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A turn-key Mobile eCommerce platform to start your social commerce Buy-Sell marketplace

This app is power packed with all features required to run an entire social commerce marketplace instantly !


Integration Time

Less than 72 minutes

Saves You

30 hours of development


This mobile social commerce marketplace script is the best among all

Mobile eCommerce Platform’s !

Info : Also works in Sync with this Social commerce Web application


What do you get in this deal ?

– An amazing Social Mobile eCommerce platform app [ Native Android  ] : worth $7000

– Comes with a powerful admin panel to control the app end-to-end : worth $1000

Have questions ? Please shoot a mail to :  [email protected]


Top 5 reasons that makes this social mobile ecommerce platform a must have !

– This incredible mobile eCommerce platform is built on the happening Social commerce concept .

– This ain’t a normal Ecommerce solution , but an end-to-end Buy/Sell Marketplace platform !

– Works perfectly in Sync with this Social commerce website script ( So you can have your web presence as well )

– An elegant , responsive and fantastic Admin panel to control every aspect of the app on the go !

– We always deliver on time 🙂   Check out our recently launched products – ON TIME !



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Top 3 reasons to have this awesome Social mobile ecommerce platform as a deal here are :

– The world is changing . Ecommerce has taken many forms . The most happening and trendy form is Social commerce . This Social commerce Marketplace mobile platform is the best on the web .

– This fantastic Social mobile ecommerce platform is also in sync with a full fledged marketplace script ( check here )

– The folks behind this amazing app are experts in this field and value customer relationship a lot !


* When will this app be launched ?

Building an entire Social mobile ecommerce platform is a tedious job – a lots of factors needs to be looked into . To make the app perfect and deliver on time , we have planned on the following milestones :

Phase 1 :

Android app and server side delivery ( Estimated delivery date : APRIL 15th 2014 )

Phase 2 :

IOS app ( March )

* What are the features that will be present in this Social mobile ecommerce platform ?

* Shopping front features :

– “Admire” or ‘Like” button to collect favorite lists
– Comes with Facebook and Twitter connect .
– Beautiful store front for Sellers
– An elegant commenting system that can be moderated by each product owner .
– Powerful search for searching products and stores based on various filters , fields , Color etc.
– Provision to create GIFT boxes for subscription .
– Multi lingual
– Supports multiple currency
– Supports multiple payment gateways .
– Store / user based Follow and following features .
– Powerful and advanced search by various filters like category , color , size of products .
– Powerful social features to share products on leading social networks instantly .
– Integrated functionality to have gift cards based on color , price etc.
– Provision to create and distribute group gifts .
– Built in module for users to invite their friends .
– Built in affiliate and referral program .

* A powerful and elegant ADMIN PANEL :

– That is responsive
– Provisions to ADD / EDIT content for all CMS pages ( About us , Contact , Terms , FAQ etc. )
– Detailed charts , graphs to understand how your site is performing on all verticals ( Sales , Registrations etc. )
– Modules to maintain and monitor the site end-to-end ( Users , Listings etc. )
– Analytics to administer and edit Group gifts , purchased goods , credit summary etc.
– Manage notification settings and account settings .
– Provision to change and add language settings , currency and payment settings .
– End-to-end Social media management .
– Amazing Email and newsletter management features .
– Provision to create detailed sales reports by exporting to various formats like CSV , Excel etc.
– Power to add any language in the world instantly

* Why is this mobile ecommerce platform considered the best of all mobile ecommerce solutions ?

All other mobile ecommerce solutions are normal eCommerece models which are old school . Admire is entirely a Social commerce model . This can help a lot in taking the word about your products virally – very easily .

* Why you need Social commerce in your Mobile eCommerce solutions ?

Happening online Marketplaces like , etc. have proven that Social commerce is the future . Social commerce modules seamlessly lets your site visitors to market your site for you and take the word about your products to hundreds of users . Every aspect of your eCommerce solution is tightly integrated with intelligent Social features for sharing to happen naturally . So you definitely require Social commerce in your mobile eCommerce solutions and this turn-key app can bring you this instantly .

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