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Custom Sound Pack for your Uber like Taxi App Script

Spectacular custom Sound pack for your Uber like taxi app script. Offer unique sound alerts for your Uber clone script app.


Integration Time

15 Minutes

Saves You

90 Hours


Its time your app had a distinct sound with this


for your Uber like Taxi app script.


What do you get?

–  Carefully curated App alert sounds that add a distinct characteristic for your Uber clone script app or a Cab rental software app.

– Scenario Guide that explains why the sound suits best for the scenario.

– Once you integrate it with your app, you’ll have an app that sounds just about right and would be pleasant for your customers to hear.

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Top 3 reasons to choose the soundpack for your Uber like app script:

– Made by creators who have been creating jingles for advertisements, creating soundscapes for movies and have worked with top composers for various other projects.

– You’re looking to create a pleasant sounding alert for your app that grabs the attention of the users/drivers but doesn’t annoy them. It’s all part of the app experience. 

– Doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket to get an AMAZING sound alert done for your app. 

Why are Custom Sound Alerts for your Taxi app important ?

– On an average a person has a minimum of 15 apps that are trying to get a share of the users attention. Among that your app has direct the user to take action while showing important notifications. 

– A custom sound-pack offers unique sound bytes that will best suit your app’s notifications, while making sure your users don’t miss out on important events like when a driver has accepted the request, driver has reached, payment is complete or when a driver cancels the trip. On the driver’s side, the would get a unique alert tone that will notify when a user requests a cab, when a user has cancelled, among the other important events. 

Companies like Uber, Lyft, Grab to name a few have been intelligently using soundbytes to create a sophisticated app experience as well. This not only makes your app sound different but also improves the brand image.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


Can you create a Sound pack with unique sounds just for my Uber like Taxi app script?

Sure, made by experienced composers who understand the right tonality and sounds that work for different cues and scenarios, the custom sound-bytes or sound pack for your app would make a statement.

Can i sell this sound pack from my website or to my customers after buying from you guys?

We really hope that you don’t. Each purchase is granted with one license that would be available to you. If you are looking to implement for multiple customers, feel free to contact the support team to get an enterprise license.

I want you guys to integrate the sounds on my app, can you do that?

Absolutely, we do have expert developers who can integrate the sound files within your app. We are well versed with some of the popular Uber-like taxi app source codes that are available in the market. If you have a custom app source code, please allow us to study the code for 48 hours and get back to you about the integration.

Are there any other readily available sound packs that I can purchase?

We are constantly adding newer sound-packs to the collection. We are also actively curating sound-packs for other on-demand apps/services. Soon, you can expect a much elaborate catalog with a wide range of sounds for different scenarios. 

I have a set of sounds that I think would fit my app, but they are longer, can you help me choose and shorten them for me?

Would be great to do that. But make sure you have license for the files, meaning, if you purchased them elsewhere, you can submit the license certificate for it. Once you have verified the legitimacy, our in house editors can help you slice the exact portion that you want and can even give you suggestions on what event the alert tone can be used. We charge a nominal fee for this service and you can express your interest on [email protected] One of our customer support executives will get in touch with you.

I want to purchase a Uber Clone app script or a Taxi booking platform app script? Which one do you suggest?

There are plenty of Uber clone scripts available on the market. But we think the one by Smart-Car.Tech is a cut above the rest. They are known for the service and customization expertise as they have a team of dedicated developers who know the product In&Out. 

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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