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Telemedicine script for running a Doctor Consultation platform

Start a Telemedicine consultation platform instantly using this Telemedicine script Software. 100% Source code, Mobile Apps.


Integration Time

3 Hours

Saves You

683 Hours


Powerful and Reliable

Telemedicine Script

Start a doctor consultation platform
Demo Credentials
Patient’s Username[email protected]
Password: 123456
Doctor Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456
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The Package Includes 

– Web-based Telemedicine Script

– iOS App for user

– Android App user

– Robust Admin Panel

– 100% Source Code and Installation documentation

Have questions about the Telemedicine Script? [email protected]

Telemedicine script is the need of the hour product that makes it possible for people to consult their doctors easily through the platform without physically visiting them.

This telemedicine script is built with the best possible modern frameworks that are quick to scale and allows building solid business-ready solutions.

Instead of building a telemedicine platform from scratch, you can simply use this script, set it up and start running the business right away with your team.

How does the Telemedicine Script work?

Step 1: The patient signs up on the Telemedicine platform using all his personal details like name, age, verify their phone etc.

Step 2: The platform then displays a questionnaire asking them to describe their present health condition to connect them with the best possible expert.

Step 3: Based on the answers, they can either let the platform choose a health expert closes to them or the patient can manually search for a health professional who they want to consult and choose to connect with him.

Step 4: The telemedicine script then looks for the doctors, if he is present on the platform then checks his availability. 

Step 5: Once the availability is checked, based on that the telemedicine script presents the patient with a set of available slots from the health expert’s calendar. 

Step 6: The customer can then book a slot right away or the next best available time they find convenient.

Step 7: The doctor also gets notified through the telemedicine script app, email and it is added to his calendar. He can choose whether to accept the booking or to reject it.

Step 8: He can later connect on a Video Call with the patient at the time specified through the app. Take notes, prescribe and save all the information on the Electronic Medical Health Record.

Features of the Telemedicine Script Software

We’ve highlighted some of the features of this Telemedicine script Software below.

User Features

Mobile Apps for users: Users get a mobile app to request a consultation with the doctor on the platform.

Phone Number Verification: Verify the user’s mobile while registering to ensure only genuine users sign up on the platform.

Book an appointment: Check the doctor’s schedule and book an appointment easily. 

Schedule later: Book future appointments based on the doctor’s availability.

Medical Health Record: Patient’s can upload their health records by scanning on uploading the image of their previous diagnosis. This will be available to view by the consulting doctor. 

Video Call: Patients can call the doctor through the telemedicine script platform for the consultation.

Payments: Once the consultation is done, the patient’s tagged credit card is charged. 

Rating/Reviewing doctors: The patient after the consultation can share their reviews and ratings on the Telemedicine software

Doctor’s Features

Set up availability Slots: Manually set up all the available slots in the calendar view to make it convenient for users to book their appointment.

Doctor’s profile: Every doctor on the platform has a complete profile about them with details of their specialities and the ailments they treat.

Accept/ Reject Appointments: Manually accept/reject appointments in case of emergency or any unprecedented event.

Auto-Accept: Auto accept appointments based on the time slot set by you. The platform check if any other previous video call is in progress and manages the slot accordingly.

Timer: Timer automatically alerts both the doctor and the patient of the remaining time left for the consultation session. 

Set Pricing:  Set pricing based on the number of minutes per session for Ex. set the session for 30 minutes and any additional minutes will be charged according to the charge set by the doctor.

Extend Session:  Manually extend the session right from the panel. The patient is automatically notified about the charge that will incur. 

View Health Record:  View the patient’s existing health record easily through the app to know about the previous diagnosis made by other health professionals. This has to be uploaded by the patient.

Append to Health Record: Doctors can note down their observations and diagnosis on the telemedicine script. This will be seen. 

Notes: Notes are private and only visible to those who create them.

Consultation History: The entire consultation history on the app available for your review.

Ratings and Reviews: View ratings and reviews by patients and they can rate, review their experience with a patient as well.

Earnings Panel: Their complete earnings in days, weeks, months and year view to give them a detailed picture.

Admin Features

Control Center: Manage the entire platform through the admin dashboard provided.

Analytics: Tightly linked analytics that will help the admin monitor the platform easily.

User management: Manage users and doctors on the platform. 

Payment Methods: Choose the preferred payment methods through which users can pay on the platform for the services rendered.

Payout Management: Telemedicine Software has a complete payout management system that alerts the administrator.


Top 3 Reasons we recommend this Telemedicine Software for your business. 

– The product is supported by a great team that believes in offering great after sales support for it’s customers.

– Pricing of the product is offered at a competitive rate better than other products in the market.

– The quality of the code is as per international standards and the team has left no stone unturned in making the product the best.


How do you make money using this telemedicine software?

The telemedicine software has three main ways the platform can monetize. 

Pre-call video ads: Before the video connects the users and the doctor, you can set a short pre-call video advertisement from your sponsors.

Commission: Once the consultation is complete, the user will pay for the service. A commission is charged and the remaining 

Add-on Consultation offers: Offer a complete health package that includes a combo consultation with different health professionals on the platform at a slightly discounted rate.

Can you install the Telemedicine Software for me?

Absolutely, we can do that for you, please get in touch with the team on [email protected]  Someone from the team will reach out to you.

What kind of server do you recommend for the product?

We recommend running the product on an Amazon AWS or a Mid to High-End Digital Ocean server. Both these servers offer scalability and are easy to manage even at scale. 

Will I get future updates for the product? 

Yes, you’d get all the future updates for a lifetime of the product. Whenever there’s a product update, you will receive a notification in your email. 

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