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Get your website VIRAL on Social Media over night !

Put together are a blend of 4 very POWERFUL Social media traffic campaigns – which will for sure engineer that AVALANCHE of viral traffic that you always wanted !


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Social media has always been one trustable source from where BIG sites harvest traffic continuously . Social media is the only source where the probability of getting over night viral traffic is 100% possible . What more ? the recent search algorithms have started counting Social signals into its ranking algorithms a lot . Check out this important article on the impact of Social signals in modern SEO HERE ( from Search Engine land ) —————————————————————————————————————— Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— So today we have bought together a powerful social media bundle that can trigger a perfect virality for your website .

1) Killer Pinterest Marketing – Viral Traffic PRO !

Pinterest marketing This powerful Pinterest viral traffic PRO will turbo boost your Pinterest account and send an avalanche of traffic to your website and will help you to come on the 1st page of popular pages . Your site will attract powerful Social Media signals that will Boost your Google rankings and Traffic . Best for Google Panda and Penguin . – Your website gets 1000 Likes , 1000 Repins and comments on your pins – Your account gets 1000 followers . – Your website gets 150 Pinterest back links – 150 incoming from this authorized PR7 Social media site means a lot of SEO value to your site . – We will make 200 Pins with Niche specific images that will go well to your site . – You will get a complete report of the activity upon completion . OK now get ready to handle all those viral traffic !

2) Facebook marketing – Traffic BOMB !

Facebook marketing There is no need to explain the benefits of Facebook marketing and the viral traffic this spectacular Social network is capable of giving . We will post an interesting message about your website to a FB page with more than 340000 followers from across the world . The followers are all mixed type from business people to fashion folks . Consistently an average post is seen to attract 50,000 people in the community ( not counting the traffic from the friends of the community members ) . The more interesting the post is , you site is sure to harvest some serious traffic overnight ! Full report will be provided on the completion of the task .

3) Google +1 votes

Google plus marketing We all know the importance Google gives for a social signal received from its proprietary social share button – the Google plus ( for obvious reasons ) , and the SEO Boost it delivers . This fantastic service will give you guaranteed 201 Google +1 votes ( it may even tremendously exceed the number based on the votes given by the friends of the users virally ) . The votes come from real users across the globe and its 100% safe ethical method followed . What more , the users who visit your page will also see the popularity of the site with so many Google plus votes and move their mouse to vote ! Complete reports will be provided on the completed task . 4) Twitter marketing Twitter marketing One other major Social media which is considered very authoritive and capable of driving referral traffic BIG TIME is Twitter . So why should we miss that out ? This super cool Twitter service will give an amazing word of mouth attention to your website . We will post your message 3 times in 2 days to a massive account of ours that has over 243,000 followers who are active and come from English speaking countries . The users range from business people to Music lovers etc.  You will be getting a full report with proof of the campaign . This service can get your website some overnight traffic and solid conversions . Why did we couple such various 4 exotic social media services ? Getting viral overnight traffic is everyone’s dream . Here we have made a sincere effort to form the AVALANCHE effect ie. as the website gets promoted in 1 media , the visitors will come in and form the base of virality on another service and this swirl effect will create the AVALACHE effect ( Eg : 100 users form Pinterest will click on the Facebook like , and 1000 users from Facebook will click on the Google + button and 2000 users from Twitter will click on the Pin it button … creating an un-predictable viral effect ! )


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this amazing Social media service as a deal are : – Everyone are always on a constant lookout for marketing and quality Social media service for their business .Its the need of the hour ! – We have been getting tons of requests from customers to bring in a kick ass , high quality deal on the same . – Searching all over the web and with great references we were able to couple up 5 experts from different locations around the globe to provide these useful services .We have used each of the service first hand and then bought them in . – This deal is of true value to people’s businesses and will have a lot of positive impact in peoples life’s


How is the quality of the service ? All the services are done manually by Social media experts who have atleast 5+ years of experience in the field . They are consistently updated by the recent happenings in the industry . The service is done by various experts from around the globe and on unique IPs . Each service is carried forward by a network of Social media marketing guru’s around the world from different countries headed by these experts . All the work is done using ethical practices . How long will it take to finish all the activities ? The maximum ETA for the listed SMM services to be finished is 4 business days . Do I get any proof of the activity done after completion ? Yes each of the activities will be submitted to you with complete reports and proof , so you can check it online for your self . Can I purchase multiple copies of the service ? Yes you are welcome to purchase multiple copies .

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