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Video Conferencing Script to start a Video Conferencing platform

Video Conferencing Script Software with detailed Installation documentation, 100% Source code, and Mobile apps.


Integration Time

3 Hours

Saves You

683 Hours


Ready-made, Easy to install

Video Conferencing Script

to start Web meetings platform
      Zoom Clone
( Version 2 work has started. To see the features in Version 2 click HERE )

The Package Includes 

– Web-based Video Conferencing Script

– iOS App for user

– Android App user

– Robust Admin Panel

– 100% Source Code and Installation documentation

Have questions about the Video Conferencing Script? [email protected]

Video conferencing enables people to stay in touch with each other and conduct business meetings across different locations. 

Developing a Video Conferencing Script requires an in-depth knowledge of how a distributed video streaming works in order to run a lag-free video conferencing platform. This Video conferencing software incorporates all the best practices and features to make the web meetings experience as smooth as possible.

How does the Video Conferencing Script work?

Step 1: A user signs up for the platform and then chooses to either host a meeting or take part in one.

Step 2: If he/she chooses to create one, they can tap on the “Create Meeting” button in their user dashboard.

Step 3: Immediately a pop up with a few options like “Private meeting or anyone can join”, limit number of users, etc. will display. Choose the options and Tap on okay. 

Step 4: A meeting room will open up, where you can add participants through syncing your contacts or by choosing to send out invites manually.

Step 5: Once the users are invited, they can join in for the meeting.

Features of the Video Conferencing Script Software


Host Video Meeting: Host a video meeting right from the browser or through the video app.

Invite Attendees: Users can invite other attendees by syncing their contacts or adding their email manually.

Private subdomain: For premium plans, the user gets a separate subdomain for their attendees to login and attend meetings. 

Scheduled Meetings: Users can set the meeting to start at a later date and everyone on the meeting list will be notified through push notifications and emails.

Group Messaging: In-built chat feature helps everyone stay on the same page and share written information with everyone in the group.

HD Quality Voice/Video: Meetings and Webinars on Video Conferencing software would be of high quality.

H264 Format: The Video conferencing software uses H264 encoder for it’s videos to stream in high quality and saved in the cloud-based solution.

Record Meetings: Premium account holding users can record meetings and store the videos on their desktop or on the cloud storage.

Reminders: Users can set reminders before their meeting starts through emails and calendar alerts.

Video Quality Auto-Throttle: To offer a lag-free meeting experience, the script automatically detects the internet speed and throttles the video quality accordingly.

Turn on/Turn off Microphone: Users can turn on and turn off the mic when they don’t need it.

Screen-sharing: On a video conferencing session, any user can share their screen.

Host Notifications: The person hosting the meeting can choose to get notified when people join the meeting.

Active Speaker View: In a meeting room, the script automatically detects who is speaking and focuses on their video grid.

Restrict Access: Users who create the meetings can choose to restrict access allowing only those whose email ids are added for the meetings.

Block Users: Block unwanted users while in the meeting room or block their user id so they can’t attend any meeting that you host.


Branding: Completely white labeled Video conferencing script. The administrator can add their logo and company name from the dashboard.

Admin Dashboard A Powerful dashboard to manage the entire platform easily. The dashboard gives the administrator ability to monitor vital stats of the platform.

Statistics: Statistics such as user signups, usage, average meeting hours, network usage, etc. can be view right from the dashboard.

Pricing Tiers: The administrator can add, remove and manage multiple plans for users to pick from. Based on these plans, the features can be turned off or on for users.

Payment Methods: By default, Paypal and Stripe are integrated to collect payments from the users. You can easily add more through customizing the script.

Dev Ops Dashboard Video conferencing platforms require that all systems are functioning properly and the role of Dev Ops is an essential one to ensure that everything is in order. Dev Ops have a separate panel to monitor all the information related to the functioning of all the micro services, and other worker modules to keep the platform running smoothly.


Top 3 Reasons we recommend this product for your business. 

– The product is backed by a great after-sales support team that does everything in its power to keep the customers happy.

– Pricing of the product is offered at a discounted rate better than most products available in the market now.

– The quality of the code is as per international standards and the team has left no stone unturned in making the product the best.


Why Should you buy this script?

The script is built by developers who have worked with some of the best Video Content Delivery Networks, video streaming platforms and webinar hosting products. They’ve used their experience in building this cloud-based video conferencing script from the ground up.

The product requires multi-layered microservices architecture to smoothly stream the videos and the person building it should know how to design a microservice architecture that is spread across different regions avoiding redundancy and utilizes the infrastructure to its optimum level. 

How do you make money using this script?

At present, there are four revenue channels integrated into the script.

  • When a user subscribes a plan, you will make money and the amount is sent to the Paypal or Stripe account you have chosen.
  • You can charge for extra Video storage on the cloud for users who want more space to store meeting videos.
  • For free plans, you can tie up with brands and get sponsored video ads to play before a meeting starts. This is entirely optional.
  • Prominent Banner Ads on the landing page and the user accounts page is also a good source of revenue.

Can you install the script for me?

Sure, we’d love to help you set up the script. Please get in touch with the team so they can help you out. write to us at [email protected]

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