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This fantastic RSS feed submission campaign will get every single post you make receive High PR Auto Backlinks + Potential Traffic.


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When it comes to RSS aggregators most people think its just about FEED BURNER . But ,

Did you know ? There are near 100 RSS Aggregators that are used by millions of people world wide ! One of the best ways to distribute each and every post on your site through out the web is by having them tagged in RSS aggregators . It is one of the most powerful methods to instantly spread the news and content from your site across the internet .

What are the benefits you get by submitting each and every page of yours to 100’s of RSS aggregators ?

– Instantly your NEW content is spread across WEB ( the very next second its live on your site / blog ) – It falls in the eyes of millions of subscribers to these aggregators . High possibility for readers to subscribe to your feed – thus increasing the visibility to your content automatically . – Valuable backlinks ! Each and every newly created page on your site gets 100’s of valuable back links instanlty . – Your new page gets indexed in all search engines instanlty . No need to PING them at all . – These RSS aggregators automatically populates your feed with Title , Keywords , Description etc. based on the content of your page .

So what do you get in this powerful deal ?

– Experts will submit your FEED to all major RSS aggregators ( ie. Near 100 aggregators ) . Every single post you make will automatically and instantly receive High PR backlinks and traffic ! – Your feeds will be submitted using Enterprise RSS Submiters which regularly updates its database of RSS aggregators, so you know that your feed is being submitted to the maximum possible directories, and getting the maximum possible amount of links . Its delivered with end-to-end professional reports and proof . Now you can sit back and keep creating posts while they get instantly distributed across the web !


Top 3 reasons to have this ” RSS feed submission ” service as a deal here are :

– Having your RSS feed submitted and ready across all the aggregators is essential to get instant backlinks and traffic . – A lot of people have been suggesting and asking us to bring in a high quality service for RSS feed submission . – The professionals who do this are well versed in this vertical and they give great customer support too .


Who will be doing these RSS feed submission activities ?

Experts who have a lot of experience in this field will be doing your activities . They know the in’s and out’s of this vertical and constantly keep a watch on all algorithmic changes happening in search .


Is there any restrictions for the sites submitted in this rss feed submission campaign ?

Yes . We dont accept Adult , Pharma , Gambling sites . Also we dont accept Social media or traffic selling sites .

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