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Do you have a kick ass product ? Does your product adds tremendous value for the user ? Can you give it as a special offer to users ?

If YES – Then you are a Gentle Ninja ! We have customers who will be very interested to check it out your product and buy it .

How does this work ?

Gentle Ninja loves to connect customers with the coolest products in the world . The working model is very simple :

  • If you think you have a product that is as sharp as the Ninja blade , please fill the form below and a Geek Ninja will review it and contact you .
  • Gentle Ninja always likes to gives its customers the best of the best products at a very good discount ( like no where else ) . For the discount you give on your product , you will win quality customers and your product will be showcased to a huge base of target audience for FREE !


Send a mail to   [email protected]   and dont forget to mention :

– The product name
– Your name , Contact number , Email ID , Skype Name , Country
– A small description about the product
– The website .

A Gentle Ninja will get in touch with you .