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Stunning splash screen animation for UBER like app

Readymade Splash screen animation for UBER like app

Stunning Splash screen animation for UBER like app. Easily configurable. Includes Source files & Documentation.


Integration Time

20 Minutes

Saves You

95 Hours




for your UBER like app script. Offer a unique on-boarding experience on your app, right from the start. 


What do you get?

– A slick splash screen that your developers can integrate into the taxi app script.

– Lottie Framework backed JSON format to make light weight animations.

– A Step by Step implementation guide to help anyone integrating the splash screen.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.



Why should you have a Custom Splash Screen animation for your app?

The Splash screen is what a user sees as soon as they land on the app. This also subliminally sends signals about what they can expect out of your app. 

Most turnkey UBER like taxi apps have pretty much the same standard splash screen and would have been used many times or they would lack the creative talent that can make the design you want. Also, an app developer mostly focuses only on building the product and doesn’t entirely think about the user’s app experience and the branding, both of which are key factors in offering a great experience on the app.  

Custom splash screen for your mobile app impacts the way your app is perceived and can significantly improve app’s visual experience. 

Design coupled with great customer service always makes the customer comeback to your app for their needs. 

Design Philosophy

We kept in mind three major points while designing the splash screen animation for the UBER like app script. 

SPEED. The speed of the animation is at 2x the frame rate to show that your app would also work faster.

POSTIVITY. The color palette is carefully chosen to give a positive appeal to the animation and your app.

EXPERIENCE. A cute/quirky animation adds for a positive experience on your app.

Why should you get this Splash Screen animation for your UBER like app script?

– Each of the splash screen animations are created from ground up by talented designers from different parts of the world. They have worked with multiple brands for creating custom in-app experiences.

– Quirky animations are built using Lottie, AirBnB’s JSON based animation framework that allows anyone to develop light weight animations for apps on any platform.

– Can be customized to a great extent and has a STEP by STEP implementation documentation on how to do it.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


Can the splash screen be used for all kinds of Apps?

If you look at the design, it’s has been specifically designed for a Taxi app, but if you feel that your use case suits the animation, they you could use it on the app.

Can the Animated splash screen be used only on Android?

You can use the splash screen animation any platform iOS, Android, React native and other hybrid apps as well. Just make sure you go through the installation documentation.

I want a custom loading screen/splash screen for my app. Can you design one?

We’d love to. Get in touch with our designers, we can brainstorm the concept for the animation that needs to be so, we everyone is clear what they can expect from the work done. 

Whats the deal with the low prices? Is there any catch?

Actually there’s no catch. No, really, No Catch at all. We are just doing our bit to contribute great designs to app developers and entrepreneurs who are keen on getting some great designs for their app, but don’t have the resource to hire a full time designer on their premise. The prices are kept low to appeal to the masses, so more entrepreneurs can launch their taxi app in style with great designs.

Are there any other design components available for purchase?

We do have in app elements like illustrations, app sounds, ready-made app designs that are easy to integrate by any developer. We plan to add more elements so entrepreneurs/developers can get more unique components they can mix and add on their app.

Can I resell the animated splash screen anywhere?

No, you are not allowed to do that. Each purchase guarantees use on only one site/app. For multiple licenses, please purchase the agency license. Please get in touch with [email protected] to get the license for 5 or more site.

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