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Readymade Splash screen animation for your GoJek like Delivery App

WOW your users with this spectacular launch screen animation. Slips inside your app effortlessly. Both Android & IOS.


Integration Time

15 Minutes

Saves You

96 Hours


Meet ‘Proliferation‘…. A mesmerising

Splash Screen Template 

for your GoJek like Delivery App

Did you know? A pleasant splash screen registers your App significantly in your users mind. Stats say that a first time user is likely to open an app often if it has a splash screen.

What do you get?

– An elegant and readymade splash screen template that you or your developer can use instantly.

– Made with care as light as a feather in JSON format.

– Detailed documentation of integrating it on any Android or IOS apps

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Top 3 reasons to get this splendid splash screen template,

– Crafted with care to add a smile on your users face. Strategically designed to place your app in viewers mind.

– Using LOTTE, done specifically to make a developers life easy. Can be integrated in a few minutes.

– Ultra light weight. Animation in JSON format.


Can this splash screen template be used for both IOS and Android?

Yes. This incredible Splash screen template can be used for both IOS & Android. Works on phones of any dimension.

I would want this Launch Screen to appear only until my App loads. Possible?

Yes. You can definitely do that. Tell your programmer to show this launch screen template only until all the resources required for the app is loaded in the mobile device.

Can I have this splash screen animation load between other screens in my mobile app?

Yes. You can. If you think some page in your mobile app is resource heavy and would take some time to load, you can show this interesting loading screen animation to your user meanwhile.

My Mobile app is done using React native. Can this launch screen template be used?

Yes, absolutely. This launch screen template can be used on any Mobile app done on any technology: React Native, SWIFT, Obj C, Android Java, Phonegap, Ionic etc.

Is there documentation on how to integrate this launch screen template?

Yes. Along with the Animation, you also get documentation on how to integrate it in Android & IOS apps. This launch screen template can also be used on Inonic apps.

I would want to customize this loading screen. Do you help?

Yes. You get 100% source code of this fantastic loading screen template. You can customize it yourself. Or you can hire our designers to customize it for you. Please shoot a mail to: [email protected] with your requirements.

Why are you giving this splash screen template for such a low price?

We see many apps getting launched without a good splash screen. This makes the app look sad. the main reason for entrepreneurs not having a splash screen screen is the cost and time involved in making it. It involves deep art and sketching work. So we decided to create beautiful splash screen templates that you can employ instantly. Also we have kept the price low enough so many can benefit from it.

Can I use this launch image for more than one app?

As long as its for your use, you can. But if you are integrating for someone else, please get a new copy each time. The price is intentionally made to equal a coffee price in Starbucks. Help us keep this service alive.

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