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  • V3cube Uber for Courier script review

    A Detailed V3cube Uber for Courier script review by experts. Includes feature breakdown and FAQs by Verified Customers.

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    What do you get?

    By purchasing this V3Cube Uber for Courier Script you get:

    Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    IOS app for Delivery agent & User ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    Android app for Delivery agent & User ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

    Delivery Center Panel ( Warehouse management )

    100% Source code

    Lifetime Free upgrades / Support

    Paid Expert installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

  • Developer time870 hours saved 

    Integration time72 hours

  • User Specification

    Back end  – PHP

    Android – Native android app

    IOS – Native ios app

    Database – MySQL

  • Description

    V3Cube’s On-demand delivery application gets your business up and running in a matter of weeks. Built on the core Php7 and MySQL. This Uber for Courier script aims efficiently handles all the delivery queues and executes them.

    Courier Delivery agents can also signup to receive orders that they can fulfill once approved.  

    Login /Registration

    Users and providers can register through Email id, Facebook or Twitter account. They can also build their profile with name, mobile number, address, profile picture, etc. 

    Call and chat module

    Users and sender can chat with each other as soon as the request is accepted by the driver. They can communicate hassle-free either through chat or call.

    Tip feature

    Unlike other vendors, V3cube provides Tip feature in their base application. The sender can tip the driver either through cash or card. If he pays via credit card the tip amount will be debited from his card and it will be mentioned in the final invoice. Tip amount does not include any tax or commission. Tip via cash will not be shown in the invoice.

    Emergency /Panic button

    You can add 5 members as emergency contacts. In case of any emergency, the delivery agent can click on the panic button. SMS with the actual location will be shared with the list of contacts he has added. 

    Heat Map

    The heat map shows the current and past demand for deliveries on the map. Areas with high demand will be highlighted on the map . This helps the administrator know where the deliveries are being requested frequently from so they can take business decisions based on it.

    Delivery Center Panel

    The product has a complete warehousing and courier shipment tracking module to manage the deliveries effortlessly.

     Invoice summary

    Once service is completed invoice will be displayed on the delivery agent’s app of the V3cube Uber for Courier script. In case of cash on delivery payment will be paid by the receiver . If the sender chooses card payment, the amount will be auto-detected from his card.

    Surge Price module

    Surge price is also an addon to the V3Cube Uber for Courier Script. When there is high demand in an area, the admin can choose to charge a 1.5x – 3x surge pricing for the order placed. Admin can set the surge charge from the admin panel based on weather, Overnight delivery, etc. The sender will be notified if any surge pricing is going to be applied to his delivery.

    Cancellation module

    The delivery agent can cancel the delivery after accepting the request and before collecting the parcel on the V3Cube Uber for Courier Script. The cancellation fee is optional and the admin can set that based on his preference.

    Some of the Pros of Uber for Courier Script

    – The onboarding of the app is interesting.

    – Most features that other vendors charge are included by default in the base script of the product.

    – The product has some essential features that can help you run the business. 

    Cons of the Uber for Courier Script

    – Some of the features are hard to use and require you to spend more time understanding it.

    – When it comes to building a feature, it has to completely solve the problem of the user. The product falls short of this for some functionalities like the Delivery Hub management. It would be better if they reworked these features.

    – As requested by some customers Both pre-sale and post-sale support need to be improved by the team to get better customer satisfaction.

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  • FAQ

    Which is the best Uber For Courier script?

    There are plenty of Uber for Courier products that are available in the market. Upon review, we found that the one built by (Check here). The product has incorporated great features and it is easy even for a first time user to use the application. In terms of performance, the script has been tested to tolerate a heavy surge in traffic and perform smoothly. The price point is also competitive compared to other scripts that are available. Ask them for a DEMO of the product.

    Can we customize according to our needs?

    Yes, you could use your freelancer to make modifications to the script as per your needs. The coding standard is on par with international standards. Level 2 developers would clearly understand the product and make the necessary modifications to the script. The company also offers developers on a contract basis if you choose to hire them to make changes to the food ordering script. 

    Are there any hidden costs?

    There are no hidden costs associated with the script. If there are any charges associated with the script such as customization or feature redaction they will be charged by the company. Some third-party services like Google maps and Twilio that the script uses may charge you on a pro-rata basis for the services offered. 

    Do I get any support?

    Yes, you get 6 months of free support! They can set up and install. Should you need any assistance regarding the product, you can reach out to their friendly support team.