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Start a fascinating Tumblelog with this sleek Tumblr clone script

Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1 Billion – now you can own it for just $99 !  Check out Rumblr, the most fascinating Tumblr clone script on the web.


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Own a hip Micro Blogging empire like Tumblr using this

Tumblr clone script

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand any spikes )

Tumblr clone script

Admin panel Demo: click HERE ( / admin )

Vendor : Proven Logic

What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing Tumblr clone script ( worth $2000 )

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Questions ? Shoot a mail to :

Tumblr clone script

What is Tumblr ?

Tumblr is a Microblogging platform started by David Carp in 2006. It is a never before like online blogging service where users can post Tumble-Logs along with short stories, pictures, media content etc. in a seamless manner. Users love Tumblr for its simplicity and fun nature. Bloggers can follow other posts, Bloggers etc. and be up-to date. Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo Inc. for a whooping $1.1 billion.

Who is this Tumblr clone script for ?

Anyone who wants to start a minimalistic Tumblr like site. The script covers nearly all the important features of It is for those who want to get hold of a high quality script that works like ( but only with the most important features ). Please take a look at the DEMO and check out the features present in the FAQ.


Top 3 reasons to have this Tumblr clone script as a deal here are :

– Blogging is an evergreen niche on the internet and it has the potential to attract millions of visitors easily. Many have been asking us to bring a sophisticated Blogging script deal like Tumblr. We found the products from this team outstanding.

– This Tumblr clone script has all the bells and whistles of Tumble Log sites like Tumblr etc. and also the elegant looks of a happening Blogging platform.

– This Tumblr clone script has some of the most important features of Tumblr and also the folks behind this script are experts in programming who also offer great customer support !


When is the launch date of this Tumblr clone script ?

The development on this amazing Tumblr clone script is happening fast and is done by experts. The launch date is May 15th.

Update : Launched !

What are the features that comes in this Tumblr clone script ?

This powerful Tumblr clone script covers most of the important features in Tumblr . Some of the most interesting features to highlight are :

– As in Tumblr anyone can create any number of blogs and Tumble logs.

– Custom domain routing is available in this incredible Tumblr clone script, so your users can create blogs under their own domains.

– Your users can create 7 Post Types in this incredible Tumblr clone script.

– Present in this amazing Tumblr clone script is Fanmail communication as well.

– This Tumblr clone script has provisions for to Reblog and Like posts.

– Also available in this Tumblr clone script are modules for users to follow blogs.

– Each user gets a News feed in their dashboard.

– This fantastic Tumblr clone script also has Custom CSS option to customize the views.

What are the features that are NOT present in this Tumblr clone script ?

Following are the features that wont be present in this version of the Tumblr clone script :

– Multiple Theme support ( which we can do for you on demand )

– Disqus comment system support

– And other sophisticated settings present in the original

On what technology is this Tumblr clone script built ?

This incredible Tumblr clone script is built on PHP/MySQL. It runs great on any LAMP server.

How is the support for this amazing Tumblr clone script ?

The folks developing this Tumblr clone script are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support !

How are the updates handled for this Tumblr clone script ?

As with all our products, Every customer gets life time FREE upgrades.

Do you do customization ?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate.

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