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Start niche personal secrets app with this Turn-key clone app script

This is the trend. This is the future & this is Hip. Use this Secret clone app script to start the next BIG app !


Integration Time

30 minutes

Saves You

480 hours of development


Start a niche personal secrets app with this sleek

Secret clone app script

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand any spikes )

Secret clone app script

Vendor : Proven Logic

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What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing Secret clone app script [ Native Android ]  ( worth $5000 )

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Secret clone app script


Top 3 reasons to have this Secret app clone script as a deal here are : is the trend world wide & is for sure gonna become a Billion $ exit soon ! Many have requested us to come up with a turn-key secret clone app script – so they can start a Niche like app. We found the products from this vendor amazing !

– There can be so many niche business models built around an app like and it is one of the apps that has sweet spots all over ! There can also be many monetization channels built around such an app.

– The folks behind this powerful Secret clone app script are PRO’s when it comes to programming. And they love customer support a lot !


What on earth is

The Secret app is the talk of the town & its un-beliveably addictive ! Secret app offers interesting features that enables users to share their personal secrets with other users anonymously. By others we mean all the contacts in his/her phone. If the secret is interesting enough it can reach the world out – as more and more of your friends like it . Others can also anonymously comment on a secret shared.

Whats are the features present in this Secret clone app script ?

This incredible secret clone app script comes with a set of amazing features :

Post secrets anonymously : Present in this Secret clone app script are features for users to post a secret message anonymously to their phone contacts.

100% Anonymous : The contact details of the the person who posted the secret is stored as a Hashed value – so no one in the world can know who he is – we have made it that secure in this clone app script !

Comments : Others in the contact list can read and comment on the secrets shared. They can choose to comment anonymously or with their name.

Likes : Contacts in the friends list can Like / Love secrets shared. Liked secrets will show up in the notifications of their contacts – getting interesting secrets to go viral !

Dashing BG color for Secrets posted : Users posting secrets using this amazing Secret clone app script can choose a BG color for their message. Comes with a variety of BG colors.

Picture upload : Users can also choose to upload a picture from the phone ( or snap one ) to keep as the background for their Secret post.

Notification : Present in this fantastic secret clone app script is the ability to check notifications and recent activities.

Robust Admin Panel : Present in this powerful Secret clone app script is a robust admin panel for you to manage the app end-to-end ( Users, Messages, settings etc. )

Explore : Your users can also choose to explore and see the most trending Secret posts worldwide vis this clone app script.

When is the launch date of this incredible Secret clone app script?

The development work is happening fast & is done by experts.  The lunch date of this fascinating secret clone app script is on June 30th 2014.

On what technology is this the clone app script built on?

This incredible clone app script is built using native Android Java & PHP / MySQL for the server side . Extreme care is taken to build high level security systems inside.

How is the support for this amazing Secret clone app script ?

The folks developing this Secret clone app script are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support !

How are the updates handled for this Secret app clone script ?

As with all our products, Every customer gets life time FREE upgrades. So you get life time FREE upgrades for this Secret app clone script.

Do you do customization ?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate.

Can this also be used as a Whisper app clone script ?

Yeah if you wish to start an anonymous app like Whisper or Secret, definitely this script can solve the purpose. In our understanding Whisper is also an anonymous app like Secret – so definitely you can use this as a Whisper clone app script as well.

Can this also be used as a Yik Yak clone script ?

Yes, definitely you can use this as a Yik Yak clone script. Yik Yak is all about sharing secrets in your locality under a category / Hash Tag etc. This app script has all the features including the Hash Tag along with search feature based on the Hash Tag, so it can be very easily used as a Yik Yak clone script.

Can this also be used as a Slight clone app script ?

Yes, it can be used as a Slight clone script if required. is a location based secret chatting app, where in anyone can anonymously start chatting with someone nearby. This clone app script has all the features except the chat feature – which again can be done as a small change and bring it in. So Yes, This script can help and it can be used as a Slight clone script app as well.

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