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Test Your beta IOS App on the fly

Manage your iOs, iPad beta testing with ease


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TestFlight   Eh….One question… How often have you found yourself in a iOS app beta testing situation. Project planning, participant recruitment, product distribution, collecting feedback, processing feedback.. yada yada… oh boy here it goes again.. you think. Not really(We say). How? TestFlight. That’s how.. TestFlight is a iOS, iPad app beta testing service which completely takes care of all the ,. Which lets you manage a list of participants like your product managers, developers, tester. Send Over the Air beta updates to the list of participants, check points to track progress of testing, heck even get Test Reports and Crash reports in real-time.. Built by the good folks at TestFlight, this service is free with a sdk and other tools to power your beta builds as well as your live app to track your app’s progress including download and revenue tracking. Cool huh? give it a try.. Happy testing.


TestFlight is packed with awesome features that help app developers to make great apps without worrying about other aspects of testing. They can really concentrate on what they are best at. Making apps.  🙂 .  


What are the types of devices are supported? iOS, iPad devices are supported. Does it support Over the Air updates? Yes, You can update the app in one central place and it gets sent over the Air to other beta testers.  

Without SDK
With SDK (in beta)
With SDK (Live)
Email Build Notifications
Email Feedback
Install And Deliver Tracking
Symbolicated Crash Reports
In-App Questions
Remote Logging
In-App Updates
In-App Feedback
Real-Time Dashboard

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