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Use this powerful Taxi booking script to instantly start an UBER like Website!

Loaded with Tons of features, this Taxi Booking web script is also Responsive in design.


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Important: This script also woks perfectly in sync with the IOS & Android mobile apps HERE

Meet CYBER … the most sophisticated

Taxi booking web script

Passenger Login


Driver/Provider Login


Admin Panel Demo. Click HERE

What do you get in this deal ?

– A fantastic UBER like Taxi Booking web script ( worth $500 )

– Automatic Installer pack, to install the script in a few clicks ( worth $50 )

– Admin panel. Check screen Shots right side here ——>

– Navigated Help Tips all across the site for easy understanding.

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Top 3 reasons to choose this incredible Taxi booking web script as a deal here are :

– A lot of users have been asking for a high quality economical turn-key solution to start a cab booking website . The people behind this script are experts when it comes to Taxi app development.

– This web script also woks perfectly in sync with the IOS & Android mobile apps HERE

–  The folks behind this powerful Taxi booking web script value customer relationship a lot and this makes them a perfect fit .


What is this UBER like Taxi Booking web script?

You might have used UBER on your mobile. Now just think of running the entire app on the web. This script enables you to run an entire UBer like Taxi Booking script over the web.

Note: This web script also woks perfectly in sync with the IOS & Android mobile apps HERE

What are the features present in this Taxi Booking script?

This incredible UBER like Taxi Booking web script has all the features required to run a full fledged Taxi Booking website. Some of the most interesting features present are:

Mobile friendly: The entire script is totally responsive in design and fits in compatibly in any mobile phones & any resolution.

Passenger login:  There is a separate login for passengers via. which anyone can login and order a Cab / Taxi instantly.

Driver login: There is a separate login for Drivers via. which drivers can login and check the pickup requests.

Payments: Included in this incredible script are payment methods using which the Credit card of the passenger will be attached to the respective profiles & each time a ride is done, the passenger will be charged automatically – Hassle Free.

Payment Gateways currently integrated are direct CC payment using Stripe & BrainTree.

Location: Integrated tightly with Google Maps, the browser will auto detect the location of the passenger and set the ride.

Document upload: For verification purpose, Drivers have the provision to upload the required documents set by the admin.

Reports: Detailed reports on any transaction, Ride etc. can be fetched by the Admin.

Automatic installer: Installation of a web script in your servers can be a cumbersome job. So we have made an automatic installer, using which you can get the entire script installed in your server- in just a few clicks.

Help Tips: Extensive help tips & navigation is present all across the site, for you & your users to understand the process of using the site. These Help Tips can be turned OFF/ON at your convenience directly from the Admin panel.

Referral: Present in this site is an excellent referral system. Referred & Referral users will get a FREE ride.

Admin Panel: This amazing script comes with a sophisticated Admin Panel, using which you can control the entire site end-to-end.

Note: This web script also woks perfectly in sync with the IOS & Android mobile apps HERE

Do you do customization’s as well ?

Yes we do customization as well . We have Taxi app development experts ( for IOS , Android, Windows mobile & Web ) working on the product . Please shoot us a mail at :[email protected] about your customization and we will be happy to do it for you.

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