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VITAMINS – new free Premium WordPress Theme Kit !

With brilliant new features and add-ons , this is one…


Integration Time


Saves You



Having a killer website means making sure your information is in order , things of necessity are easily accessible and of-course , having a kick ass theme !

This new free premium wordpress theme not only makes your website look great , but keeps it in check by giving you greater access to your social media elements (Facebook , Twitter etc. )

With the usual basic features such as :

* Short codes
* Magazine layouts
* Sidebar Customization
* Easy Ads  etc .

and with many other features embeded in it , it makes for an amazing starter pack to make your website look sharp !

But that’s not all of it !

There are additional amazing add-ons for this free premium wordpress theme like ;

* Resources Module – Get up-to date info at your finger tips to keep you website updated !
* Keyword Lists – Filter out the best keywords to generate traffic on your website .
* PLR Articles  – Writing on your own needs information and this helps you get it !
* Graphics – Make your website colorful and interesting by putting in Graphic designs like logos and banner heads .

This free premium wordpress theme , in addition to being chocked full of these amazing features is easy to install and allows for easy customisation by the admins .

An absolutely amazing theme for anyone who needs a quick solution !


Easy to install , amazing features and add-ons , this free premium wordpress theme is one amazing free deal !


Is the installation of this free premium wordpress theme a difficult process ?

Nope , absolutely not ! It requires just a little time required to install this ,and you can customize it however you want too !

Can I use this free premium wordpress theme for more than 1 website ?

Yes definitely you can use this amazing free premium wordpress theme for more than 1 website . But you cannot distribute or sell this free premium wordpress theme .


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