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  • Zed Run Clone Script – Digital Horse Racing Game platform

    Start a digital Horse racing gaming platform like Zed Run on the Blockchain with this readymade script.

  • Zed Run Clone Script

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    What do you get?

    This easy to setup P2E Digital Horse Racing Platform Script has a lightweight codebase and you get the following in the installation package

    – Base product Source Code ( 100% unencrypted source code )

    Well-documented code base

    + Detailed Step-by-Step installation Documentation.

    – 100% Source code

    – Lifetime Free upgrades/Support

    Paid Installation Setup service

    Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 24 hours

      SAVES YOU: 820 Hours Of Development

  • Technical Specification

    Platforms: WETH, AVAX, Ethereum & Polygon. (Can be customized to include other EVM supported blockchain)

    Back-end & Front-end : Nodejs (Back-end) , ReactJS (front-end)

    Smart Contract languages: Rust & Solidity



  • Description

    Zed Run Clone Script to start a blockchain powered Play To Earn (P 2 E) digital horse racing platform on Ethereum.

    So, what is Zed Run clone script ? 
    Just like your fantasy league and other virtual games that is based on on randomization & probability, Zed Run clone script is a P2E Digital Horse racing game that is built over Ethereum Blockchain protocol. 

    Just like how a traditional horse race work, you’d to purchase the horses in the form of NFTs. These horse are based on bloodlines, coat, color, genotype. These are in various permutations and combinations. The rarity of these NFTs are determined by these factors.

    The unique factor about these NFTs is that these are “Living NFTs”, these NFTs based horses can grow, breed and multiply over time. 

    With the Zed.Run clone script an entire NFT ecosystem can thrive. Let’s look at how the platform owner and the user makes money below. 

    Monetizing Zed Run Clone Script
    – Zed Run Clone actively generates randomized NFTs (with pre-specified max limits). NFT Digital Assets by themselves hold a certain value. 

    – The NFTs generated through the platform can be listed on different marketplaces as a collection and traded.

    – On a supported lending platform, these NFTs can be locked in as a collateral for lending (Only works once your NFT collections are popular). You can even partner with a reputed DeFi platform for this.

    How does the Zed Run Clone work?

    As a user, you will have to connect your support ETH wallet like Metamask or Phantom etc. When you do this, an account is created and linked to your wallet on the platform. 

    Step 1: Once the account is created, the user gets their own stable. In the stable, they can store the Digital Horse NFTs that grow and rest when not participating in races hosted by the platform.

    Step 2: The user can now go to the platform’s marketplace for buying the horse NFTs. They can browse through the marketplace and see different Living NFT horses available for sale and purchase them. 

    Step 3: On the platform, there are different races that are being hosted, the user can choose to participate in them by choosing the horse they want to join. These horse races are livestreamed through platforms like Twitch etc and can be viewed. 

    Step 4: Based on the result of the race, the platform rewards the user in crypto equivalents of USD. 

    Step 5: Another important feature of the platform is that the NFTs can be used for breeding and more NFTs can be generated. 

    Zed Run Clone Vs other P2E games and why it’s interesting? 

    Zed Run Clone is a one of a kind Play To Earn gaming NFT platform. Zed Run Clone taps into the proven love for horse racing and doesn’t impact the environment. Built on some of the eco-friendly blockchains available, the P2E Gaming script leaves minimal footprint. 

    The horse racing game is already a proven model that rakes in large amount of capital. As a user, though the P2E digital realm is new, the concept is same and the user journey is fairly well known to most and they would find it easier to use the platform.

    Features of the Zed.Run Clone Script

    Admin Panel 

    Admin Panel offers a greater control of the NFT powered Digital Horse racing platform. Configure cryptocurrency wallet addresses, choose what cryptocurrencies to accept, control race timings, create event schedule and much more. As the admin you can see how the community grows, get analytics through tight integrations with Disqus, Twitter and other included platforms.

    Wallet APIs

    The Zed run clone has API from Metamask and Phantom integrated into the product. When a user connects their wallet to purchase an NFT or store it in the wallet, the APIs seamlessly connect the platform with the blockchain secure.

    Bring Your Own Artwork

    For the NFTs to get minted, Upload customized elements and assets for the platform to generate NFTs using them. 

    Discord API Integration

    Discord API allows imports and displays data such as latest community updates, user count and other features.

    Smart contract backed Living NFT minting
    Smart contract backs the entire functionality of the Living NFT such as breeding, racing and thriving.

    Event Calendar & Scheduler

    Event Calendar & Scheduler in the P2E Game script allows the administrator to set up a series of games that will start at a scheduled date. As soon as an event is created, the admin has the option to notify the users on the platform through various channels

    Built-In NFT Marketplace

    NFTs minted on the platform can be listed on the built-In NFT marketplace where trades can safely happen. The NFTs minted can also be listed on other NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Opensea (Requires tie-ups and marketing efforts). 

    Horse NFT Breeding

    Horse NFTs can be bred in a stable. Smart contracts allow the functionality and the NFTs generated have a combination of the OG NFTs.

    Racing Track

    The game starts on a virtual Horse racing track that will be visible to users when they log onto the platform. 

    Twitch Integration

    The race can be live streamed on Twitch via the integration. You can change the API key on the admin panel. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the server requirements for this P2E NFT Game script?
    We recommend a 4vCPU, 6GB Ram and above, 120 GB Diskspace to run Ubuntu 18.04 and then install the necessary dependencies. Here’s a discounted VPS link that works great with the product

    What are the software requirements for this P2E NFT Game Script?
    The software requirements for the P2E Game NFT script to work are Php 7, Laravel dependencies and MySQL server for the backend. If you’d like to add more features, do reach out to us at [email protected].

    Do you offer customization on the product?

    Yes we do. Please get in touch with the team to discuss about your idea before we start customizing the product for you.

    Can you help install the script?
    Sure, we can help you with the installation of the script. Please write to us at [email protected]. Someone from our team will get in touch with you