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Start a Niche Daily errands marketplace with this powerful Taskrabbit clone script

Filled with loads of features this Task Rabbit clone script is all you need to start a Niche services marketplace.


Integration Time

20 minutes

Saves You

480 Hours Of Development


Start a daily errands marketplace with this powerful

Taskrabbit clone script

( from the makers of the famous FANCY & WANELO scripts )


Demo Worker Login: / password123

Demo Job Poster Login: / password123

What do you get in this incredible deal  ?

– An amazing Taskrabbit clone script ( worth $3000 )

– $8000 worth FREE goodies from our Sponsors.

Questions ? Shoot a mail to :

Taskrabbit clone script

Top 3 reasons to own this amazing Taskrabbit clone script are :

– Daily errands marketplaces like Taskrabbit are are a proven hit model . It can be easily replicated in any part of the world . This incredible Taskrabbit clone script captures all the features required to run a full fledged Daily errands marketplace in any part of the world .

– This Taskrabbit clone script is responsive , so your visitors can use it seamlessly on their mobile phones as well ( and yes …we will be doing the Android version also , post the launch of the web version )

– Special effort has been taken to construct an Elegant and smooth bidding system for people to bid on Tasks posted in the marketplace .


Top 3 reasons to have this powerful Taskrabbit clone script as a deal here are :

– There is a need for a high quality Daily errands marketplace script ..and none of the scripts available in the web seem to address this properly . So we hooked in the experts to get one solid Taskrabbit clone script developed .

– The folks behind this incredible Task rabbit clone script know this vertical very well and value customer relationship a lot .

– This amazing Taskrabbit clone is developed to be Responsive ( Fluid Design ) , so it opens up seamlessly across all mobile and hand held devices.


When is the launch date of this Taskrabbit clone script ?

We have started development on this Taskrabbit clone script and is going full fledged . Post rigorous testing , we are planning to launch the script on July 25th 2014 .

Update : Its launched!

Who are people doing this Taskrabbit clone script ?

Taskrabbit sort daily errands marketplaces need an extra level of precision and architecture – so its being done by experts . The people doing the Taskrabbit clone script are from Job Rabbit – the makers of the powerful Fancy and Wanelo clone scripts .

What are features available in this sleek Taskrabbit clone script ?

Some of the main features available in this Taskrabbit clone script are :

– Has built in Facebook , Twitter & Google+ sign up to get things viral easily .

– This incredible Taskrabbit clone script has a seamless and powerful Bidding system for interested Task workers to bid on Tasks posted on your daily errands marketplace.

– The script also comes with a sophisticated Private messaging system for daily errands posters and workers to communicate .

– This amazing Taskrabbit clone script has PayPal & Stripe integrated for accepting payments globally via. any forms .

– As with all our scripts this incredible Taskrabbit clone comes with Multi-lingual support and is responsive in layout – so it opens up seamlessly on any mobile or hand held devices .

– Fitted with an elegant rating and review system , Daily errands posters can effortlessly review and rate the work completed by the workers . On the other hand workers can also review and rate the daily errands posters in this beautiful Taskrabbit clone script .

– Daily errands workers get a full fledged Dashboard to view manage all their activities from a single point . They can set filters to the type of notifications they want – Task types etc.

– Daily errands posters get a dashboard to view , add , edit the errands they have posted and manage them .

– This fantastic Taskrabbit clone script has the features required for Daily errands posters to set their Payment preference , limit etc. and also check out effortlessly .

– Also present in this sleek Taskrabbit cone script are features for errands posters to easily continue their next work with a known or previously hired worker .

– This Taskrabbit clone script also has a good Dispute management system in place for handling disputes between the Daily errands poster and the worker .

– The owner of the marketplace can easily set commission for each payment , and also manage payouts etc. effortlessly via. this amazing Taskrabbit clone script .

– This powerful Taskrabbit clone script comes with an advanced Admin panel for the site owner to manage the site end-to-end ( user management , Task management, Payouts  etc. )

– It is fitted with all the social media elements in required places to share things like completed tasks , reviews etc. across social media .

– The entire Task rabbit clone script is made to be SEO friendly with search friendly URL structures etc.

– Every static page on the site comes with a CMS to manage the content dynamically .

– This amazing taskrabbit clone script comes with precise location modules and maps to post and identify tasks based on location .

– Also added in this sleek Taskrabbit clone script is a Ads management module for the site owner to put up Ad banners , scripts etc. directly from the admin panel .

… and comes with a whole lot of amazing features .

How is the support for this ?

The Support is top notch – and the experts behind this incredible Task Rabbit clone script value customer relationship a lot . You get upgates FREE for lifetime .


How different is this TaskRabbit clone script different from others in the market ?

Well the main reason for starting the development of this Taskrabbit clone script – is numerous requests from customers to come with an amazing Daily errands marketplace script , because they find all other – So called Taskrabbit scripts available in the web is not even near to the original Task Rabbit site in Design and functionality . So the main aim of this development is to make a real High Quality Taskrabbit clone script – which excels in both design and functionality .

What is a Daily errands Marketplace ?

There is a huge demand for everyday work that needs to be done – So there is a huge need for Plumbers , Mechanics , Grocery shoppers , Carpenters etc.  A marketplace that connects these daily errand workers with the people who want this is a Daily Errands marketplace .

How else can this Taskrabbit clone script be used ?

It can be used to create any marketplace that involves basically any work to be done . It can also be used to setup Niche marketplaces for specific tasks also ( like Designers , Developers etc. )

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