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Start a famous location based dating site with this powerful Dating script

Loaded with TONs of features this incredible tinder dating web script is all you need to rule the dating market !


Integration Time

Less than 20 minutes

Saves You

360 hours of development


Tinder web script

 to start a fabulous location based dating site !

Important : This also works in sync with the TINDER PRO Mobile app


What do you get in this deal ?

– An amazing location based dating script : worth $2000

– Comes with a powerful admin panel to control the site end-to-end : worth $1000

Have questions ? Please shoot a mail to : [email protected]


Top 3 reasons to buy this incredible Dating script are :

– Its built for performance & ready for the IOS & ANDROID market. Works perfectly in sync with the TINDER IOS & ANDROID apps HERE.

– Also comes with a Facebook app, so you can bring in an avalanche of traffic from the worlds leading social network.

– The script is engineered to easily import DATING PROFILE’s you buy from the web ( check HERE ). Also talks are in progress with these providers to give a special discount on these profiles for this script’s customers.


What are the features you get in this incredible Location based dating script ?

This amazing Tinder like location based dating script has all the essential features of any Dating script. Some of the most interesting features present in it are :

Get a million users from day 1 : Yeah, the script is being integrated with the option to import dating profiles from the web ( eg : click HERE ) . If you wish to purchase targeted profiles and make your site BUZZING with users from day 1, our script is ready for that sort of action !…. ( also we are intalks with many vendors to provide our users with dating profiles at a very steep offer )

Android & Mobile app : This amazing script is built to be in Sync with the TINDER dating mobile apps ( check info HERE ). So if you wish you can get your dating site on IOS & ANDROID from day 1 !

–  Secure and social login : The site supports Login with Facebook which will be implemented using the FB SDK . The user once logged in is registered with the web server and a number of details like friends , interests , photos are taken from his facebook profile . The site requests the user to share his/her GPS location .

Ads / Banners : This incredible Dating script comes with provisions to put up banners and Ad scripts from any Ad provider.

Recommendations :  Users are shown by proximity. All matching profiles will be listed in a beautiful manner . Each user will be able to REJECT or LIKE other users.  Or they can change users . If the user at the other end also LIKES a request then the 2 users can initiate a private chat within the site itself.

Responsive : The script is made using a responsive bootstrap template. So your dating site will open seamlessly on all mobile & hand held devices.

Muti-lingual : The script is made to support any language in the world. So you can get your users to use the site in any language in the world.

Powerful Geo-location features : The script makes use of Geo location to find matches in the near proximity . As the user travels , it intelligently finds folks around his/her interest seamlessly .

Match Maker :  To make things gain momentum , we are building in a sophisticated match maker . From a list of FB friends a user can chose any 2 friends and play matchmaker and introduce both of them to each other. The 2 users will get a notification of the person who introduced them and can chat with each other .

Match settings : A user can configure the kind of matches he/she prefers and the same will be in sync with the server . Distance within which the search must happen can be configured as well . The age group of matches can also be set .

Appealing profile settings : Apart from the options to easily edit any profile settings , users can add photos , tag line etc. To make things simple the users interests are taken from facebook and shown on his/her profile . Also one can see the distance and activity logs .

Chat : This fabulous dating script comes with a sleek chat feature as well . Once both parties have a LIKE each other or if they have been MATCHED by a common friend they can see each other in the LIST OF MATCHES and can start a chat with each other . We are using Fire chat to bring this feature in – so your chat is all the more Asynchronous and fast !

Blog & Forum : The dating site comes with a built in Blog & Forum for users to discuss things.

Incredible Admin panel : This cutting edge dating script comes with an amazing Admin panel using which you can manage the entire site end-to-end. Comes with all sorts of reports/analytics/metrics in a stunning visual manner.

and also we are in plans to do the following feature in the next versions ( upgrades are FREE for life )

Comes with a Facebook app : The app will be tightly integrated inside facebook, so your users can use the site inside facebook inself and you can mine valuable users from facebook. It is built to spread virally inside Facebook.

* Do you do customizations as well ?

Yes we do customization as well . We have experts who are PRO’s in programming . Please shoot us a mail at : [email protected] about your customization and we will be happy to do it for you.

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