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Soundcloud Clone Script to Start a fabulous music streaming app

Soundcloud clone script app that’s so powerful, kick-ass and is loaded with features to run a music streaming platform.


Integration Time

Under 35 Minutes

Saves You

700 hours of development


Start a powerful online audio distribution platform using this incredible

SoundCloud clone script

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand any spikes )

Works like a charm with the Web Version


What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing SoundCloud clone app script [ Native Android ]  ( worth $5000 )

– A powerful Web version of the SoundCloud clone script ( worth $3000 )





Top 3 reasons to have this SoundCloud clone script app as a deal here are :

– Apart from the source code, you also get an installation manual that guides them step by step. 

– Many of our customers have requested a music streaming platform like this SoundCloud clone app script – so they can start a Niche online audio distribution platform. After reviewing hundreds of products from different vendors, this one made the cut.

– The product was built with a mobile-first approach. It has great uploading and listening experience to make it convenient for your users to share and consume content on the platform. The developers have also built recommendations feature to enable binge-listening content on your platform for a longer period. Using this turn-key SoundCloud clone app script you can start right away.


What is a SoundCloud Clone Script?

SoundCloud is a popular online audio distribution platform where music artists or anyone can upload their music. The audience can listen to the tracks uploaded and will be able to share it on other social media platforms as well. Music lovers can download music as well. SoundCloud has mobile apps that are downloaded by millions of users. In short, you can call it a Youtube for music.

SoundCloud Clone Script helps you start a music streaming platform within a matter of hours. Once set up, you can focus on promoting the site and building whats needed.

Why should you buy this Clone Script?

As an Entrepreneur, the most valuable asset you have is time. You should be able to put your strategy to test as quickly as possible with a product that’s live.

By using this clone script you’re business ready as the product has all the basic features that you’d expect from a Soundcloud clone. Your go-to-market time is significantly reduced and you also save your time and money. 

Whats are the features present in this SoundCloud clone app script?

This incredible SoundCloud clone app script has amazing features built into it. Here are a few of them:


Users can subscribe and pay a monthly fee ( that is charged automatically ) to avail premium features in the app ( Like increased upload and download limit etc. )

Upload music

Users can upload their audio from anywhere. Using the built-in uploader they can upload supported audio formats. The admin can set the max. file size from the admin panel easily.

Advanced search

This amazing SoundCloud clone app script has a powerful search feature for users to search for artists, tracks and other users as well.


Users can seamlessly follow other users and artists and also get updates of the music/sound they upload.


There is no music without Genre. This Soundcloud clone script has features for users to upload music under respective Genre. Users can browse songs/music based on Genre and listen.

Sophisticated Player

This SoundCloud clone script app is equipped with a powerful and robust music player using which users can effortlessly play, pause and skip tracks effortlessly.

Record sound

Users can easily record any sound they desire using the SoundCloud clone app script anywhere on the go!


This SoundCloud clone script app has embedded sharing capabilities. Users can effortlessly share any track or profile easily.


Users can easily create their playlists. They can also listen to playlists created by their friends or anyone.

Admin Panel

This amazing SoundCloud comes with an incredible Admin panel to control the entire app end-to-end ( from user management, settings to complete moderation of the tracks, Sounds uploaded, etc. )

How is the support for this amazing SoundCloud app clone script?

The folks developing this SoundCloud clone script app are expert developers and give great importance to customer support!

How are the updates handled for this SoundCloud clone script app ?

The team that built this SoundCloud clone script app offers free updates for the lifetime of the product and 1 year of support for this product.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate.

Do mail us your requirement to [email protected]

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