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Spectacular Website Landing page Template for UBER like clone script

Stun your website visitors with a spectacular website landing page with this template built for Taxi rentals, Cab hailing businesses.


Integration Time

45 Minutes

Saves You

160 Hours


Meet Salient…

A Zesty Landing Page

for your UBER like taxi booking app script.

Landing Page #1

                                                                                    Wordpress business theme

Landing Page #2

                                                                                    Wordpress business theme

Landing Page #3

                                                                                    Wordpress business theme

Landing Page #4

                                                                                    Wordpress business theme

Landing Page #5

                                                                                    Wordpress business theme

What do you get?

– A well designed Landing page that suits your Uber-like Taxi booking app script. 

– A Easy to use Documentation and style guide to suite your brand’s image.

– 100% source files for the landing page and Creative Commons licensed images that you can use.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


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Top 3 Reasons to buy this landing page template for UBER CLONE SCRIPT:

– Designed specifically for Taxi booking, cab rentals and ride hailing apps. Grab the attention of your user with this landing page that lets you display all the crucial information in a much more organized way.

– Has all the growth hack elements and color palettes to convert your users into customers. Creates a positive impact when they visit your landing page.

– Comes with different styles and variations that you can readily use and setup in a matter of hours after adding content to it.

Why is it important to have a well designed landing page for your Taxi booking business?

Taxi rentals are dime a dozen, while most locals would’ve already know how great your service is, it is the travelers that you need to focus on. While preparing for the trip, most travelers would want to see where they would be staying and their means of transportation (Cab, bus, scooter or cycle) it is more convenient for them to get all this information before they start so they won’t be stranded and wouldn’t panic at the last moment.

A clean modern website communicates that they can trust the service to provide a safe and comfortable experience from you. Keeping all the factors in mind, we designed the suite of templates. 

The templates adhere to all the modern norms that are set by the w3 and Google’s Page speed guidelines that focuses on giving users the best possible web experience there is.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


What will I get if I only buy this package?

Purchasing this landing page pack will only get you a set of landing pages that were designed by expert designers and that contains the Source files and documentation on the key elements that the Landing pages incorporates. To get a Value deal, we recommend the purchase of the Entire Business Essentials pack that includes Splash screens, Walk through screens, landing pages, Explainer infographic, 1 detailed T& C, soundpack among other elements to get you started with your business. 

What type of source files do I get?
Your purchase comes with a HTML, CSS and JS files, we use demo images from public domain that are allowed to be redistributed or used commercially. If there’s an image on the landing page, it has the commercial usage license that you may use as it is. For images that do not have redistribution rights, we have removed it in the package that is available to download.  

Will you help me change the design or text in this creative?

Changing the text or design is a paid service. Please get in touch with [email protected] to know more. We only charge a nominal fee.

What is the cost of developing a completely different landing page from what’s on offer?

Before we let you know the price, designing a landing page from the scratch would involve understanding your concept, if it needs any particular animation and understanding the complexity involved and only then will we be able to calculate the price for it.

Are these landing pages responsive and comply with Google’s Page-speed recommendations?

Yes, these landing pages are built to adapt to most screens that are available on the market. We take into account page-speed’s best practices and every landing page design we do is at the heart of it. 

Can I resell these templates to my customers? It’s 100% Open source right?

No, each purchase is limited to one license. You may use it on one website/app only. And, No, the code/design is not open source, we give 100% source code which means that the source code is not encrypted and can be edited manually. 

Can you install the landing page for me on my app’s website?

Sure, we’d love to. Please get in touch with one of our executives at [email protected] and they’ll guide you with the next steps. Please note that this is a paid service.

I’m looking to buy a UBER Clone Script that works, which one would you recommend?

One tried and tested UBER clone script that works perfectly is Nikola from , the script works seamlessly across all the platforms Web and mobile apps.

What is the Refund policy?
We offer 100% refund for claims made within 48 hours of purchase. Please let us know the reason over a mail to: [email protected] and we would be happy to send you a refund.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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