

Turn-key React JS Social Networking App Template. Includes 100% source code and free upgrades.

Readymade Podcast Template, Theme and Software

Turn-key Podcast Template to start a LiveCast platform. This Podcast Theme comes with a variety of players, skins and embed options.