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  • UniSwap Clone Script

    Readymade UniSwap clone script to start a DEX Decentralised exchange with AMM, Liquidty and Yield Farm.

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    What do you get?

    This UniSwap clone script has a lightweight web front end with the following modules:

    Exchange Swap ( For users to directly Swap tokens from the balance in their wallets )

    Automatic Market Maker ( Governed by the formula that always maintains the required balance in assets )

    Yield Farms ( To stake the LQ tokens and receive custom exchange tokens that can further be compounded )

    Customized Smart contracts ( to adjust APR & Multiplier factor )

    + Detailed Step-by-Step installation Documentation.

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    – Paid Installation Service Available ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )


    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  • Uniswap Clone Script

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 24 hours

      SAVES YOU: 940 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specifications

    Front end: Angular JS/ React /CSS/Ajax

    Exchange Type: Decentralised exchange

    Supported Cryptocurrencies: All Major Crypto and Token in Ethereum ( ERC20 )

    Blockchain: Ethereum ( Can be customized to use Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) etc. )

    Smart Contracts: Solidity, Parity Substrate.

    Scripting language backend: NodeJS , Web3.js

    Environment & Tools: Truffle, Ganache

  • Description

    MultiSwap is a UniSwap Clone Script. The main purpose of this readymade script is to enable anyone to quickly develop a Decentralised exchange like UniSwap, Polkaswap, Pancakeswap, SushiSwap etc. The features of these DEX swap exchanges remain the same – but the underlying blockchain is different. This UniSwap clone script is developed with a unique architecture, so entrepreneurs can easily change the underlying blockchain to the one of their choice and deploy the DEX exchange quickly.

    UniSwap Clone Script

    Some of the salient features in this script are:

     – Customizable Blockchain: We understand that not everyone would want to directly compete with Uniswap. So the entire architecture of this script is made to remove the underlying Ethereum node and replace with any blockchain of their choice. Ex: Binance Smart chain( BSC ), Polkadot, Nervos, EOS, Cardano, Neo, VeChain etc. ( alternativly you can also choose to have your own custom made blockchain or forked node )

     – LQ Tokens based on your own Exchange Tokens: The exchange architecture is made to easily integrte your custom tokens inside ( Ex: like how UniSwap has he UNI tokens ). As people provide liquidity to your exchange, the LQ tokens earned for each liquidity pair can be staked to earn your custom made tokens that can be farmed for yield further.

     – Configurable Smart Contracts: A completely decentralized exchange like Uniswap runs on Smart Contracts. Everything in the exchange is defined and written out on these contracts. We have kept this layer extremely customizable so the Factory contracts, Exchange contracts etc. can be edited with only making little changes to the master configuration based on the blockchain you planning on using.

     – Liquidity Addition features: Users will be able to choose the pair of choice and supply liquidity directly from a wallet of their choice ( Metamask, Trust etc. ).  Also they will be able to directly key in the contract address of the respective token and pull out he details to supply liquidity. Based on the percentage of the pool their liquidity represents, they will earn a %age of the trading fee that happens when users swap in their pool. The returns will be directly accrued to their pool until they choose to withdraw their liquidity.

     – Set price of new tokens: The person supplying liquidity for a certain pair the first time will be able to set the initial price of the token by entering the equal amount of other standard token. Ex: 1 USDC / 10 new tokens ( ie. 1 token = $ 0.10 ).

     – Liquidity Pool Tokens ( LP ): For the liquidity provided for each trading pair, your investors will receive certain number of LP tokens( quantity controlled from contract ) that will be directly deposited to their connected wallet. Users will have the option to stake these tokens to receive more rewards.

     – Farms: Liquidity Providers will be able to directly stake the Liquidity Pool ( LP ) tokens from their wallet to earn your exchange tokens. The APR, Multiplier ( amount of reward each farm gets ) is controlled directly from the algorithm written inside the smart contract ( this formula can be tweaked as per your preference or pre-set )

    UniSwap clone

     – Compound earnings: The tokens your users earn from staking their LP tokens can be further employed to stake and earn more similar tokens ( rewards calculated per block ). Also they can choose to compound their earnings to multiply their yield.

     – Withdraw / unStake: Your users will be easily able to withdraw their liquidity or unstake their tokens back to their wallet in a single click

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

     * What is the difference between a DEX exchange like EtherDelta and UniSwap like DEX?

    The biggest issue with a DEX exchange like IDEX is un-availability of instant liquidity. Though all the exchange operations happen in a decentralized manner, the actual swap of tokens needed an order book structure ie. a Buyer matched with a seller and vice versa. This is a major limitation in the old-school DEX models.

    Uniswap solved this issue by introducing Automatic Market Making ( AMM ). In this revolutionary model, anyone can supply liquidity to any crypto pairs. In return they earned a part of the trading fee and also were able to do yield farming on their returns. For the trader, they they were able to do instant trades.

     * How is the constant product market maker achieved in this Uniswap clone?

    One of the incredible formulas that hold the AMM till date in the constant product market maker model. This formula aims to main the constant K by inversely moving the price of the supplied tokens ie. X * Y = K. Based on how much tokens are taken out of the pool the other tokens price varies ( thus also helping in increasing and decreasing the price of a token based on market demand ). For example in a pool that has ETHER and USDT, when one token is posited to withdraw another from the pool, the constant is always maintained. In this Uniswap clone script, this formula will be present in a configurable file, that you can tweak if you feel that you have an improved version.

     * Can the owner of this Uniswap clone earn a part of the Gas fee paid?

    Gas fee is paid by the user for each and every transaction done. Everytime the user initiates an event( ex: swap, add liquidity, withdraw, Stake etc. ) the tagged wallet asks permission to deduct gas fee and done accordingly. Usually the gas fee is calculated based on the blockchain miner fee rates and distributed. But if you intend to add an extra layer of fee to be deducted and transferred to your wallet, it can be done in the smart contract.

     * On what basis are Liquidity Pool ( LP ) tokens given for each crypto pair?

    This is decided based on the conditions and allocation units written in the smart contract. This Uniswap clone will have a default value set. You can choose to change it.

     * How are LP tokens created? Who creates them on what basis?

    When liquidity is supplied for a new crypto pair, the smart contract creates a LP token for that pair. And as new investors keep adding liquidity to the pair, more of the respective LP tokens are generated and sent to the wallet of the user.

     * Can this UniSwap clone script be used for cross chain swapping between two different blockchains?

    Right now this Uniswap clone is made for on-chain swaps. You can choose to have any blockchain of your choice. We are currently working on an algorithm to enable multi-chain swaps as well. The model we are trying to replicate is that being followed in Bancor ie. Run a parallel chain and replicate the transaction that has happened across the chains. The difficulty here though will be to create wrapped tokens ( Ex: WETH, WBTC, BXRP etc. ) and maintain volatility stability. It will be launched as a new version and provided as an update.

     * When does a Liquidity pool meet its maximum number of participants?

    Whenever a new pool is created for a cryptocurrency pair, the first person is the 100% owner of the pool. As new investors join in, based on their contribution they take a share. Its like more the participants bigger the pie gets. As the owner of the Dex exchange, you can choose to close a pool upon reaching its maximum liquidity size. Or you can also sent in the smart contract the size of the pool.

     * What is Slippage tolerance?

    The nature of cryptocurrency is the volatility in its price. “Slippage tolerance’ is a feature present in this Uniswap clone script for users to configure. Based on the percentage set by the user the transaction will revert if the price changes unfavorably by more than the set value.

    Uniswap Exchange clone script

     * What is Transaction deadline?

    Based on the value set by the user, if a particular transaction does not happen within the time frame, it will revert.

     * What is APR in this Uniswap clone script?

    APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the amount of interest you will be owed for the LP tokens you stake. APY or the Annual Percentage Yield is the amount of interest your investment can earn in a year ( the LP tokens staked ).

     * What is Multiplier?

    It is the amount of reward each farm gets ( in terms of the exchange tokens Ex: UNI in Uniswap ). You can set in the smart contract the value as for ex: 1x, 2x, 40x etc.  For example a 1X farm gets 1 token per block and a 40X farm gets 40 toksn per block created.

     * Can token owners submit to create a pool for their token in my UniSwap clone?

    Yes, in this Uniswap clone script you can accept applications from token owners to create a pool for their token. After validation you can create a pool for their tokens, so your users can stake the tokens and earn/ compound the yield.

     * Is this also a PancakeSwap clone / Polkaswap clone / SushiSwap clone?

    Yes. It can be used as a PancakeSwap clone, Polkadot clone, Sushiswap clone as well.