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UberEats Clone: Everything you need to run the business.

UberEats Clone Script with all required accessories. Included: Splash screen animation, App walk through, Explainer Info-Graphic, App Sound Pack, Frontend Templates, T&C templates, App icons, Logos, Favicons etc.


Integration Time

4 Hours

Saves You

720 Hours


Gregarious…. A Loveable


to start your food delivery business instantly. 


What do you get?

  • UberEats Clone script. Pack includes:

– IOS Customer Apps ( 100% source code + Documentation )

– Android Customer Apps ( 100% source code + Documentation )

– Restaurant portal ( 100% source code + Documentation )

– Super Admin Panel

  • A gorgeous splash screen that your developers can integrate into any UberEats clone script.

– JSON powered lightweight animations, built on the Lottie Framework.

– An easy implementation guide for developers who have NEVER implemented Lottie based animations before.

  • App Walk Through for your customers easy understanding.
  • A gorgeous splash screen that your developers can integrate into any UberEats clone script.
  • App sound pack to power your Apps notification sounds.
  • Terms/ Conditions, Privacy policy template for your business.
  • Stunning App icons.
  • Jubilant Logo Collections for your business to choose from.
  • Cute Favicons for your web portal.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

Design Philosophy

We kept in mind three major points while designing the splash screen animation for the UBEREATS clone script app. 

BOLD. Designs use bold lines and clearly designed objections for the animation.

PALETTE. Positive color palette, that creates a positive brand image for your app.

EXPERIENCE. A cute/quirky animation adds for a positive experience on your app.

Why is this different?

The top 3 reasons you need to choose this incredible Uber Clone software suite are:

Simple & Trendy: The makers of this powerful food delivery script have run online food delivery services before. Infact this entire suite was built by them for them. So, you will notice a class. They believe that an entrepreneur needs total control over the software. And anyone starting a UberEats like app needs something that just works. To start with they dont require a heavy enterprice software that is loaded with tons of features. They need something that is simple and trendy. They need only the essential features that their users can easily identify and use with ease. The entire app should be light weight, sleek and blazing fast.

Suits all: Different startups have a different model of working when it comes to online food delivery. This Food Delivery script is built to suit different types of food delivery outlets. Can be a restaurant owner who wants to start online delivery. An entrepreneur who wants to start a UberEats like aggregator model. A small food chain that wants to deliver food online in accessible localities. Or for a restaurant that wants to connect it with their existing Point of Sale ( POS ) system for seamless billing, inventory etc.

Golden ratio Design concept: UX/ UI engineers have put in quality time and effort to bring out the most spectacular user experience. They have gone the extra step to study the famous golden design ratio principles to structure the layout. In the extreme simplicity of the layout you will find a fascinating ease of navigation. The elegant color combinations bundled with pleasing icons and place holders makes this app a visual treat by itself.


UberEats CloneUberEats Clone

UberEats CloneUberEats Clone


Is the design restricted to UberEats Clone scripts only?

The designer has built the design with a UberEats clone app in mind, to make it anyone running a relevant business to take advantage of it. If you feel this animation suits some other business that you have or plan to have, it would be great too. Give us a holler once its done, we’d love to check it out. We may even feature it on our site.

Is the Animated splash screen restricted for apps on certain phones only?

The design is platform agnostic, meaning the animation works on any device that supports apps based on JSON, If you have a custom OS that needs some design, you can get in touch with us, we could convert the design to another format.

I have a unique brand, it would be great to have a fresh design, for my UberEats like app. Can you make one?

We’d love to. Our designers can brainstorm the idea and then make a kickass design based on your requirement. Also, the design process is highly feedback oriented. You can expect regular updates based on check points we set. So everyone is on the same page.

Whats the deal with the low prices? Is there any catch?

First and foremost, we are Entrepreneurs. We found a lot of UBEREATS clone apps lacked the kind of coding and design resources. A lot of startups and entrepreneurs wanted to make their apps quick, unique and well designed. So, we have striked a deal with some of the best Ubereats clone providers in the market to bring you the best.

Are there any other design components available for purchase?

We have tons of in-app elements like illustrations, app sounds, app layout designs that follow international design guidelines, these can be easily integrated by any developer. In our marketplace, we plan to add a slew of other design elements, components that can make the life of entrepreneurs easier and help them save money at the early stages. 

Can I resell the animated splash screen anywhere?

We’d be more than happy to sell the product ourselves. Each purchase guarantees one license only for one app. If you are a service company that is interested in having the design integrated for your client, do get in touch we can work something out. 🙂

What difference does it make to have an animated splash screen for your Uber eats like app?

An animated splash screen makes your UberEats clone app look interesting, there are already a ton of boring apps. All the design does is, it breaks the monotony and adds a richer visual experience as soon as the user lands on the page.

Food delivery script apps that are already on the market use this to make the experience engaging, they even add, visual cues and quirky animations throughout the app so its fun to use the app, so they keep coming back. 

Why should you get this Splash Screen animation for your UBEREATS like app script?

– Animations are made by experienced Illustrators and animators from different parts of the world. 

– AirBnB’s JSON based animation framework Lottie, allows anyone to develop light weight animations for apps on any platform.

– You don’t have to spend the top dollar to get a brand facing design for your UberEats Clone script app. 

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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